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  1. Need to visit KL very soon, flying from DM as usual. Anybody know the score? I think there is a milder Lockdown now but Im not sure if they want quarantine or a medical. I only go for 7-8 days. Eddy
  2. Quicky pls: My 90 day falls on 8 July. My current understanding is DO NOTHING (even the online). Is this correct? Will we be told when it changes? My retirement extension due on 30 July!! yet we are told not do do anything until 31 July. Do I still carry on with preparing for 31 July? Bank Statement etc? Re this---are the RExt still at CW? I dont want to see the bank clerk at 8.30 and then be sent to the other office to get the Ext. If I can avoid... Thks Eddy
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