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  1. I just checked on the rate to transfer money from the US to Thailand with TransferWise and noticed that they are now saying that if I send it now, the money will arrive on Friday, June 28. Many of my earlier transfers were completed in 2 work days. So I'm curious if anyone else has noticed that TransferWise is slowing down on the transfers. FYI, I normally use the Bank Debit (ACH) method of transferring money from my US bank to TransferWise. As a point of interest, my last month's transfer was initiated on May 31 and received in my Thai bank on June 6. But, I realize that time included a weekend and a Thai holiday on June 3. TransferWise advised that they received my money from my US bank on June 3. Normally I would have expected to receive the money on June 4. Anyone else receiving their transfers slowly?
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