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  1. So apparently air mail service between the USA and Thailand has been stopped. Three months by ship? So what's the expiration date on the checks?
  2. It's not really a mystery or a fraud. For a long time the testing criteria in Thailand have been very limited -- travel history from a high risk country direct contact with a confirmed case So if an elderly patient dies of a lung infection / pneumonia and has never been tested because they didn't meet those ridiculously limited criteria -- their cause of death will be the lung infection not Covid-19. I assume that recently Thailand has acknowledged community spread and is doing more testing. Thus as expected we're seeing higher numbers here.
  3. Yes, and he curiously refuses to model social distance in his public events
  4. Unproven by science. It is being tested along with other potentially helpful therapies. But nothing now.
  5. I've stopped riding Pattaya baht buses and going to restaurants. Need I say more? No but I will. There is a lot of anti western propaganda and scapegoating here going on these days. I suggest showing some love (keep your distance!) and big tips to the front line workers that are being ignored relative to health care workers. Delivery drivers of all kinds. Grocery store clerks etc. It could be as little as acknowledging them as human beings.
  6. I started one thread about that yes. Not 29. But it fits perfectly on this thread and most people don't read every thread. It would be impossible to trace an infection to a baht bus in a similar way that it would be impossible to trace an infection to crowding (airborne droplets with virus) and touching public metal poles (virus on hands then on face and virus is still infectious on metal for several days) on the NYC subway. But both are obvious risks based on known scientific evidence. Cheers dude and bless your dear heart.
  7. Nobody said that washing your hands guarantees you won't get infected. But you knew that already, yeah?
  8. You are correct. I think there were some lost in translation issues yesterday but now we have this: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1156111-detailed-explanation-of-regulations-for-restaurants-in-pattaya-due-to-covid-19/?tab=comments#comment-15215192 Please no snide remark now. I said you are correct. Savor that.
  9. I had a lot of contact with Chinese tourists at Pattaya Chinese restaurants in those early stages and got an illness that MIGHT have been a mild case of Covid-19. Antibody blood tests are being developed and those will be able to identify people that had it before and now have immunity to the current version of the virus. The testing criteria have been very limited in scope in Thailand so anyone with basic common sense already understood that the ridiculously low case numbers in the early months had to be wrong (based on all the Chinese tourists!) and the current higher numbers are clearly an undercount as well. But by how much nobody knows. The isolated bus tour explanation is only partly true. Lots of Chinese tourists are indeed independent travelers.
  10. Opinion of Dr. Anthony Fauci (without a doubt the most respected scientist in the U.S. on pandemics) on the question of immunity after infection and recovery. I can summarize here -- -- Not known 100 percent because there haven't been specific studies on this virus -- However, if this virus acts like EVERY OTHER virus that is known. Dr. Fauci feels confident that such people will indeed have immunity -- To wit, Dr. Fauci would be willing to "bet anything" that such people are protected. That's as definite as it gets short of specific studies on this virus. To add, Dr. Fauci did not mention how long the protection would last but I can say based on my reading that would be dependent on how much the virus mutates or doesn't mutate.
  11. Yes for most people the masks are about theater rather than safety. If you have symptoms though, you should wear a mask.
  12. Taxis are a rip off here. Everyone knows that. They're meant to soak tourists. Not designed for frequent use by residents. So get real, OK? This topic is not about taxis. It's not about people with private cars. It's not about people with bikes. It's about baht buses. Comments not related to the baht system are OFF TOPIC and not welcome here.
  13. Well, we've come a long way since I started this topic and we've likely a long way still to go. I have since learned that the Covid-19 Is especially sticky on metal! As in several days. So baht buses are even more dangerous than I suspected as most people do touch some public metal during their rides. Anyway -- I have a modest proposal on a healthier way to keep the buses rolling along at least until there may be a total lockdown. Limit the ridership to THREE on each side, and TWO in the back. That's about half a current full ride. So temporarily DOUBLE the fare to 20 baht. Exceptions for large family groups. As far as the issue of touching infected baht bus metal, that wouldn't be so easy. The only ideas I have so far are disinfectant wipe dispensers and/or mandating that the drivers stay stopped for a long time so people can safely board and leave without touching anything. If you have other/better ideas please say. If anyone has a voice to the powers that be here and/or the local expat "press" please help to get this idea of an occupancy limit considered. Of course the local government could offer to subsidize this for the drivers and not raise the fares. Yes, I'm well aware that it may be impossible to lower fares once raised. But there are more important things to worry about in these times.
  14. It does seem very optimistic to me as well. The USA has still done very limited testing so it's probable that there are already at least 10 times the official cases and considering the insidious nature of exponential spread, fatalities at least over one million seem much more realistic.
  15. That's really mean spirited. As if Elton John needs any more great PR. I am not against cynicism per se, but there are limits.
  16. Social distancing is just one part of an overall program. The idea isn't to stop the spread anytime soon but to flatten the curve of exponential increase so that health systems aren't overwhelmed with a huge volume of patients at once resulting in many more deaths than were necessary. Yes a certain amount of deaths are inevitable from this but we have the power to reduce that number.
  17. Yes exactly but such an outcome is hardly assured at all. Different countries and regions are on different timetables. So it might be fairly clear in one region and spreading rapidly in another with also the risk of dangerous mutations. This is a particularly insidious virus. It is massively contagious but it doesn't kill like Ebola (so most of the hosts are soon dead) so huge numbers are running around with few or no symptoms infecting people at exponential rates.
  18. I have always done some cooking and of course the food delivery business is where it's at these days! Just had some wonderful Greek food from El Greco but not at El Greco. If there are any actual tourists still here, I can imagine no restaurants being open is seriously not so fun.
  19. I still like the Realme 6 but now no rush to buy it. I was going to buy it in a mall. Closed. My urgent need to buy a new phone was based on my currently weak battery. But as like much of the world now I'm not going out much or at all, I don't have any problem keeping it charged.
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