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  1. Massive assumption, which has caused the closure in the past. Since the easing of rules on 17 May, I have been swimming in my condo pool (which is 25m long and 15m wide) every other day, with my partner. There has never ever been anyone else at the poolside "congregating", (or even using one of the sun loungers). On one occasion there was one other swimmer also doing lengths/lane swimming. She is 94 years old.
  2. Jeebsus. They really like to make a mountain out of a molehill. Johnson & Cummings are enemy no 1 & 2...they are delivering Brexit. Anything they say or do will be castigated. You read the UK press today and you'd think they'd committed a capital crime.
  3. Wont help the HK economy very much. Already battered by protests last year, and Covid this. HK is the proxy for the spat between the USA & the PRC.
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