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  1. As was obvious, you have nothing credible to back up your outrageous assertions. Thanks for the confirmation. .
  2. Unless you provide credible backing sources for your assertions, they should be taken as republican propaganda.
  3. You could look at it that way but another way is to embrace Thai ambiguity. The truth is that any long term expat knows is that the Thai authorities aren't seeking out people banging on their computers at home as long as not dealing with the Thai economy and not illegal stuff like porn, scam selling call centers, etc. If you're serving clients abroad, teaching English to toddlers in China etc., you should keep disceet but no reason to live in fear either. Perhaps there is something about the nature of the OPs specific work that makes it more problematic for him. People can't say un
  4. Well I'm fasting most of time starting in the afternoon so I feel like I can't do without coffee in the mornings on an empty stomach. For awhile I was adding a little whole milk, cream would have been better, but I felt that was breaking my fast so switched to black. I've heard the same negative thing as you said about coffee but I'm not sure what to do other than to go into coffee withdrawal. I've found over the years that I really must have coffee.
  5. So you doubt me? Tsk tsk. To be clear I'm specifically talking about Frys in its earlier years in Silicon Valley. https://mondaynote.com/the-frys-era-8709a7e602eb The Fry’s Era Throughout the 90’s and aughts, Fry’s Electronics was a Silicon Valley institution, a truly aboriginal techie bazaar where geeks could find everything they needed to live in autarky, from logic boards to voltmeters, dried noodles to “nice” clothes for a job interview, magazines, energy bars, mini-fridges… A quarter-century later, Fry’s stores have become sad, pale sha
  6. Spot on. Thailand would do well to introduce a specialized digital nomad type visa. It could be a cash cow for them and provide visa stability for its users.
  7. Nah. The former president guy just put that out there as a threat. Everyone knows if he did that the republican side would be fatally divided. The former president guy wants to keep on being the grand poobah of the republican party and so far his plan is working very well for him. But the downside for the Republicans is that they'll be putting out many of his loyalists that will have no chance of beating the democratic opponent. The only chance for the Republicans to come back into federal power is doubling down on anti majoritarian state voting laws. Unfortunately for the future of American d
  8. Not really. In its heyday it was nerds central. In a good way. More than a store. A cultural phenomenon.
  9. A fascinating article about intermittent fasting with an emphasis on reporting about scientific research on the subject. It presents more contradictory information for me. It appears to be showing evidence that having your eating window earlier in the day is more beneficial. That's the opposite of much of what I've found suggesting that you should try to to break your fast after waking until much later. Intermittent fasting and why when you eat makes a difference - The Washington Post
  10. Sounds like your focus is the police rather than the victim. Assuming there is a budget for such things, I think the city paying for his hospital bills would be much more on point than a gift basket.
  11. Another member said there is no court going on these days. It was also stated if his injuries don't turn out to be serious, the punishment will only be 500 baht. I don't know if those are true, but if it's true about the 500 baht, that's horrifying. Anyone seeing the video can see blows like that could potentially kill. It's like robbing a bank and getting small change, you still get prosecuted for robbing a bank.
  12. If you're not involved with Thai clients or suppliers and payments are made outside Thailand, then nothing.
  13. Yes that was already mentioned before on this thread. So I learned something. Much appreciated.
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