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  1. Quality of education in Thai schools aren't great compared to Western countries, quite the opposite. There are also huge differences in the quality of government schools, some classes have 50 students. Where are you from and what schools are you looking at for your children?
  2. Havertz also had a good game, linked the play well and looks very elegant on the ball. Just lacked a goal. Some immense performances, nobody has an average game, every single one performed.
  3. Unfortunately I do not have access to an old bill and am not at home. I guess I will just get my wife to call them and see what happens....
  4. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I don't have the account details that's the issue. Does anyone know how long it takes before they cut your water off, is it after 2 months of non-payment for example?
  5. Is it possible to pay your water bill if you don't have the bill itself without the need to go to the water authority office near Tesco Lotus Chang Puek? I wondered if they had some possible workaround due to covid concerns. Thanks in advance.
  6. Agree, it's in our own hands as we also play Leicester but having said that we also have to play City and Arsenal and whilst they are out of form it's a London derby as is Fulham who are fighting for survival.
  7. I I'm hoping to do mine online later this month for the first time (I initially did the in-person reporting). Hopefully it will work.
  8. The Saints did us a favour last night, let's hope United can win this weekend and we don't slip up against Fulham.
  9. I'm not fan of Elvis......don't mind tainted love though and a bit of 80s
  10. I'm looking for a good VPN that will allow me to do my banking transactions and also watch BBC iPlayer. Has any members got any experience using NordVpn and Private Internet Access VPN that they can share please. Many thanks
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