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  1. Sounds good, is he still there as this thread is 10 years old....
  2. Thanks, do you know a friendly branch as my home branch doesn't allow it.
  3. Interesting..... Bangkok Bank wouldn't let me use my driving license to withdraw money from my account and insisted that I must bring my passport (which is risky carrying it about).
  4. Sorry, perhaps I should have been more specific. I posted this in the CM forum so was looking for CM locations only. Sorry if that wasn clear.
  5. I searched a few threads but unfortunately they seemed to be quite old so alas I've had to start a new thread. Has anyone recently been for a comprehensive health check-up in Chiang Mai and if so can they recommend the hospital/medical centre. I have read quite a few old threads that recommend various hospitals, etc but I was hoping for responses from members who have recently had a check-up (age mid-forties). Thanks in advance
  6. I know the difference in terms of what they do, just not how to spot the differences if you see what I mean. I understand only the top model Aerox has ABS fitted, presumably it's easy to identify based on what has been described on the aforementioned posts. Thanks
  7. How can you easily identify if a bike has ABS if it doesn't have a sticker on it saying that lol. The front discs that some bikes have look similar to me and then there is the combi braking system such as that on the Click. Is anyone able to share the differences in the form of photos. Thanks in advance.
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