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  1. So this is really an agent bribing an IO correct? Are people on visa exempt and amnesty eligible for this?
  2. Has Italy opened yet to travelers from Thailand? I have family there and that might be a back-up option if things go as the IO suggested in the Kaosod article. I suspect not.
  3. Thanks for the options, but they didn't say that we would have to leave July 31. There was no announcement that there was no possibility that some extra-normal measures would be enacted later on. In fact, there was plenty of speculation by people who have much knowledge of visa situation that if things were still disrupted some kind of extension would be allowed. Yes, the stamp gave us until July 31, but it appeared to be based on borders being opened so there would be some normality to the world and people would get to where they needed to go. Other nations with trapped travelers are all making some allowances to allow people to extend with applications (Vietnam, Taiwan, Laos you just pay $2 a day overstay indefinitely). So yes, I think Thailand may be the only nation deciding that people stuck here have to clear out. This would be kicking out. Hope you have a good day.
  4. Yes, but they will be based on country from which you are traveling and not passport. Certainly Taiwan and Thailand would end with a bubble at some point. Currently, all of Taiwan's special permits are for people traveling from low(Thailand is in this group) or medium risk countries. Unfortunately, I am not a corporate businessman with contracts in Taiwan or I would be there now or on en route soon. As a private individual who wants to incorporate to run a personal business, I cannot currently get the permit. If the bubbles went up, for sure I could get to Taiwan.
  5. I went to TECO and checked last week, and I said my purpose was to incorporate and work, but they said the people qualifying for the permit were corporate business travelers with contracts with Taiwanese firms, and I would have to wait. Seems I am still classed as a tourist even though I am not going for tourism. I asked about the June 29 update and they said it changed nothing. I can't get an ARC via incorporation unless I am there, but I can't get in without an ARC. At the time, I thought ok, I will have to wait for a travel bubble of some sort, but the news this week keeps getting worse. Maybe I can go next week and plead under humanitarian grounds since Thailand plans to kick us all out.
  6. Because I have been waiting to get back to my home in Taiwan. My flight for Taipei left two hours after the proper time to enter the country on March 18. They have been talking about travel bubbles since May and Taiwan has had 0 cases for more almost 3 months. I thought for sure once Thailand did it Taiwan would be included since their name always comes up. Just this week Thailand just threw up their hands and decided not to make any. Then I waited to see news about what Thailand would do about people on amnesty. The moment I saw embassy letters mentioned today I just checked the US embassy website. I have a US passport, but the US is not my home. I haven't lived in the US for 22 years. Is this so hard to understand?
  7. So the embassy letter. I checked the US embassy website and this is what they say: The U.S. Embassy will no longer provide extension of stay requests. U.S. Citizens in Thailand temporarily have between now and July 31, 2020, to either return to the United States or their country of permanent residence or to obtain the appropriate visa type for your long-term stay in Thailand.
  8. Had it very lucky. However, the craziness before the amnesty was given in April was very unpleasant. If they tell us we all need to be gone at the end of amnesty while we have been waiting for borders to open up to get to other countries we need to get to that will be far worse. I would have no problem paying a high monthly fee to be sure to maintain my legal status here while waiting to get to Taiwan rather than being forced back to the US where I have not lived since 1998 or risking the potentially awful penalties of overstay. People in the States will be toxic for a very long time, and I would likely be trapped there and possibly lose everything in Taiwan
  9. Yes seems indefinitely. It's not an amnesty you have to pay. My friend has just paid for his second two month extension. He could pay for up to 3 months at a time I believe.
  10. They were being put into my friend's house who was buying my flat from my landlord so not useless or expensive (free). I would have then had a long time (years) to decide what to do with them as I would have been slowly moving a lot out to either Taiwan or maybe much of it to Laos since in late 2019 and early 2020 seemed like my second place to stay would have been Laos. Now of course everything blown up. My plans were pre-covid and even early covid things did not look this bad.
  11. Yeah, problem is I have not really lived in my safe haven home country of the US for 22 years. I also chose for safety and stayed here. Was trying to get to Taiwan on March 18 when the borders closed, but EVA didn't know the regulation when i called them and they put me on a flight 2 hours late for me to enter Taiwan. If I would have known things properly I would have dropped everything, run straight to the airport and paid any amount to get on any flight to Taiwan. Problem was I was in the process of packing up all my belongings to put into storage the day it happened as I was leaving Thailand permanently and couldn't think straight. March 18th 2020 seems like it will go down as the most disastrous day of my life.
  12. I have been buying tickets to Taiwan every month. Unfortunately no travel bubbles or opening of the country and I can't incorporate and get an ARC from outside of Taiwan.
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