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  1. Very true. Which is why I was quite happy to finally figure out how to stop smoking cigarettes. I realize that the effects are cumulative. But I also realize that they are reversible. I can see that clearly in my air consumption when scuba diving. I've watched my air usage improve from year to year to year as my body repaired much of the damage done by cigarette smoking. Which is also why a few weeks of 7 cigarettes a day for a few weeks, when compared with 43 years of 30 a day no longer sends me running off to foreign shores. It's certainly NOT healthy. But it's also not something to get in a panic over. Once the rains start, it's over and done with for another year.
  2. Thanks for those stats. I've never been able to internalize exactly how this air quality really affects me. As an ex-cigarette smoker who smoked 30 unfiltered menthol cigarettes every day for 43 years before I wised up and stopped, I now actually feel BETTER about the current air quality. Just 7 cigarettes a day? Not nearly as bad as I had supposed! Certainly not 'good' for me, but not something for which I'd leave the comfort of my normal daily life to escape. At least it's not the nicotine, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc., etc., found in cigarette smoke! Of course I'd much prefer the clean, clear air of the rainy season, but that will be here in a few weeks.
  3. Bringing up an old thread... Anyone still shoot regularly at this archery range? I rarely see foreigners there during the day. Just lots of Thai kids and the occasional Thai adult.
  4. Yesterday I was sitting having lunch in a small restaurant in the Old City, when a couple walked in wearing 'super-masks...' The sort that have two filtration units with replaceable filters, one on either side of the mask, full head straps to insure a positive seal... Very efficient! They sat down, removed their masks and proceeded to quickly eat a nice meal. As soon as they were finished, they both stood up, walked out to the front of the restaurant, and lit up cigarettes, Marlboro's if I'm not mistaken, and smoked for the next five minutes while chatting. Finishing up, they came back into the restaurant, paid the bill, then very carefully put on and adjusted their super-masks, and left. It's good to be healthy.
  5. Since you say you are near Maya, there is a large stationary store on Huay Kaew Rd, just next to the Shell Gas station (actually, 'Ai Sushi' is next, but the stationary store right after that. Look for full reams of paper, not small 20-page packets. I think a ream of 'Double A' costs about 125 baht. 'Double A' is the most common printer paper sold in this area.
  6. Honest men have no need for laws. Dishonest men will always find a way around the laws.
  7. Take away its cell phone and pocket knife.
  8. The laws don't need to be changed. The laws needs to be enforced. Get a troop of cops out there, on the roads, stopping all vehicles that violate the highway codes. Fines on the spot, just as they do now at the checkpoints all over the city. Confiscation of vehicles. It obviously can be done. They are already doing it for motorbikes. They already have 'head hunters' who chase after the bikes that refuse to stop. I see them every day. No reason they can't do this for cars as well.
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