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  1. 12 hours ago, elviajero said:

    Because you are applying to stay with your wife and must prove you have the funds available to fund your stay.

    Yes you're right but when you're officially married in Thailand you're 50/50. So if you divorce you get 50 percent. If she dies then you have one year to sell the property or put it into a company name. Immigration should consider this in deciding your application. 

  2. I hope they have plenty of first-class golf courses! Obama has set a record in rounds-of- golf played during his presidency. I don't think he's going to slow down now.

    Actually, the record is held by Eisenhower, who warned the world about people like Mitt Romney and the military industrial complex. You bigots should at least get some facts straight before making ignorant statements. BTW, I'm not an Obama fan. Just against stupidity.

    Then I guess you're against all the people that voted for Obama, it's too bad ignorance isn't painfull.

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  3. ...today the US help you, tomorrow they'll be ready to reclaim the favor and put it in your a**...

    and don't tell me it never happened before


    You might right in cases before but what about the tsunami when the USA sent their aircraft carriers and other ships to take care of not only Thais but Indonesians as well as other people.

  4. AN AUSTRALIAN organisation comprising ex-police and special forces soldiers has rescued four child sex workers from an illegal brothel near the Thailand-Cambodia border.

    The team of volunteer operatives from The Grey Man, a Brisbane-based charity, staged the successful operation at a brothel in the Thailand town of Aranyaprathet, 1km from the Cambodian border, on Saturday.

    Organisation president John Curtis said the brothel trafficked girls from Vietnam and Cambodia to Thailand where they were being offered to customers for sex.

    "The Grey Man team in an initial investigation obtained video and audio and then called in the Royal Thai Police force for assistance," Mr Curtis said.

    "The Thai unit was briefed on the location and a plan formulated.

    "The Grey Man operatives then re-entered the brothel with police nearby ready to conduct a raid."

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    Mr Curtis said 20 Thai police officers were involved in the raid with the Grey Man team - all of whom had a background in the police force or in Australian special forces.

    He said four Cambodian girls aged between 14 and 15 were rescued from padlocked rooms with bars on the windows.

    "Thai police made multiple arrests including the Mama San (brothel manager) and a number of Thai males assisting in the operation of the brothel," Mr Curtis said.

    The girls are currently being cared for by Thai government officials before spending a year at a Khmer centre for vocational training in Cambodia.

    The Grey Man's team leader for the operation, who asked not to be identified, labelled the operation as a good outcome.

    "Working with the Thai police has shown us that the Thai government is serious about tackling the problem of human trafficking," he said.

    In January, Grey Man volunteers also rescued two Vietnamese girls, aged 10 and 14, from a brothel in Cambodia.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/world/aussies-rescue-four-child-sex-workers/story-e6frfkui-1225921000307#ixzz15ddiFNkm

    I don't believe this about girls padlocked in their rooms. I don't believe there any rooms there with padlocks.

  5. Reading about 'horror stories' at the U.S. Embassy concerning issuing visas is quite nerve wracking. With my wife's visa interview on the morning of October 3rd "just around the corner" we are not as sure as we were before about everything being okay. The the fact that one writer's wife was rejected twice is unbelievable, given the amount of security she has shown she has in Thailand.

    Take a deep breath and tell you wife relax, attitude counts when it comes to interview. I am worried about your wife has not have any finacial statement or eve bank account for saving at all?

    My wife took a deep breath after the first and second interviews only to be told on the third one they weren't go to give her a visa. She did an attitude and that was she thought she wasn't good enough to go to America. My attitude is America isn't good enough for her and I'm an American. The only reason for her going is to meet my family and friends. A have little use for people that are supposed to represent the "greatest" nation in the world but can only see through rose colored glasses. My wife presented bank accounts, a letter from her job, proof of owning land and a house plus her daughter's birth certificate who lives with us. The letter from the bank showed her with a steady income. I wrote a letter to the consulate only to be told by him in a letter(since he wouldn't see me) that he couldn't see anything to overturn the interviewer's decision.

  6. Did you try on different days and times of the month? My wife went the second time at the begining of the month and said it seemed everyone was getting accepted.

    And I agree, they are some of the rudest people who work there. My wife had proof of a house, car, 3 year steady job, and an ongoing education (masters). When I questioned them about that, they told me everyone has a house and a car...

    All I know is we used the pin number system they have which tells you when your appointment is. She went at different times and dates. How many Thais though have six million baht homes, two cars, a business, land, bank accounts and a nine year old daughter to come back to?

  7. the 10 year visa is a tourist visa in a sense. She can for the next 10 years come and visit America for 30days or six months. Since we are only visiting this is great. But if you want to move there and get her a greencard and begin naturalization the K3 is the way to go.

    It took two times for us to get the visa. The second time we has

    Her passport and all the documents asked for

    75,000 Baht in HER account

    Her teacher's license

    A letter from our work stating her salary and my salary

    A copy of my Passport

    A copy of my Thai work permit

    A letter from my Father's medical doctor stating the reason we wanted to visit was because due to his health he is unable to fly and could not come to the wedding.

    A letter from my state congressmen also inviting and restating the doctors note. This was also faxed ahead of time to the head of the CM consulate.

    I also took her to Singapore to show that she has left and come back.

    The first time she failed was because she was single (engaged), educated and spoke English a little too well for never leaving the country. (she has been studying for over 18 years, inter programs etc etc)

    We were told it''s nearly impossible for single females to travel to America, Australia, Japan, and the U.K without a work or student visa :/

    I suggest to write to you congressman and try to get an invite or something, I mean our tax dollars pay them, so get something back. It's kinda nice to have a letter with the heading "From the Congress of the United States of America"

    up the road from the consulate is a little translation shop etc, they are a great help and even consult for free.

    My wife had all the papers you say. She had been to Malaysia, China and Australia with no problems but three different interviewers said no. They wouldn't give a reason except for "they didn't think she'd come back". I had a letter from my company requesting they issue her a visa so she could travel with me on my business trip to Houston. If she tried to ask why she couldn't get a visa they would just close the window.


  8. I don't understand my wife has tried three times to get a tourist visa to the states. The best excuse the interviewer could come up with after her presenting all her documents was " I don't think you'll come back". We not only have a six million baht home but a business, bank accounts, land and her nine year old daughter. If someone can tell me what we're doing wrong I'd appreciate it.



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