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  1. I was a teacher at CU for many years and went on to work in another part of the government. I've paid social security for 20-odd years, so the stenting was "free". I know that the Bumr. www always had graphs or charts that show the max and min price for all operations or procedures. You could try looking there. The BKK Ht Hosp which is a wing of the BKK Hosp itself, used to be 350,000 for single stenting I believe. If you have a friendly BUPA and heart trouble is covered, they cannot refuse to see your doc's letter... If they know they will have to cough up a lot make
  2. Cheryl is correct (as usual). Stenting (if they find clotted artery or two) follows on the spot because they can see the clot on the special TV above you, A titanium spring (maybe 10=20 mm long) opens the clot by using a balloon inside it that is pumped up to huge pressure and then leaves the stent inside the now-open artery snugly. Mine was done at Chula, and the long tube was pushed into my groin. These days, a lot of the stenting is done at the wrist (the recovery is quicker), and unless you bleed you can normally go home in the evening. Somewhere like Bumrungrad wil
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