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  1. The daily rate of 200 baht has been standard in Patong for quite a few years, and if you look around you may be able to find something for 150 baht. There are substantial discounts for weekly and monthly rentals - usually bringing the cost down to less than 3,000 for a month.
  2. While the sponsors of the event should bear most of the responsibility, the attendees are also at fault. According to the lengthy video that was posted on TVF, signs outside the venue stated that masks were required, however I didn't see a single mask being worn by the hundreds of attendees shown inside the venue. I hope these people understand that their few hours of enjoyment could well cost an already struggling local population their livelihood.
  3. To be fair, the $11M is the cost to "prepare for construction" (probably the customary studies, land acquisition and lining the pockets of local influential people). The total budget is projected to be $44M, which I agree doesn't come close to being able to compete with Western medical centers on that scale.
  4. The aim is that the medical tourism complex will initially attract around 50,000 tourists in 2023... I doubt that the complex would be complete any time in 2023 even if they started construction today.
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