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  1. Tried last week and funds returned to USAA account. Transfer failed.
  2. Obviously not an Apple user since the battery is not easily removed from a MacPro. MacPro battery is not designed to be removed by anyone except an Apple shop.
  3. You got a great deal since the exchange rate has not been at $1=31 TB for for a long time. When was this transaction actually done?
  4. Confronting Thai officials as if they were the president of the USA reaps nothing but resistance and anger from the officials. Thai Immigration police are obligated to enforce the law and they are doing so. Unfortunately, Thai Immigration is enforcing the law through indirect means because they can not seem to enforce it against the intended party, a Thai landlord for the most part. The law is the problem and needs to be revised. As for national security, TM6, TM47 and TM30 are whole ineffective for tracking criminals since they will not comply anyway. It is unfortunate that the panel and club chose this forum to get answers and inspire change.
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