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  1. Thanks! Perhaps that will get me what I need.
  2. I've heard that there are two excellent hobby shops in and around Chiang Mai, that carry a wide variety of hobby and craft supplies. One is supposedly on the Hang Dong Road close to town, and the other somewhere on the road to Samoeng. I'm NOT looking for a 'specialty' shop for model planes or drones. I'm more interested in craft supplies. Can anyone pinpoint these two stores on a Google Map? Thanks
  3. May I ask? How is it possible to live in Chiang Mai for three years and never have heard of Rimping. Even if you don't live IN Chiang Mai, you've been a member of ThaiVisa for three years. In that time there have been hundreds of threads about all different subjects that have mentioned various Rimpings... located on all four sides of the city! Do you have some sort of Rimping Filter set to block it out? There are ONLY TWO major chains of supermarkets in Chiang Mai. Rimping is one of them with four different stores around town.
  4. Oh...My... God! You actually had to wait five minutes on a line! How on Earth did you manage to survive this atrocity? Were you able to get after-care? My hat's off to you, Sir! I can't imagine enduring such hardship myself. Un-freakin-believable!
  5. Just between you and me, I could probably survive without the postcard...
  6. That's great news! I hope more go there, and leave us to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Chiang Mai. Yes, there ARE plenty of peaceful places around the Old City, and you can find delightful pockets of tranquility without having to travel outside the city. You just have to know where to look. The Chinese tourists rarely venture off the main streets in town, so they aren't a bother either. Small cafes, open-air restaurants, coffee shops and tea rooms... even temple gardens with chairs to sit and chat with friends. By all means, please immigrate to Vietnam or Lao.
  7. If you're correct, that means Chiang Mai is getting to be a better and better place for me to live. I'd like to see more and more Foreigners move out. Get rid of a lot of the negative vibes.
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