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  1. I don't, I just act being a dumb farang not able to use the QR code and sign the book that is available.
  2. It could have been outlined with 1 phrase "basket-case".
  3. My 90 day is due mid June, I will take the 15 minutes to renew it at the time and save all the drama later.
  4. Describe the "well" - - how deep, what is the normal water level and what is it now in the dry session, what pump style - - the crystal ball is a bit clouded up today
  5. They are right if course with their thinking, but unfortunately being right with the current pretenders of being politicians with the countries interests at heart doesn't rate one little bit. Toys, we must have toys.......
  6. Why? Doesn't stop a leaky flush valve.
  7. warranty from the local plumber HaHaHa
  8. It means the rubber seal between the cistern and the bowl is leaking. Get Somchai the plumber in to replace the seal or the complete flush valve.
  9. How is schoon correct, just because this pronounce Thai "L" at the end of a Thai word as "N", school in English is school - not schoon.
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