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  1. Its probably not so much about infected letters but rather no flights.
  2. Its my current understanding which may be wrong that indeed there is no regular mail service from Thailand to the USA. There are the expensive alternatives of ems (reportedly very slow and possibly not fully reliable) and DHL (fast and very expensive). ________ As long as we're on this topic can someone knowledgeable verify if there is any regular airmail service FROM the USA to Thailand?
  3. CDC took this down. However political motives are strongly suspected. The basic issue in this controversy about airborne transmission is how much attention is needed to changing ventilation systems. https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2020/09/21/no-matter-what-cdc-says-heres-why-many-scientists-think-coronavirus-is-airborne/ No matter what the CDC says, here’s why many scientists think the coronavirus is airborne.
  4. Updated cdc information. Enclosed places like restaurants are a problem. Virus can stay suspended in air. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/09/20/health/cdc-coronavirus-airborne-transmission/index.html
  5. I had minor surgery on a finger at the clinic in Jomtien near the Hanuman statue. They used ice for the anesthetic. It looked a mess for a few weeks but the end result was perfect. However it involved needing to go in every few days for examination and bandage change. So that's really my point. Consider that factor of maybe needing repeated visits.
  6. Here you go. https://elemental.medium.com/the-most-likely-way-youll-get-infected-with-covid-19-30430384e5a5
  7. Just a little more. With my Samsung the screen and the software. For the realme perhaps the processing speed. I do agree most people don't use the features they buy though.
  8. I recently went through this. I would suggest spending a little more. Either the realme 6 or the Samsung A71. I chose the A71 my first Samsung and I'm totally thrilled with it. Yeah you get a little more bang for the baht with the realme brand thoough. Check prices on Lazada.
  9. Sadly I assume he will be able to seat a new judge in his waning lame duck l'orange moments. But ironically he could probably help his chances of reelection by delaying this and diverting the main election issue to the scotus pick rather than his failed pandemic response.
  10. Her body is still warm and you're vomiting conspiracy heories? Shame on you.
  11. What's with the whining? There is enough content out there to last several lifetimes. Watch what you want. Don't watch what you don't want. Sorted.
  12. We are who we are. TV series from the creator of Call me by your name. I found the first episode thrilling, fresh, and disorienting in a somewhat similar way to Atlanta. Coming of age. Americans at a garrison base in Italy. LGBT and black characters as a warning to the reactionaries.
  13. Not everyone is the same. Sunshine or not. Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common especially with black and Latino people. Obesity is a factor. Age is a factor, etc.
  14. An interesting update on this topic. The UK doctor in the OP video shared an email exchange where Dr. Fauci responded to a question about the DOSE of daily vitamin D supplement that he takes. The number is 6000 IU. That's interesting because that's about ten times the typical US government recommended dose. Now presumably Dr. Fauci knows alot about his own personal medical condition and sun exposure. So this doesn't mean that you or everyone should take 6000. Maybe you should take none, or more or less than 6000. In other words everyone needs to consider their own specific issues in coming up with a dose. As I mentioned before I've been taking 5000 IU.
  15. They would help their cause more by not protesting. 45 no likee protestors.
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