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  1. Have you forgotten about the airport closures and downtown "shut down Bangkok" I've got that t-shirt. The late king had to step in one time to restrain the military when they shot students, not sure they would dare these days with everybody a reporter with their phone cameras.
  2. I was taking the mickey out of the guy who blamed all the problems that Thailand has on retirees, I'm struggling with the idea that some seem to take it literally. I have no idea what a glass/bottle of wine costs.I know beers overpriced a glass of draught tiger cost me 99baht in the Stumble Inn Bangkok beginning of march. I don't know if it was a half litre 500ml or a half pint American that's 8 fluid ounces or Brit half that's 10 fluid ounces, if I remember correctly, the last time I had to deal with that was at catering college at the end of the 60s. I rarely drink these days just the odd beer to cool down.
  3. Those terrible old retirees trashing the beaches with their garbage,dumping their dogs to breed and spread rabies, forcing the military to mount a coup against a democratically elected government,if it wasn't for them there would be no need for visas and 90 day reporting etc etc,they had to implement double pricing to keep there numbers down otherwise the poor local folks would never be able to visit their national parks,they have to keep the price of alcohol high otherwise they would be fighting in the bars and gogo's every night,don't get me started on their gambling dens,bridge a likely story.
  4. It's the same as in Thailand they want your money but not you.
  5. That may be so for first time visitors but I have been coming every winter Jan/Feb for getting on for 30 years so I have seen the rise and what is now the beginning of the fall of Thailand for tourists. Forget the peaks and troughs of western currencys my Euro has dropped maybe 25% in 4-5 years now that hurts. It's become a dismal experience nowadays in Thailand if you are a middle income tourist.Now I am a second or third class person getting fourth class service and treatment across the board,from the Immigration official at the airport to a waitress in a restaurant/bar or hotel receptionist they look at us like something they have trod in.If you have been to Thailand you know about the garbage everywhere and my pet peeve the dogs.
  6. There you have it! The drop in numbers won't have any affect in the grand scheme of things but at a local level it will.Jomtien will suffer more than Pattaya, Hua Hin and Koh Chang will hurt more than Samui, and that's starting to suffer if what I read is true.Over a 4-5 year period my Euro has dropped about 20-25%. I could get a flight via the Middle East a bit cheaper than my normal EVA flight from Amsterdam and don't spend the last few days shopping and partying in Bangkok then I could do a trip and not suffer that much,then I think about the garbage everywhere and those <deleted> soi dog's to hell with that.
  7. If you're wearing a suit you have come to do business you are not a tourist especially traveling economy class.
  8. Tony Blair was on the TV the other night saying that the only way to get some sort of brexit closure was to have another referendum,what if the result was the same,he replied "then it's over we leave" and that's how most people think.Thats not going to stop people still wanting to be in the EU and still campaigning to rejoin but they would accept the result.The first campaign was a lie from start to finish at least we now know how it is.They have just had a vote in the EU Parliament to make the department for investigating foreign interference in elections within the EU permanent,guess who voted against it? the brexit party.
  9. The cut of point for my Euro was 36 and I can see it reaching 30 and the pound won't be far behind.The problem with relocating is finding somewhere that you get more for your pound than you get in Thailand and that somewhere doesn't really exist.The PI is the place usually mentioned but the disadvantages outweigh any advantages Cambodia the same, Vietnam may be a bit cheaper but now its replaced Thailand on everybody's bucket list the prices across the board will soon start to rise.Its all a bit doom and gloom at the moment the only hope for the pound is that after brexit the UK gets turned into a low tax haven and then the pound will reach the sunny uplands.
  10. she would have been happy with a £5 note knowing that it's going to be worth 20% more next year.
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