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  1. Put a thin layer of oil on top keeps the air out and it helps with keeping it from drying out,and retaining strength,maybe! Works with lots of stuff Quacamol springs to mind.
  2. The wasabi paste and powders that you buy in supermarkets are mostly mustard and normal horseradish,they may contain 3% genuine wasabi root. You get the same sinus blast that you get with Colman's only a lot cheaper.Get the powder just add water.Or get someone to bring some over.Mr Coleman said he became rich by what was left on the plate.
  3. The Guardian is owned by the Scott trust,that exists to maintain the editorial and financial independence of the Guardian.Take out a subscription costs about €70 a year about the price of a short time.Its needed more than ever.
  4. I have online subscriptions,the Guardian and the independent.
  5. Sorry didn't see Salerno had already posted the info
  6. You have to be registered as a foreign born citizen or something like that.You will need the birth and death certificate of your grandparent(s)and marriage certificates, birth certificates of your parents and of course your birth certificate.If accepted as a citizen only then can you apply for a passport.Thats a rough guide.
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