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  1. This does seem to be a big problem: https://www.thaienquirer.com/9013/opinion-loan-sharks-smell-blood/
  2. As long as you get generic valaciclovir, you should be fine; most generic medicines work about as well as branded ones.
  3. Thanks! Could be good, if their consulate reopens, and they don't actually impose some of the requirements they list for this visa (notably for bank letters, which AFAIK banks here never issue!)
  4. G7 also does sachets of pretty good instant without the additives: https://lenscoffee.com/g7-black-gourmet-instant-coffee/ Wow: I'd just stick with "pretty good" (good enough to drink black, neat and strong, eg 1 sachet in a 200ml cup, unlike most instant). In Chinese walmart it's about $2/15 sachet box.
  5. I saw that on Taobao in China; not sure if Thai equivalents also have it.
  6. Yunnan Province, more or less next door to Thailand in China, has two kinds of good blackish tea Puerh Er and Dian Hong. (for PuEr you want Shu/Shou Cha, which has fermented more than Sheng Cha. Idk if Lazada (etc) has it, but in case it's listed in Chinese: Puerh Er Shou Cha - 普洱熟茶 Dian Hong Cha - 滇红茶 (Puerh Er Sheng Cha - 普洱生茶, kind of 'light' black tea a bit like Oolong worth trying for comparison) There are a couple of lesser-known black teas from other parts of China that're good. (And several that seem to be terrible, like Inner Mongolian tea bricks!)
  7. But in the UK (+ most non-Asian countries) you can also get 300mg doses for pain, fever etc; I think the person you're responding to may be thinking of that use. (I've tried and failed to get 300mg aspirin in China, only 75-80mg available, because 'Chinese people's stomachs can't stand it' iirc)
  8. No, you need to do 90-day reporting when on a Non Imm O-A Visa but obviously you can do that on-line or by mail, so no need to visit IO personally (unless you like that option). Ah I forgot about that, sorry. What about the 2 years though?
  9. Will that do them any good? (Now... or in a decade or two, when half the rich people in America move to PR...)
  10. An earlier study showing negative correlation between BCG and Covid-19 mortality: https://www.pnas.org/content/117/30/17720 (There also seem to be some clinical trials underway, notably in health care workers, so we should soon get a better idea of whether this is a real protective effect.)
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