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  1. Thanks for your writing but ....

    have anybody any clou what to do when his partner pass away. Where you have to go who must be informed what have to be prepared what are all the steps; or you count on your family.

    In Europe I know but here ??

    Maybe there is someone who knows and can write it down.

    Thanks Frank

  2. Hi,

    We are doing our Isan wedding in March and would like to serve some Western wine or Champagne for the dinner with the close family.

    Does anyone know of a store(s) in either Ubon Ratchathani or Mukdahan which sells some western spirits?


    If you are living in Ubon than it's not far to Sisaket where you can visit Toni's Shop. German Wine and Sekt(sparkling Wine )

  3. Well, I guess this will be bad news to some 13,000 people and good news to around 20. The Surin provincial government in it's immense wisdom has decided that after 10 years, The Farang Connection is too close to the Wat to be attracting thousands of visitors and has withdrawn it's drink licence. Actually it has taken the drink licence off all pubs, restaurants and genaral dens of iniquety from everyone within 50 meters of a Temple. ( where of course in Europe a lot of the real good beers are brewed) Where will this madness stop? First, they ban the sale of alchohol on two of the busiest weekends of the year,( which should cut tourism by half) now come up with this ridiculous ruling. I am not even sure if it is just Surin or wether the ruling is nationwide. What do our members think?

    Hi Martin,

    I'm sorry to read the bad news and I hope your new location will not create an simular problem.

    Now i'm worried about : what will happend when the goverment will follow all there rules. Because so much i Know not selling alcohol is not only banned close to Wats it means to any other kind of church or school too.

    So next time all shops and pubs have to close. Right !!!???

  4. Thai election forces 2-weekend booze ban


    BANGKOK: -- No alcohol will be served to expats, tourists or local residents in bars and restaurants over the next two weekends nationwide due to the oncoming election.

    The first dry days will be 14, 15 and 16 December, pre-election days for a few million Thais who registered to vote early.

    Thaivisa has been informed that no alcohol is allowed to be served nationwide between Friday 14th at 6pm until Sunday 16th at midnight.

    Elections on the 23rd will mean no alcohol will be sold from 6pm on the 22nd till midnight on the 23rd of December.

    Practically this means two or three dry days in the two weekends ahead, although some tourist areas tend to be lenient once it's past 7pm on election day.

    Please be aware that local rules could apply. Big hotels are not likely to be affected.

    --thaivisa.com 2007-12-13

    Wher you get the news from and is it possible to find a n outprint about the banned days in Thai because my customers call me very simple a liar.


  5. Last week was the big opening ceremony Makro Sisaket on the Tanon Ubon , it;s about 4 Km outside Sisakettown direction Ubon ( Road 226). Next week we will have the Opening Tesco-Lotus in Kantharalak. ( 60 Km out from Sisakettown)

    Please make a notice: 1. December 2007 Biketmeeting in Sisaket, organized by Sisaket Free Life and Burapa (Pattaya).

    <ore Infrmation coming soon or you can get more info in Sugar-Pub, Sisaket

  6. Sisaket/ Isaan area : you guys living there, please tell me :

    where to find nearest Supermarket with "foreign" Beef / Burgers / Hot Dogs ?

    I am a fan of Foodland, but Bangkok is too far away, so where can I find some similar food ?

    Please advice, tired of Som Tam etc etc :o

    Hi Mac1,

    in Sisakeket is not such a place as Foodland, but Makro opens at the 17th. of October, there is also Frank's place Livin'in the Past and there yoy can get european food and you can order stuff same as porkpies , Blackpudding etc.

    If you are in Sisaket visit him, he gives you also more infos about sisaket


  7. A few years ago i went to a temple by Si Sa ket, the temple was amazing, as it had been built with green and brown bottles, with like a moat around it, i cannot remember where it was exactly, as i was not the one driving, anyone know. as would like to take a trip there on the bike one day.


    Nonbualamphu, this is also a most beautifull part of Thailand, reminds me of Wales but even better, heve you been to the rocket festivel there, which happens in may, crazy, i have a few mates who live in Nonbua, a couple do motorcycle tours around the area.

    Hi, the temple is called Wat Lan Kuat and means One Million Bottle Temple. located in Khun Han District.

