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  1. We came home from Chiang Rai last night about 9pm and the traffic coming out of Singha Park was very heavy then.
  2. Is that the one between the big market and the Overbrook hospital? The Central shop does not take repairs, they refer you to this one.
  3. Sure, a visiting friend uses it regularly. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  4. I'm the type of person that can make a PC produce smoke just by walking past one so over the years I've tried most of the larger repair shops in the city. Technocom rules them all.
  5. 6am to 9pm Allow for the time zone difference if coming back on Myanmar time.
  6. We went higher on the ridge and stopped to buy some local produce, you could see for miles and there were at least a dozen fires burning in the area. (You can see one in my photo). This would have to make a contribution to the air pollution. It still seems to be an improvement on previous years though. This photo was taken 17th Feb 2014.
  7. It got dirty here pretty quickly, I was up at Doi Chang behind my place last Thursday and took this pic. It's a lot worse now.
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