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  1. For something similar (?) in Christianity: A lot of observations, but no real explanation.
  2. Exactly, but this "kind of thing" (with or without hallucinogens) isn't so rare in Asia/Africa/S America. Perhaps you'll get a chance for a first-hand look sometime
  3. Rational explanation = it's superstition, but if I had a chance I think I'd go have a look before assuming that. I guess the word for this could be animism/shamanism/spiritualism/possession by spirits.
  4. Kind of expected that sentence to end 'riyals'... Sheds some light on the unsolicited sex toy parcel scam!
  5. The expanding doorway pullup bars work well if you have a fairly robust doorframe that matches the width of the one you get (eg 60-100, 80-130 or 100-150cm) and don't want to use a very wide grip. Mine came with two fittings like mini doorstops for screwing into the door frame. They're supposed to fit into little depressions in the pads at either end, but I tried it without them & it holds my weight (~72kg ?) fine. I imagine it may discolour/scuff the frame over time, but it'll be pretty high up, so not really noticeable.
  6. https://ants.com/using-borax-powder-to-kill-ants/
  7. Any plans to drop the Covid insurance requirement for the vaxxed? (Or for the insurers to drop the premia by >90%, for them, in line with the risk?)
  8. I did this. It was a long time ago, but I remember when I took the short form birth cert in, I was told I needed the long form (which I was indeed able to order online).
  9. The problem with your comment is you didn't read my post.
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