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  1. This is v strange. Norway vaccinated 42k people, 29 die (~0.8/1000). Israel vaccinated ~2m people*, initially mostly over 60, 2 die** (0.001/1000 and they don't think those deaths are vaccine-related). That's a ~10,000-fold difference in death rates. *0.65m by the time of that article, but I can't find reports of more recent deaths. **Maybe four.
  2. This seems a reasonable assumption. But this hasn't been established: I suspect that's the answer to: ie vaccination certification is based on the reasonable assumption that vaccination reduces transmission significantly, but this effect simply hasn't been measured yet.
  3. Pointers on this* could be helpful! *Other than the obligatory "don't pay medical expenses for a water buffalo until you've sought a second opinion".
  4. Israel's vaccinated ~2m people, about 6x the original trial size. With the exception of frontline workers and younger people who took up spare appointments on standby, they were over sixty, and there have been very few adverse events. (One bit of good news from that data: 30-60% protection 13-21 days after a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine.)
  5. "Dinosaur ashes touted as Khon Kaen's next big tourist attraction" FTFY
  6. https://www.bot.or.th/English/Pages/ContactUs.aspx ?
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