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  1. Many thanks all, especially Johng I couldn't find the diagram, are you able to share the source please? PM if not allowed to post on here.
  2. My friend has somehow managed to snap off the bottom shaft joint that the wing mirror gets screwed into. He was wondering if this means replacing the whole head unit or just a part. Basically he hasn't got the plastic piece fixed to the motorbike that the mirror adaptor nut is then screwed to. I've searched online but can't see a diagram and I don't have the photo.
  3. Anyone driven both of these who can give good feedback on the two and any differences? I like them both but seems the Yamaha doesn't have ABS as an option....
  4. With protests becoming more regular and no sight of tourism being restored particularly due to second wave covid outbreaks and restrictions in European countries, I would expect the baht to weaken. This being Thailand though, I have very little confidence in that actually happening.... Any experts thoughts on where the THB is going to go Vs USD and GBP over the next month and beyond, taking into account the US elections and Brexit LOL.
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