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  1. Can't happen soon enough, but unfortunately it's not going to happen in the near future.
  2. Buy Grundfos pumps, very well enginered and quality manufacture, a wide range of types and models, more expensive but well worth it.
  3. Seems those that this post is in reference to should be included in the beer /women count as well, or are you still wearing rose coloured glasses.
  4. I'm very wary of click bait comments now a days even when it's obvious, got a couple of day on the sin-bin last time I stated the obvious
  5. Usual useless survey, unless a member has: 1. Been abused in a temple or 2. Aware of any abuse or 2. Is an abuser in a temple how can any "result" have any validity.
  6. Luckily you're not pointing your finger, they still have attitude retraining for those that do.
  7. The enemy of being destitute, being down to their last few million stacked away overseas.
  8. Yep, just more garbage on top of garbage, just so Thai. Typical Thai behaviour- just dump you scraps where ever you like.
  9. but more not as expensive as having an idiot driver crashing a bus into a tanker.
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