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  1. right in the States you need an E-plate. here you just go down to Radio Shack and your sorted
  2. customs are more concerned with narcotics. psychiatric medications are not included in this class of drugs and are usually not subject to scuntiny. also note that most anti-depressant meds can be purchase over the counter in Thailand unlike the States and generics are available.
  3. maybe you would not feel the same way about alcoholics.
  4. like Thailand is stuck in the 50's. ruled by dinosaurs.
  5. ever wonder why Thailand never became a hub for international artist unlike Bali? first the Thai's are very myopic and self centered in their understanding or acceptance of the anything that originates outside of Thailand except maybe for KFC ect. to accept anything outstanding that was created outside of Thai culture would be to loose face. ever wonder why the great rock groups never played Bangkok but avoided them like the plague? ever wonder why international artist did not establish a commune in Thailand unlike in other parts of SEA? Thailand culturally is a flyover country. it will never progress and remain isolated, clinging onto outdated values while the rest of SEA leaves them in the proverbial dust. this Ganja hoax is just PR. it will never happen with a provincial military government in power.
  6. Bali will accept Medicare as proof of insurance unlike Thailand when applying for a retirement visa.
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