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  1. Do you know them or even understand how leaders are selected in Thailand. I know them and can verify they are highly educated in the USA and honest leaders that want the best for their communities. Learn a little before you make derogatory remarks about people. Just because their father was typical Thai in the 1960-70 does not mean the children follow in his footsteps.
  2. Just USPS with customs declaration "documents" and be sure to put card inside several sheets of paper. Use traceable method. I have done this successfully many times.
  3. I understand the reluctance, just look at Vancouver Canada, USA, Australia (and many other places.). The Chinese bought up as much as was available and now citizens can not afford to buy land or home. If foreigners were allowed to buy land Thailand would join Laos and Cambodia as provinces of China. Then locals must rent from a Chinese landlord at inflated prices.
  4. Go to the second floor with all the 90 day reports and questions up at the desk in the parking lot. When you get to the first desk the officer will give you a special que number and escort you to the proper area. The desk B1 will be on your card so if it is occupied just take a seat in front of the desk B1.
  5. Complacency due to the low infection and death rates have cause people to disregard preventative measures. To add to the problem the government has doe an extremely poor job at vaccinations. Many poor African nations have a far better record of vaccinations than Thailand.
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