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  1. Thanks for the useful pic. Ideally the middle top row. Thanks
  2. Anyone know where I can buy second hand IBC containers? Thanks
  3. Where can I get second hand IBCs in Chiang Mai, does anyone know? Thanks
  4. Does anyone have an Aquaponics system in CM or Lamphun? I'm interested in starting one but would like to get some advice from some helpful TVF members. Thanks in advance.
  5. Just wondering what we should grow in our land in Lamphun. We currently grow mangoes in the field where there is no water and we are reliant on the rain. What else could we grow that doesn't require a lot of water? I read jackfruit maybe possible, anything else? It's now very close to wet season so we need to plan. Thanks
  6. Just wondering as someone approaching 50 what the landscape is for teaching in Thailand. I've read quite a few older threads which suggest that it's difficult getting a job if you're over 50. Also that the mandatory retirement age in government schools is 60. Mulling over whether there is any benefit at my age of getting a PGCE and QTS in England if my shelf life in Thailand is short. Should I be aiming at primary or secondary school? One obvious advantage is that I would have the option of teaching in England until the retirement age there of 68. All thoughts welcome. Thanks in advance.
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