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  1. This can only be good news for Thai Internet users. Very good pricing, and it's almost certain that other ISPs will respond in kind. Patiently waiting for AIS now.
  2. Probably one of the safest housing estates around (assuming your talking about the gates estate and not the open public estate just to the left). It might have changed, but all the guards there were armed. The owners have a lot of history here in Phuket and Chalong. If you know about that history you'll also understand part of the reason why they had (have?) armed security on the estate.
  3. ME 1Yr. So I'm probably wrong here regarding that 200K. That said, they asked me for 400K and still only wanted to offer SE. They were quite helpful when I emailed them. I also would not bother using an agent, so long as your comfortable filling the form out yourself. I wrote a report here on TV last month with details of how my application at Penang went. If you search you should find it.
  4. They wanted to see 400K in my bank from me in Penang last month. Same visa based on Thai child.
  5. Don't think that will end well. You can xpect any prolonged downturn in tourism to result in an increased crime rate. It's only a matter of time now given how bad the current low season is looking.
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