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  1. take the largest screw-driver you have in the left hand positioned in the corner of the can and your trusty hammer in your right and apply a meaningful blow directly to the screw-driver, if left handed just reverse the hand positions, unused thinners can be stored stored in a beer bottle or 2.
  2. Should have happened over 12 months ago and there might be a lesser problem now.
  3. Correct, never under estimate the effect of herbal cures as many so-called modern drugs started life as herbs.
  4. Think you can really disregard the prison numbers considering there has been no time frame mentioned, for all we know this could be an accumulation of numbers from day 1 - but being Thailand covering your arze would influence the reporting.
  5. Marching is about the only thing they are trained to do, anything else is far beyond their capabilities.
  6. Not entirely correct, they fixed the over-pricing of lottery tickets (when no body is looking) so they have been very pro-active.
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