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  1. 3 hours ago, kingstonkid said:

    Personally I think taking it to a lawyer and paying him to resolve this is the best solution.  The more you stay out of it the better.


    I would never even contemplate buying a property in Thailand without a lawyer doing the "conveyancing". But I don't speak Thai, nor do I have a detailed knowledge of Thai property law. Even some top notch agents are pretty useless.

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  2. 55 minutes ago, NCC1701A said:

    i will just move from safe house to safe house until it gets here. 


    It is already "here", in our upmarket condo. 3 cases this week, all hospitalised. And we follow very strict protocols.



    9 minutes ago, Tropicalevo said:

    I could not agree with you more.

    Totally confusing and it varies by location. The rules are not even province wide.

    I went to a 'walk in' this morning and registered. V Day for me  is 7th June (in theory).

    Pink cards were told 1st June and Thais earlier than that.

    I will only know next month.

    Sinovac for under 60's and AZ for the rest.


    Where did you "walk in", as in which city, location?


    5 minutes ago, RobMuir said:


    The heading says "Good news"

    But true to form is a long list of complainers.

    You would think the headline said "Bad news" reading negative comment after negative comment.



    Thailand looks after me very well, my Thai maid cleans my house, my Thai gardener does the garden and grows my organic vegetables, the Thai pool guy cleans my pool, immigration is a breeze, Thailand provides me with thousands of restaurants to choose from, cheap medicine, a nice climate, smiley funny people who don't complain much and thousands of petite unfeminist beautiful women with silky skin and lovely hair.

    A luxury life in tropical paradise.


    Thailand looks after me very well.

    Thankyou Thailand.



    I had all this too, maid, pool cleaning staff, technicians on hand to change a light bulb. But now we have Covid in the building. We have been self-isolating for over 2 weeks, and in effect since Songkran; pool and all facilities (tennis, basket ball, squash, gym "soft" closed, and no one has dared use them). This clusterfork is getting real. 

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  3. On 5/9/2021 at 5:33 PM, narisarasgroove said:


    Thanks and just one quick question. When you say "Enter it into Grab" I am not quite sure what that is. Grab Taxi maybe? Never used it so can you enlighten me a little. Thank you.



    Grab is the equivalent of Uber, (actually bought out Uber in Thailand). I use it all the time, as I live in central Bangkok, and it's an efficient service, in which drivers use GPS. If you want it, download the app in Playstore.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Cake Monster said:

    The people who are failing to disclose their Timelines Etc are certainly one of the major problems.

    With some 512 health Care Workers being Infected since April 1st, would suggest to me that there are insufficient Procedures / Training, or PPE in place to protect these hard working people.

    All people going to any Hospital should be greeted by fully protected personnel, and not allowed to go to A & E, or whatever before diagnosis of Covid is found / not found

    it should be found outside the Front Door, with rapid testing.

    Anybody with life threatening problems should of course go straight through without this test.

    However, they should only be in contact with Staff in full PPE.

    And keep the Hordes of Family and friends out of the treatment rooms, who probably have not been tested either.




    I think I either read somewhere or received a message saying that going to a hospital unless completely necessary should be avoided, (especially related to family visiting sick relatives), but it was only in the last few days. I wouldn't go anywhere near one right now, unless completely necessary.


    3 hours ago, chrisbangkok said:

    You think that a lot of people would adhere to self isolation at home ? A lot would of course however a fair would not particularly if not offered compensation for loss of earnings etc . It's a dilemma for sure but then again so is the lack of testing which means how many are asymptomatic yet roaming freely ? 


    ...as below too*


    1 hour ago, Russell17au said:

    How many would stay within their homes for 14 days. If they are not willing to disclose where they have been then they will not be willing to self quarantine


    *I agree about self isolating and quarantining, but I think it's difficult to comprehend how difficult it is for many many people, particularly the poor. They either live in a dormitory, or certainly share accommodation with many family members, who probably all work at different locations throughout their locale. In the case of my maid for example, I have "paused" her for 2 weeks so far because I have no idea what her living arrangements are, except that she is married and has a daughter. If she is working, someone else would come into the equation, to look after her child. She told me when I explained the reasons for the "pause", that she does not go out very much...but therein lies the problem. Of course she goes out, because she probably has to go to the market to buy food etc. So the safest thing for me is not to allow her inside my apartment until this current bout has been properly assessed, (rising or falling). It does not help that she lives in one of the areas identified as a cluster last weekend, which is when I stopped her. I will pay her in full, whilst I hone my housework skills.


