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  1. No worries, found out by turning it on.... Not very impressed by Glongs soccer shirts.
  2. My problem with CAT was the bills not turning up, probably not all their fault considering the postal service out here. I switched to True and for about 750B a month (first 6 months half price) gave me 500mb/500mb and included basic cable TV and a phone sim. I was paying 1100 a month at CAT and when I went into the head office to cancel they offered me virtually the same deal as True, less the TV connection. If you'd rather not change go into to CAT head office near the OverBrook and demand the cheaper/better deal. Edit: the packages change, this seems to be w
  3. The place on the corner of the Super Highway where you turn off to the old bus station seems to have a few out the front, might be worth checking out for repairs.
  4. I just remembered that Don's Cafe out at Doi Hang had ducks and/or geese in the pond. As far as I know Don still lives out there. I used to see him regularly at Central but not for a year or two now.
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