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  1. Had already eaten but happened to be in Ekamai, so stopped into ground floor of Gateway mall to check out the So Vegan place there. Looks bigger and better (as far as items and selection), than the one in the On Nut mall. And as I guess somebody noted before, they offer a vegan hotdog and vegan burger; both of which would be interesting to try at some point. Also: vegan noodles. However, a busy place with possibility of kids on phones, etc.?
  2. Mr. Hump, The Hatari should help. Work best raised up a bit, in a spot as central as possible. I dont' really know what the 'plasma' feature is about. Apparently some think the 'negative ion generator' feature is good though. About 2 years ago I went through 'allergy hell.' Then I noticed it went away if I stayed in a hotel. So, I knew it was something in my room. Then I guess I figured out I it got worse every time I rolled over in bed. Anyhow, I finally figured out the culprit: Dust mites in my mattress! Got a new mattress, cleaned my room from top to bottom, got some "demite" laun
  3. Much thanks to those who had something useful to contribute to this thread. For the others that always seem to pipe up with some remarks that proves what low self esteem they have: Try and get a life. Have gotten a few good ideas from this. No longer following. So won't see anything else posted here. And to the idiot who posted about earplugs: You have been completely ignored in my preferences. You no longer exist in my world.
  4. Stupid young person: You can go back to jerking off now. If you have something useful to contribute, please do so. In the mean time, shut up. Earplugs don't work. Stick them up your ass.
  5. We're definitely not alone, though we appear to be a minority. Some years ago I discovered the Amtrak train system in the US has a 'Silent Car,' where no one is allowed to use cell phones, etc. People who use it love it, and the silence is strictly enforced. How civilized. I joined a Facebook group, Silent Bangkok, a few years ago, for people who also like silence, and rue the lack of it most places. Not much activity there though I think. I've been wanting to advocate for silence, and/or actual music in restaurants/malls, etc. Who knows, maybe some people are already working on this?
  6. My intention is to use it to explore Thailand. I hope for minimal driving in BKK. I’ve rented cars and motorcycles several times and right: driving in BKK is not fun. I’ll even get up at 4:00am on days I plan to leave town to make it easier.
  7. Actually, 6 years ago when I lived near Lumpini I was going to the wonderfully funky outdoor gym there. Hanging with the iron pumpers rain or shine, pumping the rusty dumbbells and barbells. It was as grand. Then my building was torn down and I moved to Udom Suk. BUT, I recently found out there’s another funky outdoor gym in Benjasiri Park in Phrom Phong, complete with crusty guys like myself. Was actually gonna go work out there today but got sidetracked. Will try again tomorrow. Only negatives are having to take Skytrain and heaps of children and other idiots on cell phones.
  8. Well that’s interesting. But I’m pretty sure my budget and needs dictate that I’ll have to be happy with a 4cyl, 2.5L Toyota mill. But I’ll take your word for it that the 5cyl produces a smoother ride.
  9. I'm working on this. There's a fitness room in my building, but no aircon, so really too hot to work out in most of the time. I'm thinking of propositioning my landlord (fairly cool guy), to see if we could go in together on installing an aircon--with coin timer. I might be willing to pay half, as could be worth it in the long run. I have a couple pairs of dumbbells, a slant board. But I've been wanting to get back into a fuller weight training routine. I live in just one small room, so no space for squat rack, etc.
  10. The coin units for *washers* are not timers; just ON switches. The units on *driers* ARE timers. (See my recent post re: finding them on Aliexpress.)
  11. Ah...now I realize the 'coin timer' that's used on *driers* in laundromats are pure timers. That's what shows up when I searched Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20201123224908&SearchText=coin+timer So yeah, something like this could work.
  12. Unit for washing machine: Insert (say) 30 baht. Machine comes on and completes one cycle. What I need is this: Insert (say) 10 baht; aircon runs for 10 minutes. 20 baht; 20 minutes. Etc. After figuring out how to achieve this, I plan to proposition my landlord re: installing an aircon in my building's fitness room. It currently has no aircon, so it too hot most of the time to work out in. (I might pay half installation cost. Cheaper and more convenient for me over the long run that a fitness club; most of which play hideous music, etc.)
  13. Well, thats for a washing machine. Can't see how that would work with an aircon.
  14. Question Plus Mini Rant (Two For The Price Of One) Question: I'm guessing the answer is no, but just in case.... Anyone know of a gym/fitness club in upper Sukhumvit that has no music playing? (Otherwise know as 'silent.') I can't stand the stuff that passes for 'music,' that most places play. (I do have some noise-cancelling headphones, but kind of feel like I'm in a cocoon when I wear them. Maybe I should try some of the new Bluetooth earbuds...?) Rant: BTW...I'm 64 and have been a professional musician. Either one of these would probably disqualify me from being able
  15. Not sure what forum to ask this in.... Anyone have any idea about how to install a coin operated aircon? Or add a coin timer to existing aircon? And where to buy the required gear? I'm in upper Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. (Would be for approx 40sqm fitness room.) Thx
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