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  1. For people that rabidly hate Israel anything positive about Israel and there are plenty of them makes their blood boil. So its not only possible its completely predictable.
  2. Just a reminder. This thread is open to all price levels of restaurants. Expats and tourists here if we ever get them again have diverse budgets. Even rich people usually like delicious food that happens to be cheap. Boner appetite.
  3. Then they should have said investigation. Of course it should be investigated. Prosecution definitely implies that they have already decided to charge him. Maybe this is just another lost in translation type thing.
  4. Prosecuted for what? That implies that they have already determined that he was at fault as opposed to this simply being a tragic accident. That sounds hard to believe.
  5. Give him a break. He isn't running for public office. No need to parse his.every word.
  6. So he was campaigning for Biden then. Biden's brand is decency. 45s brand is chaos, race baiting, division, misinformation, and negligent homicide.
  7. Another excellent (and quite long) article pn this topic of dangerous division. I reckon most Americans on either side can relate to it on some level. https://www.washingtonpost.com/magazine/2020/10/26/gene-weingarten-divided-country-healing/ In Search of Healing America is facing one of the deepest divides in our history — and, no matter who wins the election, a difficult path forward
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