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  1. /// Thirdly, we had to get a Thai criminal certificate at RTP in Bangkok and have it Legalized at the Thai Consulate (they have a branch location at Klongtoie (sp). /// Could you go into detail about that process? Could that be done remotely? When you say Thai Consulate do you mean the Foreign Ministry?
  2. Channel: Vagabond Awake Very subjective destination opinions by a very well traveled couple. Ironically they promote picking one destination to retire abroad in but they never do. Weak on visa and residency advice. Strong on philosophy on topics such as avoiding being a crime victim.
  3. Airalee, I appreciate your participation in this topic but this is now the THIRD post here with sample videos from that same channel. That is not the idea of this topic at all. The idea is to recommend entire channels and then to post a sample video from that channel or maybe two on the recommending post. For example I love Randy Rainbow but I'm not going to keep posting his new videos. Instead readers can go to YOUTUBE If a sample video from a channel appeals to them and subscribe to it on their account. Thanks for your attention. Cheers.
  4. Not the same issue. This is a once in a century pandemic. But as you mentioned yes expanding Medicare to expats has been on the agenda of lobbying efforts for American citizens abroad for decades but nobody really thinks it will happen. Vaccines for a pandemic is a one off. Its realistically doable. Not saying that they will but they could if they wanted to.
  5. Try harder. Today being Friday they have an entire slate of additional Mexican stuff on special. Just ordered a fantastic Carne asada super burrito from that site yesterday.
  6. Here are two that are podcasts on YOUTUBE that only have audio but no video. But really just another way to listen to podcasts but as they're on YOUTUBE I still think they fit here. First is the very very famous podcast of Marc Maron. So famous that he got President Obama to visit him in his garage. Channel: <deleted> with Marc Maron Podcast Channel: Al Franken Former U.S. Senator and comedian hosts guests to talk politics
  7. That's a great and useful report. I have read several reports over the years of incredible complications over the issue of details of names dealing with Latin American bureaucracy.
  8. I never said that high risk expats were invited to register in May. Unfortunately, you have misinterpreted that post. The word people and the word expats are not the same word at all. I was of course referring to the online registration method which because it doesn't currently accept passport ID has so far only been available for registration to expats with a Thai specific number. Yes its true that some rural expats have been able to register. I have never said that they weren't. Yes you are correct the hoped for private hospital track with vaccines we would pay for
  9. It was that already to some extent but with rapid transit plus work at home people with Bangkok jobs could live here.
  10. A bit science fiction but with rapid transit maybe eventually Bangkok's seaside bedroom.
  11. That original signed bank statements thing could be real problem depending on a person's specific situation.
  12. Indeed and he's got scads more of similar quality though of course the older ones will be dated as its political humor.
  13. Channel: Marshall Powell Boy wonder Gringo unleashed. My how he's grown! On the way to Latin American travel vlog super stardom. Before 2017 Cheap Charly Now 2021 Making friends
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