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  1. What a deal! That 100K baht doesn't include any taxes, airport fees and so on, which can amount to as much as 50% of a ticket's cost. Oh, and an extra 7K baht for VAT.
  2. I'm completely dis-interested in gambling myself (never even bought a lottery ticket!), but with the gradual decline of Phuket (and Patong in particular) over the decades, I think casinos are inevitable as the situation becomes more dire. Now that the decline has shifted from gradual to exponential, and may possibly be irreversible for a long, long time, it's obvious that tourist-dependent areas like Patong are going to need some sort of rebirth in order to survive. As much as I'd hate to see it happen, I think casinos may be a major part of that rebirth.
  3. Yep, we're talking about the same thing. I've heard the term "shutters" used in Thailand - basically what we call "concrete forms" in the US. Since the footers are above ground, something needs to shape and contain the concrete until it cures! This little house was built in the northern part of Phayao, not far from ChiangRai province.
  4. @Pib Thank you for the excellent explanation! That also provides a clue as to why transfers sometimes take 8 hours or more, and sometimes take minutes or seconds when initiating at the same time and day of the week. The transfer I did yesterday from the US to my K-Bank account literally took only 5 seconds.
  5. Seems like a useful tool. At 90% accuracy, hopefully it errs on the side of false positives which can be followed up with a PCR test, rather than false negatives.
  6. Transferwise is not licensed by the BoT to enable sending money out of Thailand, whereas DeeMoney is, thus the one-way only service in Thailand. I've been using Transferwise monthly since the beginning of the year with positive experiences each time. I don't understand, however, how their business model works in countries such as Thailand that don't allow Transferwise to transfer money out. Their web page describes their model as simply matching up requests for inbound transfers with requests for outbound transfers. That's a highly simplified explanation, but how can that work if o
  7. I've built 2 houses in Thailand - one in Phuket, and another in the northern provinces. The one in Phuket had 3 stories of post and beam construction with a cement roof requiring numerous pilings due to the sandy/unstable nature of the soil and the weight of the building. The one in the north, was a small 70sqm 1 story structure built with the usual posts and red brick that required no pilings at all. This small home was constructed with footers about 40x40cm with a substantial amount of rebar. The footers were set on top of compacted soil, and tied into the 20x20cm cement posts th
  8. The reality is that most living and working permanently in Phuket, are not able to change their registration unless they, a family member or a close friend own the home in which they're living due to the tabien baan issue I described above. This was certainly the case for my Thai daughter and son in law when they lived and worked in Phuket. Landlords understandably don't want the hassles associated with maintaining the names of tenants in their tabien baan.
  9. How will fines for any of the moving violations listed be enforced? Has anyone here ever seen the police pull over a car, truck or motorbike for a moving violation in Phuket? That would require the police to follow the violator in a vehicle and pull them over to issue a fine. In all my years in Phuket, I've not seen one instance of a citation being issued anywhere except a roadblock/checkpoint, and those citations would only be for non-moving violations (no helmet, no license, etc).
  10. Probably the 2 most common "necessary reasons" will be: (1) Traffic too slow on the street, so I have to drive on the footpath. (2) Traffic on the street is going in the opposite direction to where I want to go, so I have to drive on the footpath.
  11. Don't they need to be added to a local tabien baan (house book) in order to be registered in Phuket? Thais are normally registered in the house book associated with a house that they or a family member own in their home province. Since most working in Phuket are renting rooms, the landlord would need to add them to his house book, and most landlords are reluctant to do this.
  12. I recall buying a Serta mattress at HomePro a number of years ago. I don't know if the iComfort series is manufactured/distributed in Thailand though, as it's a fairly high-end mattress line compared to what's generally sold.
  13. It seems to me that most of the land fronting Hasip Pii is more than 80 meters above sea level, and thus technically not buildable. But then the local officials seem to turn a blind eye to such development.
  14. Lots of money to be skimmed from these never-ending studies and consultations.
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