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  1. of course they are free, so long as you follow our guidelines.
  2. I hear what you say, and yes - it might well have done them the world of good but on the other hand maybe not - for all the BS that goes on here, it's streets ahead of where Burma is today.
  3. A troop of smart farang boy scouts would run rings around the pathetic excuse for military hierarchy screwing this country to benefit themselves.
  4. Dinosaurs, not rated very highly on the list of intelligence didn't have the smarts to see the end approaching and had no control over it anyway. A few transformed into a different species but the majority vanished in a very short period. Can see the same happening again.
  5. Maybe, but the minds and hearts of their underlings must be in it for it for a full blown event.
  6. " ...junta is both a cheating and dishonest bunch of thugs" how could you be so mistaken
  7. Any dog caught on the street without a rego tag gets euthanised . There, corrected it for you.
  8. But but but, we are all Buddhists and don't believe in killing animals (humans are Ok) - pass me a few more pork steaks and a couple of fish for the BBQ please .
  9. culling is the only option - rabies or not. Reduce the soi dog population to zero.
  10. assuming you are referring to the point it was a screwup at the Thai end - a fact check on your part might be appropriate.
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