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  1. But it isn't. Not yet anyway. 45 still has 90 percent approval from republicans. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. I suppose what they're not getting is simply about total loyalty to 45 for whatever cockamamie reason (more like no good reason).
  3. I'm also with her but that language is not the same as treason. Treason carries the death penalty.
  4. I don't think it's actually treason but otherwise correct. No need to overcharge. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Well, it's technically possible at this point for 45 to eventually be criminally convicted and incarcerated (not while being president and impeachment then conviction doesn't do that though) but personally I think you're fantasy is unlikely. I think there is a deep feeling among American people that incarcerating any president even one well deserving that, is somehow degrading to the office of the president. Yes presidents aren't supposed to be above the law but in practice they are to at least some degree.
  6. Yes I've mentioned that before. You're always required to write the base visa type you originally had on the retirement extension applications. O or O-A. But however we describe the fine points of what extensions actually are, I seriously doubt the enforcing immigration officers are having the same discussions. They already know all about original visas and extensions. What is still unclear now are the specific enforcement policies of the specific offices for the new health insurance requirement. So in my view expats arguing about these fine point theories about what extensions technically are or aren't are basically pointless mental masturbation.
  7. Well OK, but without ever having that base visa for retirement (O or O-A) whether recent or many years old, there would have never been any basis for an extension. Personally I think this hair splitting over terminology on this issue has become tedious and silly. It doesn't change anything either way for how the enforcement of the health insurance requirement turns out.
  8. Well things have progressed and apparently Lucky Me's marketing ploy turned out to have not worked all that well. The only flavor I can find now (and not always) is the Tom Yum, which I really don't like that. Haven't seen the Miso flavor in over a month and when I did they were near expiring indicating it was the end of the road. Pattaya stores I've seen these noodles at: Foodland, Big C, Central Festival
  9. Not sure about that one but one thing is for sure ganja is not a bitter herb.
  10. Yes, exactly! This is something that I've been saying for years. Interpretations of police orders whether technically "correct" or not and regardless of the sincerity, competence and credibility of the source are one thing. ACTUAL ENFORCEMENT POLICIES when the rubber meets the road, when you go into your specific immigration office to face a specific immigration officer can be another thing entirely. It's an unpleasant reality here.
  11. This couple makes a strong case for why THEY chose Cuenca Ecuador. I think it's worth watching if Cuenca is on your radar. The reasons I have against Cuenca are (just based on reaseach as I haven't been there): -- The weather isn't as mild as the promoters suggest. It often gets quite chilly in those unheated apartments and houses. -- Gringo price gouging too common -- Air pollution -- Elevation too darned high. It's over the elevation that causes serious health problems for many. -- Visa issues. Practical timing issues with having the police record documentation from Thailand. Could turn out to be a massively expensive problem for some. -- Guinea pig as food. No thanks. That said one thing I don't take very seriously as a negative is the recent political unrest there. Those kinds of things come and go and usually don't really matter that much to expats in the long run with exceptions of course (such as Venezuela).
  12. Yes. The house is conducting a constitutionally legitimate impeachment inquiry. 45 by stonewalling and aggressively blocking release of witnesses and evidence is without any doubt obstructing congress. Obstructing congress in itself is yet another impeachable offense.
  13. Yes it's way to early to say anything definitive about actual enforcement policies in any office. It isn't even 31 October yet!
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