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  1. Yes I agree except as I've said before that for some reason I find European Portuguese grating. I guess it's like cilantro. Some people love it and others find it disgusting. But of course all that good stuff comes at a price. Also if you did live in a rural area you wouldn't exactly be close to highbrow cultural offerings. Perhaps interestingly your list is to some degree what attracts me to a place like Queretaro Mexico over options such as Filipino cities. But obviously not everything on that list. More specifically in Queretaro you could find
  2. Yes, about Colombia like pretty much everyone else looking at it, Medellin gets most of the attention. But for a variety of reasons I've already rejected it. Part of it is expense (as I would need to go for more budget friendly options) as one can live in the Coffee Region cities or Bucaramanga for considerably less than Medellin. Of course beach types will be looking at Cartagena and San Marta but for a variety reasons the Colombian beach city options don't interest me. Not that I'm against beach cities. I still like Puerto Vallarta in Mexico though again it's a budget issue. As f
  3. Nobody is going to be able to say that you're entirely wrong. Obviously the pandemic will change a lot in everything travel.
  4. Not sure that proves anything about how things will be if there's ever enough supply.
  5. Aha. Of no interest to me but please tell us what impact Brexit has had on your immigration situation there if any.
  6. What take up? Only a tiny bit of Covid-19 vaccine has been available to Thais and those are only to well defined small groups. If they ever have enough supply then we can worry.about vaccine hesitancy.
  7. It's definitely a flu vaccine. It's definitely not a covid vaccine.
  8. Interesting. So there's no homophobia in Australia anymore? That's quite a journey from the feed them to the cannibals days.
  9. Oh no! The plot thickens. Is there REALLY an automatic FBAR filing extension to October 15 or not? Or does that require a request to extend the regular IRS filing to October 15? It SEEMS that there really is an automatic FBAR extension, but now not entirely sure. IRS Warning: FBAR Deadline For Offshore Accounts Is Still April 15 (forbes.com)
  10. This concerns USA persons that are required to file FBARs covering the year 2020. Am I reading this right? IRS reminds foreign bank and financial account holders the FBAR deadline remains April 15 | Internal Revenue Service "Official" deadline -- April 15 2021 SOON! "Actual" deadline due to an automatic extension requiring no request for it -- October 15, 2021 I suppose this topic can also be used by people that aren't clear about whether they are required to file an FBAR or not. A very common reason for expats in Thailand to nee
  11. Maybe too obvious to mention but when you move to a new country or even your home country or Thailand if you already live here, what you're really doing is moving to a specific place in that country.
  12. Yes at this point Porto is the most interesting to me although I'm sure I couldn't afford the central area. Perhaps worth at least an exploratory trip post pandemic if nothing else just for enjoyment. For Lisbon I was thinking more like the outskirts or further as long as there are convenient transport links.
  13. Yes, Croatia is starting to get trendy. Not as much as Portugal though. Malta has a very solid expat program. Last time I checked I wasn't eligible for either Malta or Croatia. I was surprised to learn that I could probably squeeze into Portugal if I wanted. Previously I determined I was ineligible. On my point before about preferring Lisbon or Porto because of the excitement and great public transportation I wonder if there are other less big less exciting less expensive places there that would still suit me. If anyone has any specific idea
  14. That works for some people but there are some serious downsides. You live out of a suitcase. It's ultimately more expensive to get shorter term rentals or if you're wealthy buying multiple homes. Might be more of a younger person thing.
  15. Unfortunately I don't have the link but I recently read in the Washington Post that even in states without residency requirements, in practice actual vaccination sites such as pharmacies were rejecting people without state driver's licenses. I assume many expats no longer have a valid state driver's license. Using a U.S. passport wasn't mentioned.
  16. That post contains a lot to chew on which explains my delay in responding. Obviously each of us has our own situations, priorities, needs, likes and dislikes, etc. From my POV Cambodia is too "wild west" for my taste and I think it's still not advanced enough in health care. Of course their retirement visa process is indeed wonderfully easy and cheap compared to Thailand. As far as need for hot weather, well, I don't need it. I do hate very cold weather but my ideal is one of those "year long spring" climates such as in the Paisa region (Medellin but I've rejected
  17. So you came in there with an E.U. or U.K. passport? Because the D7 I'm looking at for non E.U. is doable but takes a lot of work.
  18. Yes, this is about adding another option to my Plan B as well as Thailand doesn't offer residency security for retirees.
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