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  1. Herd immunity is when it becomes difficult for the virus to propagate itself well in society as people develop resistance to the illness. This does not mean that there will be no cases. It means that the disease will stumble as it tries to infect more and more people and many fewer people will develop serious cases or die. As to your second statement. This is not true and comes from a simplistic understanding of the immune system and immunity. There is ample evidence for a long lived immunity to covid 19. Just because antibodies in the blood disappear after a few month (they do thi
  2. No. However, I certainly could not go into all the details in a 2 hour video of the summit with Q & A as well as other information available on the website, etc. I recommend the time to consider it. Also, in this summit, please realize that they were not referring to tetanus or other non communicable illnesses, but the epidemiologists were focused on illnesses of the same ilk as covid. Apologies if I am being repetitive. Have a good one : )
  3. I went to MTT on Wednesday Oct. 21 and got my under consideration stamp that I received on Wednesday Sept. 23rd with an embassy letter turned into a valid to stay until November 30 stamp. I would also say that the person returning passports was not friendly and I was scolded for talking when my passport was being handed back and not hearing her. Seems like there are no more temp helpers doing that as there used to be when it was all done at CW. I have come to hate going to immigration here anymore. I can't wait until the borders open up and I can go somewhere that I want to live ag
  4. However, for infections disease such as covid it is. Did you watch the Great Barrington summit or give it any serious attention?
  5. The problems Sweden had last winter were to improper policies in the nursing homes which have since been corrected. They are doing very well now.
  6. Nonsense. I emphatically disagree. They are taking a much broader view of public health policy and the global consequences of the current policies. The current policies are myopic and will cause much more harm than good. Have you watched the 2 hour summit or given what they said any serious consideration? The WHO has said that globally around 1 billion will fall back below the poverty line due to the economic consequences of the lockdowns and border closures (this will reveres the trend of the last 20 years which saw 1 billion rise above it). Millions of children in the 3rd world w
  7. Infections are not the problem it's the hospitalizations and deaths. Lots of infections are in fact good (as long as hospitalizations remain low) as it helps society move forward to the biological fact of herd immunity. Certainly as much care as possible must be made to protect the elderly. The deaths are rising which is a matter of concern. I cannot find hospitalizations, but elsewhere in Europe (France, Italy and Germany for example) where they show the serious or critical cases, it's quite low at 1% or less per nation. Sweden is of course sitting pretty now with only 39 serious
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