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  1. Once away from likely hotspots and in the open, it's probably a reasonable approach at the moment.
  2. Seems that might be stating the bleeding obvious, but then that's nothing new in LOS
  3. Not all tried to manipulate the country, many left to preserve their life - that small point appears not be too important to you.
  4. Bear in mind, they (government) certainly aren't endowered with the intelligence required to even lead a boy scout troop, let alone a country like Thailand with all its complexities.
  5. It will come, just when is the big question - but the sooner the better. "Do you hear the people sing"
  6. Probably a lot safer than being at a student with the nutters who are currently in control of the country, armed forces and police.
  7. Any coup won't have napolean in it, or do you think he will coup the coup?
  8. They don't have the brains to see past their next meal, morning and afternoon tea constitutes a meal in Thailand...
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