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  1. Mine is American Standard too, and I know they used the seal between the sewage pipe and the WC, because there was a size difference. But on either side of that there are 4 square-ish recesses (arrowed 2 of them), and these were filled with silicone, which seems to have sorted the problem. Of all the trades doing the renovation the plumber was the most scattered, and would open the packages with all the pieces and leave them lying around, so I tried to watch him like a hawk, when the site manager wasn't there. His compensating factor was that he was very good
  2. I had to have a second root canal on the same tooth, (the second canal). The filled canal was with metal, (about 10 years ago). Anyway, whole procedure, removal, cleaning, new filler plus new crown about THB50k...at the Dental Hospital.
  3. Thanks again. Had it checked out, and it is working well. My building technician said this bottle trap is better than the p trap. Whilst we were in the bathroom I noticed the odor was more prominent from the new wc, and as there are no visible pipes/holes, he had a look with his camera, and there were 4 unsealed parts. He had now sealed these with silicone, and so far, (5 hours later), the smell has ceased.
  4. Well, thank you! I will have a go.
  5. Since my new renovation 9 months ago, and particularly over the last 2 weeks of incessant rain, one of my bathrooms has a damp and sometimes odorous smell. It appears to be coming from the outflow pipe from my wash hand basin. This is an image of the pipe: I have considered putting in a pee trap, like this: And Lazada sells this: I cannot seem to get a definitive answer from 2 contractors I have spoken to about it. Would be grateful for any thoughts or comments from those who may have tackled this proble
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