    1 hour ago, Bkktodd said:

    Because you hospitalize EVERYONE. instead of home quarantine 


    As above, except, in many cases people do not have any possibility of observing normal isolation in the poor living conditions they have to endure.

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  5. 21 hours ago, DavisH said:

    You can sign up if you hav the pink ID card, but you cant do it on the app. You need to phone the hotline and do it in person. You give your info and it's put in the computer. If you have a health condition, you tell them. You will be registered in the system. If you don't have the pink ID, then you wait for the new system to be set up (though I don't have the specific details of how that will be set up - but I don know you would need to give biometric data.have a photo taken, etc). Otherwise, one has to wait until vaccines are provided by private hospitals. I'm not sure about walkign into a hospital and registering that way. This is the info I have, as my wife is involved with registering people via the hotline. She has already registered some foreigners usign their pink ID number. 


    You can sign up if you hav the pink ID card, but you cant do it on the app.

    Not sure I've correctly understood your first line..."but you can't do it on the app".

    I signed up and received an appointment date, time and the hospital of my choice, (which happens to be the private hospital I use). Well, not me myself, but my Thai staff did it on my Line account. Part of the registration was giving my mobile number, so I presume they will ring/SMS to confirm nearer the date, (21 July), or send me a message on Line.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Andrew Dwyer said:

    Apologies if this is old news but there are so many threads on this topic it is hard to keep track .


    I’ll drop this here as it is relevant to the Mor Prom app and to make those aware , who have successfully registered, that Thailand has now stated that Sinovac will be used on people over 60 years old .






    Well, with that volte face, I think I might do the same. Plan A may now be in jeopardy, so move on to Plan B - wait for the private hospital farang rollout.


    The announcement says "over 60s will have a choice of Sinovac or AZ". This follows on from recent announcements that there would be "no choice".


    Another day, another flip flop.


  7. I was able to book a slot through Mor Prom at my private hospital for myself & my husband this afternoon. I was skeptical, given the variety of reports; I used my pink ID, and his pink ID, and my wizard condo office staff. I have a date. I have the hospital, (BNH, Bangkok). Is it for real? We shall see. In between my appointment, and others who have done the same with an earlier appointment date, we shall see, and contingencies made, if required.


    I / my staff used the kindly assisted information given by others on TV,  that the laser number should be written with [space] between 1st letter and first digit. Thereafter, no spaces.


    Hope others can enjoy this (potential?) success, to be proven at the point of entry, (of the needle).

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  8. 1 hour ago, EricTh said:



    Lol. Do you really believe that 300 baht will cover all medical fees?


    When it is time, they will say it doesn't cover A, B, C,D etc. meaning you still have to pay.


    A- surgery

    B- professional doctor fees

    C- chronic disease


    The 300 baht will probably only cover minor illness like  food poisoning, sore throat, fever etc.


    Or just seeing the doctor.

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  9. 1 hour ago, John Drake said:


    But still more of us in Bangkok go to Chaengwattana than some building in Bangrak that they are proposing. I do my 90 day by mail but I wouldn't mind going to immigration for a 90 day and a shot (or second shot) even though it costs me 1000 baht for a round trip by taxi to go there.


    8 hours ago, webfact said:

    COVID-19 Vaccination for Expats, Foreign Diplomats




    NONTHABURI, May 6 (TNA) – The Department of Disease Control prepares a special clinic for COVID-19 vaccination for expatriates and foreign diplomats at Bangrak Building.


    Dr Opas Karnkawinpong, director-general of the department, said the government planned to develop herd immunity in the country by inoculating 70% of people living in Thailand against COVID-19 and expatriates were included right from the start.


    Regarding the vaccination plan, the government took into consideration 67 million Thais and 3 million foreigners living in the country and thus intended to procure 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, he said.


    The vaccination for foreigners would happen at Bangrak Building because it was near embassies and had convenient access to transport services and there were many expatriates, Dr Opas said. Embassies would procure the vaccines of their choices for their own staff and the Public Health Ministry would have nothing to do with their vaccine acquisition, he said.


    Expatriates could seek documents from their embassies, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration or provincial health offices to prove their long stay in the country and then seek the vaccination, Dr Opas said. (TNA)


    Source: https://tna.mcot.net/english-news-691182




    Where is "Bangrak Building"? Or should it read "at a building in Bangrak"?

