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  1. anything is possible here. you forget where you are. the beauty of the EAST
  2. there is always article 44 and the Baht is not the gold standard.
  3. your riff raff if you can't or do not wish to deposit 800K into a third world bank with a uncertain future and unstable currency? also no one is on the same page at Immigration and the rules remain protean. good luck. $$$ for me.
  4. do i really want to tie up funds into a Thai bank in preparation for using the combo method if ultimately this method will be rejected?
  5. i skipped Vietnam, but i respect the people who served.
  6. Trump is a manifestation of the under belly of the average American psychic. it's ID. so no surprise here that he was elected. American are so gullible. what they see in Trump is only a reflection of their darkest fears and prejudice. and yet he stays.
  7. time to pay an agent X amount and make it all go away. this is rediculous but understandable since the banks could make more money on the 800K deposited. Thailand should just charge say 15000 once a year for an extension like some countries do. and this would be for a multi-entry extension. very simple.
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