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  1. Well, I've been watching some youtube videos and also asked my sister who is a birder, and a friend who's a pro photog (but not specializing in wildlife). My conclusion thus far is to put off any purchase until I've studied the subject quite a bit. Could change, but sorta think I may end up with a point and shoot "superzoom" "bridge camera." (A couple terms I just learned.) My sis has a Canon Powershot SX720 HS, which is 40x optical zoom. She likes it, but says it would be even better if it had 1) a viewfinder (can't see screen when shooting toward sun), 2) bigger buttons (it's pocket size, wh
  2. Anyone have, or know about, storage boxes for the back of a pickup truck and where to get in Thailand? I'll be traveling around the country, bringing a variety of stuff, and could use more space than I have in the cab. I'd probably just be putting in things that aren't particularly valuable, like clothes, camping equipment, etc. But I'd like them to stay dry, and I'd like to be able to secure the box so it doesn't move around, using the metal loops that are included on my Toyota Hilux Revo, etc. (not drill holes for bolts, etc.). Thx
  3. My sister came to visit from the US a couple years ago. She's a birder and one fun thing we did was to hire a local guide to take us up Doi Inthanon, near Chiang Mai, for some birding one day. My sis brought some binoculars and a very basic camera. The guide had a really long lens, a tripod (or monopod?), and some other stuff. I just bought a truck and will be traveling around Thailand to some national parks, etc. and think it would be fun to snap photos of birds, wildlife, and so on, that I come across...and also just take travel photos. It seems like technology keeps making strides, so I wou
  4. I just turned 65, so if I went back to the US, maybe I could get vaccinated. I grew up in Seattle (Washington State), but last lived in California before moving to LOS in 2006. I still have a US passport, but I no longer have a US driver's license. (I only have a Thai license.) I'm still registered to vote in California (Alameda County). I get mail at my sister's place in Seattle sometimes. Anyhow, I'm wondering what they ask for in order to make an appointment to get vaccinated. I asked on Facebook. One friend in Seattle said they just asked for ID and he showed his driver's license. Anothe
  5. I just got the latest US COVID check ($600) in the mail here. It has my Thai address on it. I'm wondering how to deposit it. 1) The only acct I have in the US is with Charles Schwab. They have a check deposit feature in their mobile app I've used before which is very convenient. (Just sign check and photograph both sides.) I've heard that some US financial institutions have been stricter about not allowing people who aren't living in the US to continue to use their services. Schwab has not been so strict with this. Regardless, I'd rather they didn't know that the US gov't correspon
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