  10. 1 hour ago, friendofthai said:

    Do you remember the early 2020? What did we read every day? Something like "lockdowns and quarantines will be ended in May" After that they said "... in June" and "... in July"
    Why didn't they just say the truth that lockdowns and quarantines will be for years? Just to avoid panic - nothing more.
    Now everyone who has calculator knows that 1 million doses of vaccine that Thailand receives every month means 12 millions per year or 66 millions of Thai people vaccinated per 5.5 years.
    And don't forget that in the next year you should vaccinate the already vaccinated people for the second time. This means that the government have to find more vaccine suppliers just to maintain the same vaccination speed.

    Of course we will see promises every month. But let's be more realistic - we will not be vaccinated here if vaccine bought at the same speed. 


    Which is why those that can are making other plans, in other countries, Thais and foreigners alike.

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  11. 5 hours ago, 4MyEgo said:


    I had tried booking at our local hospital through the app, but to no avail, the wife then tried another hospital close by, done and dusted for 7 June at 11am.


    The most recent news article less than an hour ago stated that the CCSA said that expats will be included in the June vaccination program, but an app has to be developed for them as we are not supposed to be using the Mor Prom app, that is for Thai's only.




    I'm not clear whether if one is successful using the Mor Prom app using the Pink ID card, whether it will be honoured when you pitch up. I suppose no one will know until the first confirmed booking (7 June AFAIK) proceeds without a hitch.

  12. 3 hours ago, HauptmannUK said:

    Very interesting.  A Thai friend of mine (quite wealthy, well connected and works in the higher levels of government) told me about this last week. He and his wife are going to the US later this month and having the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. He doesn't want the vaccines offered in Thailand. He's had an email confirmation of the vaccine dates apparently. I was astonished when he told me about this and only half believed him, but it does seem to be true.  I'm surprised the US allow it. He and his wife are in their early 40's so not a priority group....


    Is he doing it in a package, or all booked privately? I know of 2 Thais who have gone to the US for the same reason.


    I'm not a US citizen, but that does not seem to be a qualification. It is certainly something I am considering, along with going up to Hong Kong where I have Right of Abode, but only once the 21 days quarantine is lifted, or going to UK, (I'm British, but that's not a qualification), but there the wait time is currently 11 weeks between doses, so waiting to see if that improves with more supply. The ideal situation would be getting it here, but the statements of intent are very very vague from both government and private hospital scenarios. It will be make-my-mind-up time by July.

  13. 6 hours ago, JRG23 said:

    Britons living overseas should obtain the vaccine in their country of residence. They cannot arrange a vaccine in the UK from overseas.

    https://www.william-russell.com/blog/getting-a-covid-vaccine-as-an-expat/#:~:text=Anyone who is returning to,in the UK from overseas.


    Yes, I read that blurb on the UK Government website. It doesn't address how a UK citizen can get a vax in a country which isn't providing them.



    6 hours ago, Harm Hendrik Reitsma said:

    Sheer dumb to think the Embassy would burn their vingers on this!

    They are not a medical institution and have no medics OR nurses, the only thing is that they can speak out to the Government. But that is all, don't put IT in their hands as they can't apply!

    Have a good Day.


    They seemed to manage quite well at applying vax to their staff, both British and Thai.


    6 hours ago, Harm Hendrik Reitsma said:



    5 hours ago, Brierley said:

    It's not my call what is in their job description, what they will and will not do, it's down to the government of the day. But it's been this way for a very long time, most people just haven't understood that.


    The British Embassy in Thailand is clearly a reflection of the level of importance attached by the UK government to its host country.



    4 hours ago, Rookiescot said:

    Time the western embassies told Thailand that the move will be reciprocated.  


    I suspect the Thai government might not be that bothered.



    3 hours ago, connda said:

    The issue is that in pretty much all Western countries minorities are not the object of government discrimination.  Should examples of discrimination surface, the government would be excoriated by the media and on social media by the country's citizens.

    In Thailand minorities are the object of government discrimination.  Should example of discrimination surface, the government would be applauded by the media and on social media by the country's citizens.

    That!  That is the difference between xenophobic countries and non-xenophobic countries.  In civilized nations, the nation's government does not single out racial minorities for exclusion if vaccine supplies are lagging.  They are treated as any citizen.  That includes every Thai in every Western nation who themselves may hold xenophobic views of foreigners in their own country.


    Whilst I agree generally about xenophobia, and and certainly in the case of vax for all, the irony is being black in America is not a walk in the park, (without a bullet to the head). Being Asian has not been that much fun recently either, ("kung 'flu an' all). 

