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  1. Bike No. 4: A little red Honda Scoopy 110 (funny name but what the hell). Couple trusted friends recommended it. Initial impression good: stabler, less jerky than the PCX or Wave. Smaller and lighter than the PCX and Aerox, so easier to move in and out of parking spaces. I see also has bottle holders and a hook for grocery bags—a big plus. However, space under seat only accommodates small helmet, not full face one. And can’t fit my backpack either. But easy riding and nimble. So, I drive back to BKK tomorrow. I'd still like to try a Yamaha NMax so may try to rent one in town. And maybe a Click again, since it's been a while since I rode one. I like the idea of having enough storage under the seat to put a full face helmet. And I'll probably go with full auto scooter if I ever decide to buy. One thing I've been wondering: Maybe these rental scooters are kind of abused, so not that representative of a newer or well maintained model. Also, some of them seem extremely sensitive going from zero to "slow," which makes them feel jerky. So I guess there's a cable from the throttle to the motor...and if that cable gets stretched or is not adjusted right, could it result in a hair trigger throttle? If so, then I suppose new bikes should be smoother.
  2. Bike No. 3 is a Honda PCX 150cc scooter. Several people have recommended it. This one unfortunately has not been maintained that well. It’s got plenty of power but is jerkier and less stable than the Yamaha Aerox. But obviously much more bike than the Wave 110. I rode it to a golf course outside of Hua Hin. Was fun on the curvy rode in the hills.
  3. Late to this thread but...I think it's interesting to consider Bart Ehrman's thoughts on God. He's one of the world's foremost biblical scholars. Especially his explanation of the difference between an atheist and an agnostic. (BTW, I think like he does, but call myself atheist.) (BTW2, I'm not receiving replies on this thread so, you're welcome to reply but I won't see it. )
  4. Re: Yamaha Aerox 155 1) Chris at Skootz, where I rented it, said one thing he didn't like about it so much was that compared to the Honda PCX (which appears to compete with), the gas tank was not very big. PCX's tank quite big he said. So on longer trips he finds himself having to pull in for fuel more often. Not a deal breaker, but interesting comment. (Otherwise, he said he really likes it.) 2) He had 3 of them in front of his shop and asked me which one I wanted, to which I said, 'Beats me.' So, he recommended the one I took cuz it had fancy 'gas' rear shocks (see photo). Well as I said when I hoped on it I couldn't believe how stable/smooth/solid it felt. Do you think this gas shock (which he said is not aftermarket, but just a higher option), made a big difference? That is, if I had tried one of the other two, would I have felt a difference? 3) I told him I thought maybe the PCX would hold it's value better, since Honda is so respected in Thailand. But he said more of his customers have been requesting the Aerox and he thought it would hold its value.
  5. Currently in Hua Hin. Rented a Yamaha Aerox 155 for 2 days...drove out to Monsoon Valley winery. Like the bike a lot. Definitely the smoothest, most stable bike I've ridden. Today rented a Wave 110i (they didn't have the 125). Not fair comparison but huge step down from the Aerox...feels like a bucket of bolts...jerky, rattles. Seems like just a cheap, dependable bike for people with no other option. At least I can get to know semi automatic over next couple days.
  6. Finally got my motorcycle license so now time to consider which bike to buy. I've only ridden automatic scooters so far, but learning to ride something like a Honda Wave, with gears, shouldn't be too hard. So, the decision will mainly be: 1) Just get something small for getting around town (Bangkok mainly), or 2) Get something a bit larger so riding it longer distances would be more comfortable...but which can also work around town. Automatic scooters, like Honda Click, super easy for town, but my friend's Honda Wave (with gears), gets better gas milage...and does better coming down long hills, like when we were riding in Mae Sai. (We couldn't go up the big mountain, cuz the Click's brakes would get too hot coming back down.) When it comes to the 'big enough for a bit of longer cruising, but not too big for town' types, does anyone have any recommendations? Also, I'm kinda curious how much danger there is of a bike (especially a new one), getting stolen? Thx. And I'm guessing I'll buy new.... (I live upper Sukhumvit).
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