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  1. Arrived at 7.55am. already 70-80 people queueing/waiting. Tickets were being given out for tomorrow afternoon appointments, and down to last 40 places. Only 150 applications per day. Open Saturday, probably going to be bedlam.
  2. @ubonjoe some people have mentioned that if you use the 30-day emergency letter when entry was based on a non-imm visa, that you cannot then get a different extension. Do you if this is correct? If I used an embassy letter to get 30 days, could I then apply for the 60-day to visit family later? Have you seen anything official that might support this?
  3. ME Non-Imm O (family). Now expired, so on Amnesty. Embassy are providing letter. Next step, see if Phuket Immigration kick up any fuss. Not entitled to 1-yr extension as my son doesn't live in same house.
  4. https://www.thaigov.go.th/news/contents/details/35295 Nothing discussed/mentioned regarding amnesty.
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