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  14. 3 hours ago, abrahamzvi said:



    One other point which should be cleared in a binding fashion, is what the situation of the foreign residents who were successful in registering and getting a confirmed appointment for June, is.  Are such appointments now cancelled, or even worse, when turning up for the appointment, being sent away?


    Agree, especially the after the non committal blurb from the CDC today, which is just a tad short on details:


  15. On 3/1/2021 at 5:29 PM, jojothai said:

    Are there no provisions for british citizens getting the vaccination if you return to UK.
    Just go to quarantine. Is it not shortsighted.
    Are british citizens from abroad not allowed to get it in the UK. What is the government policy?
    They are giving vaccinations to foreigners in the UK.

    We have no way of knowing whether we will get anything here,

    and for at high risk people that's going be a seriously bad situation to be in.
    If many people get the vaccine. We do not know if it still transmits.
    Therefore if things start to open up, we become more at risk if we cannot get the vaccine.
    Thats not an acceptable situation to be in.

    Can you please  query and advise if there is any consideration being given in the UK to this.
    If i cannot get the vaccine here then i have no choice but to go back to uk.


    On 4/17/2021 at 1:13 PM, Rinrada said:

    Qatar was placed on the UK government's 'red list' at 4am on Friday March 19. ... The Middle Eastern state joined Oman and  the UAE on the UK list of banned destinations same day.. I tend to use Etihad a lot and was thinking or heading back just for the Vacs...but...not yet....1750 quid to be banged up for 10 days...Mai krup..



    With the fiasco here trying to get vaccinated, is going to UK to get vaccinated a "reasonable excuse"? Foreigners here are not likely to get vaccinated before August. I'm getting beyond caring about the cost, I just want it done. I am happy to quarantine for 10 days, get my shots and come back. I'm a UK citizen and my Civil Partner, (under UK law) is Japanese. I might as well close up my flat here, cancel the maid, (already paused her), and wait until Thailand slips into the Covid abyss, and grapples its way out of it, when they start making sensible decisions about a countrywide rollout, with nationality not being a requirement/impairment.

  16. On 5/4/2021 at 11:20 AM, bunnydrops said:

    They must have been out. They usually have it next to the frozen pizza dough.


    If Tops or Villa have a bakery section ask them to make you a batch. I use Central Food Hall in Bangkok and they have done that several times. It's ready by the time I check out.

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  17. 3 hours ago, jackdd said:

    Foreigners don't qualify, was just announced by the MOPH.

    I may not link to the source, but if you google this you will find it:  'Thais, not expats' get jab priority


    I hope it doesn't affect those who have been able to successfully register using the app. One day they complain about not many (of any flavour) registering, the next they deny those who would like to. It tells you all you need to know, (which would come as no surprise to those who've lived here a while). It's not surprising that those who can (Thais predominantly), will go to other countries to be vaccinated. I've heard of several in the last few days, and the Thai government is aware of it, as they are warning Thais who are planning this to contact the MFA, I presume to help them with information, but one often wonders about other motives. The irony is the Thais who will follow this route are in some cases those who might get the economy rolling again.

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  18. 10 hours ago, rabas said:


    I think I know what their bug is.  They do a simple 3bit checksum on the 13 digit ID.  So, they must do a checksum on the rear laser code. But when they wrote the software they assumed the JT9999999999 (12 places) format. But the pinkcard code is B9999999 (9 places).


    So their checksum fails on many but not all laser codes depending on the exact digits. It looks like you fixed the checksum by adding a space. !! A Space technically adds 4 to the checksum.


    Other codes may need to add 1, 2, or 3 spaces, and some numbers may not be fixable.


    ... and I may be wrong. If people would like to PM me B00000000 codes that worked and those that didn't, I can try to prove the bug. If so, I could then try to contact them.






    Will try later and let you know...I need my office staff to assist.

  19. 11 hours ago, khunpon said:

    I have managed to get an appointment with my Pink ID card. Initially, I failed a number of times, but eventually I managed it. One needs to follow the following:


    1. Name must be in Thai, not in English. If you you have '-' in your last name you must enter it. In other words first name, last name must be exactly the same as it is printed on your ID card.

    2. Birth year must be according to Thai calendar year.

    3. The number on back of the ID card must be entered as B 99999999 (notice <space> between B and the first number) NOT B99999999. However, if your prefix consists of two characters as in their example 'JT' then you don't need the <space>.


    I hope this helps. Choc dee.


    The number on the back of my card has B[space] 1234567[space] 8  ....  that is a space between the letter, and a space between the 7 digits and the 8th digit. So should one put both spaces in? 

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