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  1. OliverKlozerof

    Where can I get a cast iron skillet in Bangkok?

    Yes, I got it at Villa Market in Phrom Phong same day I got the skillet. That’s the original Villa and seems to have the most stuff but some of their other branches may have? When I was a kid my mom ran a restaurant for a while and that’s what we used. Just add water—no need for egg or milk—perfect with just water. Don’t over mix it...a teeny lumpy is just right. Maybe add tablespoon of oil to help keep from sticking. :-)
  2. OliverKlozerof

    Stove Top Heat Diffuser in BKK?

    Looking for a heat diffuser for my electric burner in BKK. The burner is about 7" (18cm) across. My pan is about 10.5" (27cm) in diameter. Looks like the large size commercially available ones are usually 9.5" (24cm) wide, which would probably be fine. Some are stainless steel plates, some are cast iron. Anyone see something like this available in Sukhumvit area? Actually, I've seen guys using a thick sheet of copper for this, so that could work, too. Thx.