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  1. Hopefully a reply before too long. Perhaps you would keep me posted on what happens. Much appreciated...
  2. Thank you for your comments....another hurdle to stagger over !! How are you tackling the problem....? Did DWP in UK assist or did you have to make contact directly with Citibank ?
  3. Many thanks UJ...I will contact accordingly. Could this also be an issue with my other Pension Provider ? They transfer my Company pension into a Foreign Currency Account (GBP) in Thailand (again Bangkok Bank) via a Third Party. The Bank Statement specifies it is a Pension Payment and a No-Book Transfer again via "USER" Channel. The sequence with this Pension is that the Provider pays funds into an overseas account and then the overseas provider bank transfers the funds to my nominated bank account in Thailand. There is no currency exchange involved, the funds transfer being in GBP throughout. Given another party is involved do you think I should also make contact with this second Pension Provider (as with Citibank above) also to obtain more proof ?
  4. I will shortly be applying for Extension based on Retirement using the monthly income option. Funds are sourced in UK from 2 Pension Providers. My UK State Pension (paid 4 weekly) is deposited into Bangkok Bank through the Bahtnet system after conversion from GBP into Baht. The Bank Statement and Bank Book are duly marked as ‘BAHTNET’ via ‘USER’. Is anyone aware whether Immigration are accepting such designated transactions as proof of foreign income ? Presumably Bangkok Bank will use the same information in their confirmatory letter. Would be most grateful to hear of experiences.
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