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  1. You will need some document that confirms your address in Thailand. I use my 3bb internet bill. This is usually only for the first 90 day report as on subsequent ones they just look you up in their computer and give you a new slip to keep in your passport for next time.
  2. I frequently used Sirikit hospital in Sattahip for an eye problem. I had regular appointments which were always shown as 8-9am, but despite the appointment time it was still first come first served and I would get seen around 1-2pm as all the local Thais seem to arrive well before opening time. I ended up going in at 11.30-12.00 for the same 8-9.00 appointments and the wait wasn't so bad. One of the nurses even got to the point where she was amending my appointment sheet by hand adding 'before 12' as she knew how bad the system was. It's not just a lack of doctors that causes the problem it seems to be a refusal by those in charge to give any sort of consideration to their patients. All they need to do is stagger the appointment times but that would require a bit of thought I suppose.
  3. Can't see that they have actually done anything that silly. People have been getting round the rules, lying on affidavits using agents etc. Now they are implementing stricter rules to catch the cheaters. Not touching your 800k for 5 months of the year is a bit harsh but don't blame the authorities blame the people using tricks to beat the system. As for the monthly income requirement, given the withdrawal of embassy confirmation letters, what else could they do?
  4. I got there about 11.15 after a bit of a hold-up in the bank getting my balance confirmation letter. I used to reckon going in about 3.30 in the afternoon was the best time but as I now live 35 kilometres outside Pattaya I tend to come in the morning and accept the wait rather than risk a completely wasted trip if turned away if they happen to be too busy in the afternoon.
  5. Just renewed my retirement extension yesterday, given a piece of paper telling me to come back on 18th June with bank book to show 800k still in account. I initially had to come back after 1pm as I was too late in the morning, they handed out a slip with a QR code along with the normal queue number. On checking it out it showed me to have a 2 hour 20 minute wait time after my return at 1pm with number 857 currently being served and my number being 864. This would have meant being served at around 3.30, fortunately I ignored that and was out just before 2pm. They seem to be allowing 20 minutes per application but with 2 people handling the paperwork checking they get through it a lot quicker. Still got to come back tomorrow to collect the passport.
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