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  1. Thanks. All looks too complicated right now: http://www.thai-consulate.org.hk/web/3015.php?s=4304 plus 3 weeks quarantine in HK. Let's hope it has improved with the next 9 months, despite the prediction that only 45% of the Thai population will have been vaccinated by the end of 2021.
  2. Presumably you only need a Certificate of Entry if you don't have a Re-entry permit? Covid insurance is for everyone, including those who have an Extension of Stay based on Retirement, (non-B visa)? I expect all of these requirements will change again in the coming months, when indeed vaccination of people living in Thailand will have exceeded the 45% of population predicted by the end of 2021, (according to the article in Nikkei).
  3. I have a non-B. I don't plan to leave until the 4th quarter, but have to prior to end January 2022 to retain my Right of Abode in HK.
  4. Sorry to appear as though I've been under a rock, but it's a fast changing scene....if you depart Thailand, is it possible to come back to Thailand now with 14 day ASQ? I am a foreigner on a Extension of Stay based on retirement. Not sure whether I qualify now. Also, are there any flights to Hong Kong? I understand it's a 3 week quarantine there right now.
  5. I'm happy to read the appointment process is working, and that you had a short time of it, (at CW). Last year I think it took about 9 hours door to door including lunch break, and being too late for re-entry permit, (which I ended up never buying, and because of covid have not needed). This year I'm paying an agent, who guarantees me 1 hour at CW. I'm just so sick of the hanging around, especially during covid. Anyway, not yet committed to the agent, so will be very interested in JimMorris's experience. (I'm due to do the EoS in May, and there are quite a few holidays around the dates I would
  6. Good to know. It would be nice to think that the current fiasco with IT failures on all fronts at IMM might make them reconsider the 90 day report requirement. A man can dream... The TM.30 change to which you refer resulted from so much criticism in the media including TV and included a meeting at the FCC which was attended by a high ranking IMM official. They seemed completely unaware of how difficult it was to comply with IMM rules (TM.30) because the IT infrastructure was so poor. They fixed it (then), but in any commercial enterprise this sort of failure, on multiple occasions, would
  7. Oh thanks. I wasn't planning on submitting one now as I have not been away since I filed my last one, but I was anticipating that I may have to after I return from my next travel out of the kingdom (come), maybe not for a while! I am on an extension of stay and will have a multiple re-entry visa when I do my next extension in April. Did not obtain or need the latter in 2019, but maybe by the 3rd quarter of 2021 international travel may be feasible. I just haven't kept up with the au courant status of TM.30, because I remembered following it throughout 2019 and some of 2020 and the
  8. I want to mail it in. Was able to do that the first time...in 2019. Certainly don't want to go back to MTT after my recent experience.
  9. What are the documents required to submit with a TM.30. I did it a long time ago, but I cannot remember now.
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