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  1. I thought it was perfectly obvious from the context that I'm an American living in Thailand. The main point of my post was that Thailand has done remarkably well responding to the pandemic and the US has done shockingly poorly. Thailand is starting to be mentioned in the international press as a success story in that regard. Not often enough but it's a start. They deserve it. I hope they can continue with their success as this international crisis is nowhere near over.
  2. Speaking as an American I feel blessed now to be here and not there. (100,000) Yes more organized centralized governments have the edge in fighting pandemics. Yes there is the Asian cultural factor as well. People united for a collective national cause, much less individualism and polarization. The government is mostly trusted that unpleasant measures are for the greater public good. Much less crazy conspiracy theories about 5g and Bill Gates vaccine chips. Extending the state of emergency makes perfect sense to me. The people and government of Thailand deserve much more international attention and credit for being at the higher tier of fighting the virus. Nobody is saying anything is perfect but credit where credit is due.
  3. Soviet Union vs. Sudan Munich Olympics I was backpacking in Europe in my teens. I remember the vodka soaked Soviet fans vividly. 30 August 1972 12:00 Soviet Union 2–1 Sudan Yevriuzhikin 42' (pen.) Zanazanyan 44' Report Jaxa 59' Olympic Stadium, Munich Attendance: 25.000 Referee: Ferdinand Biwersi https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_at_the_1972_Summer_Olympics
  4. I assume you mean repatriatlon flights. In any case difficult times. Of course when things eventually do open up things will likely be different in both good and bad ways. So some opportunities for some that are not risk averse.
  5. Well be that as it may the bigger point is that this is not the time to expatriate to Latin America or most anywhere else. If you're there already that's another matter. Countries have bans in place and international commercial aviation is very limited. As travel opens up USA nationals in particular are not going to be high on the list of welcome nationalities.
  6. Let's face it. For now and into the future for nobody knows how long, Covid 19 is the dominant issue in the world and Latin America is a major center of that. Brazil is challenging the USA to be number one in Covid. But I found this story about American citizens and residents in Mexico rather surprising. Borders open or closed - - to viruses it doesn't matter. Almost darkly amusing to hear about some calling to send the sick back to Mexico when they're talking about US citizens and residents. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2020/05/27/coronavirus-mexico-border/ Coronavirus on the border
  7. Perhaps there is a protocol where the malaria meds would be useful for Covid that isn't known yet. For example with a specific demographic of patients at a specific stage of the disease at a specific dosage combined with other specific medications or supplements. But so far absolutely nothing appears to be scientifically proven on this. It shouldn't matter either way that a few bombastic populist non-medical celebrities (45 and Bolsonaro) have irrationally and bizarrely touted these meds. But they should never have been given special first in line consideration (as has obviously already happened) for political reasons over other possibly much more promising medications. Finding effective therapies is important and can make a big difference. But we do not need fake snake oil or bleach drinks. We need the real thing.
  8. I think the logic of the curfews is to discourage late night partying, booty calls, etc. People can theorize it's all about government control because they can but that's a simplistic way of looking at it. Of course governments in general like to have power and the Covid-19 pandemic will be a threat to civil rights internationally its also true that rather overbearing public health measures are necessary in the case of this particular virus. Its messy. No promises of rose gardens.
  9. Exactly. Wearing the cloth and surgical masks is about blocking the expulsion of droplets from the wearers. When most people wear them in addition to distancing transmission of this virus is effectively suppressed.
  10. The headline factually represents the facts based news story. Nothing fake about it. Just because some people might not like the facts in a news story does not make it fake.
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