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  1. Had you actually read the post to which I was referring, rather than just your knee-jerk reaction to my name, you would have seen that I was talking about someone who was AVOIDING attempts at contact tracing. Next time, please read first, and then post. You won't come out looking like such a berk.
  2. You might be new here in ThaiVisa, but you certainly fit right in.
  3. How does that help any of the people in the stores around you, should it, God forbid, turn out that you are asymptomatic and unknowingly spreading the virus? This bloody 'me-me-me' attitude that people display really makes me wonder. Thanks to ThaiVisa, it no longer surprises me. But it still makes me wonder.
  4. It must be difficult to be so important that you can't wait, be it 10 seconds or three minutes. Do you always insist that everyone follow your timetable? If there is one thing that this Corona Virus problem has brought into the spotlight, it's the incredible selfishness of some people, who think the world must conform to their agenda.
  5. The ten extra seconds you wait in the queue for someone to spray their hands might just save some elderly person's life. How about we think about them instead of just about how inconvenienced we are? This isn't about 'you.' It's about all of us.
  6. The government already knows my name, my address, my phone number, and even has my fingerprints. If they want me for something, they know how to find me. I'm not concerned with letting them know that I was in Rimping at a certain day and time. If someone who was there at the same time as me becomes sick, this is a great way to warn and isolate potential infections, and limit the spread. It should have been done all along. But I am concerned with the possibility of a data breach on my phone. I think it's time to have a second phone just for shopping, without any bank info or other personal information in it. Phones are cheap enough these days to make this feasible.
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