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  1. A friend recommended that. But, I currently have a few 100k baht in that acct. Say someone pays me 100k baht. I'm not going to withdraw 300k baht just to see if his pmnt went through. Also, I think limit for ATM withdrawals is considerably lower than 100k per withdrawal.... ? So, not practical. Another friend also said, 'nothing more certain than cash.' So I recently sold something for a few 100k baht. We went together to guy's bank and got cash. Then I went to my bank next and deposited it. So this way certainly possible, but not very convenient.
  2. Maybe a silly question but... Say you sell something online and the person wants to pay by bank transfer (using an app from BKK Bank, SCB, etc.). Is this always safe? Even if the amount is large (equivalent to several thousand US dollars)? One friend says yes: Once the amount shows up in my acct (when I log in using the app), there's no way the person could somehow reverse the transaction. The only reason I'm asking is...it seems like I heard a case of someone making payment into a seller's bank acct, then through some trick, the money was not there later. But I kind of think this happen
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