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  1. I would never even contemplate buying a property in Thailand without a lawyer doing the "conveyancing". But I don't speak Thai, nor do I have a detailed knowledge of Thai property law. Even some top notch agents are pretty useless.
  2. It is already "here", in our upmarket condo. 3 cases this week, all hospitalised. And we follow very strict protocols. Where did you "walk in", as in which city, location? I had all this too, maid, pool cleaning staff, technicians on hand to change a light bulb. But now we have Covid in the building. We have been self-isolating for over 2 weeks, and in effect since Songkran; pool and all facilities (tennis, basket ball, squash, gym "soft" closed, and no one has dared use them). This clusterfork is getting real.
  3. Grab is the equivalent of Uber, (actually bought out Uber in Thailand). I use it all the time, as I live in central Bangkok, and it's an efficient service, in which drivers use GPS. If you want it, download the app in Playstore.
  4. https://www.shopart.com/birds/ from Google. Nokabud Dadaeng or Heckenkuckuck - Centropus Sinensis
  5. I think I either read somewhere or received a message saying that going to a hospital unless completely necessary should be avoided, (especially related to family visiting sick relatives), but it was only in the last few days. I wouldn't go anywhere near one right now, unless completely necessary. ...as below too* *I agree about self isolating and quarantining, but I think it's difficult to comprehend how difficult it is for many many people, particularly the poor. They either live in a dormitory, or certainly share accommodation with many family mem
  6. Not sure I've correctly understood your first line..."but you can't do it on the app". I signed up and received an appointment date, time and the hospital of my choice, (which happens to be the private hospital I use). Well, not me myself, but my Thai staff did it on my Line account. Part of the registration was giving my mobile number, so I presume they will ring/SMS to confirm nearer the date, (21 July), or send me a message on Line.
  7. A flip flop today: over 60s who registered on Mor Prom to get AZ: https://www.nationthailand.com/in-focus/40000676 Tomorrow is always another day...
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