    More about Sisaket attractions see http://www.sisaket.go.th , http://www.sisaket.de , http://www.pao-sisaket.go.th


  8. Hi been living in Pattaya for the last 5 years with my wife and 3 year old daughterand against my better judgement we are upping sticks and moving to my wife's village 1 hour from Si-Saket near the cambodian border !!! Have to say we are doing this for health reasons my little girl suffers from breathing problems and we could no longer make suffer the polluted air of Pattaya.

    Hoping someone out there could give me the run-down on Si-Saket and Ubonratchatani, hospitals, bars things to do etc. Thanks

    Hello and Welcome here in SiSaket. We live in Sisaket now 11 years and we are still happy. If you need some Informations check the Maps of Sisaket for Visitors or when you' re in Town , visit me at the Livin'in the Past. The pub is near the policestation. You can met there other Expats and you can get Information about Sisaket. I hope i will see you soon.

    Frank and Nong

  9. Is there anywhere to get western food in Sisaket? It seems like a big enough city and it is right between Surin and Ubon is it just to small or am I just to dense to find them?

    There are few places to go for you can find out at different websites for example http://www.res24asia.com

    When you mean Westernfood made by Foreigners there is Frank' Livin in the Past and Uncle Willi other places are Dyna Steak House, PS, Sugar Pub ( Home of Sisaket Riders and United Knights )

    For Niggtlife you will find I-Bar, Nona, Sugar, Ginery

  10. Hi Folks,

    there is the rumor, that there is a bikerweekend in Sisaket at the 7th of April.

    Somebody knows more about it ???

    Bushmill :o

    That sounds great but typicall for sisaketpeople nobody knows anything about it and than they are surprised that nobody is there. One of our guests heard the same about the coming biker weekend , 2 weeks ago in Ubon.

  11. Due to bad health, the famous " Farang Connection" will be soon closing. I aim to have a week where all beer and food will be free, to get rid of existing stocks. The date for this extravaganza will be announced later today. Bye folks.

    Hey c'mon Martin, thats a bad,bad , very bad Apriljoke. I don't mind getting rid of the stock. But what happend to you. Where all the guys I know can go now.

    If it's serious I feel sorry and I hope everything will becomes better for you.

    Regards Frank Sisaket

  12. Hi , i hope that someone can help me .I'm lookin for a Dealer, in Surin, Ubon, or other close Places, who sell's Vespa or Lambretta Scooters also for a Shop with Spareparts.

    Maybe there are Scooter-Clubs in Isaan

    Thanks Frank

  13. Send me a PM or better still, drop me a mail closer to the date - I can definitely get you the info and may even be able to get you a friends car to rent - your coming during school holidays!

    [email protected]

    Yes I am to attend a military service 'drawing' near Sisaket which is held I believe during the school holidays

    Now the road between Sisaket and Ubon is finished and it shouldt take 45 - 50 Minutes from the airport. may you think , hire a Pickup incl. Driver fot the trip, they will charge you round about 800 - 1000 Baht.

    If you haven't booked you Hotel, check our information Isaan-Forum.


  14. Hello,

    I have a biiiiiiiiiiig Question . I'm lookin for pictures from Sisaket ( Town, Province, Villagelife ) to help a friend of mine who is building up a website about sisaket.

    Maybe some of yours can support us and if possible old ( 30 years ago ) or new pict's.



    It must not be for free. please send E-mail


    What do you mean it must not be for free?

    What kind of website is it going to be?

    First : Depend how much, we would like to pay for the pictures because it costs something for sending or downloading.

    Second: My friend tried to make a website about Sisaket Province and Town in German including advise and forum and so on.

  15. There's none in Sisaket at the moment. There was talk last year of one planned to be built on the edge of town.

    You are right but now another info ( i'm not sure it's correct).

    Yesterday one of our customers told me that Tesco start building in Kantaralak. For me it makes no sence becaus to Ubon its 60 Km and I have there Big C and Makro too. Kantaralak is 60 Km but there is nothing else

  16. There 2 other Places in Sisaket now:

    - The SP Boutique Hotel 350 Baht/Day

    19 Rooms are modern and tastefully furnished.

    All rooms are equipped wit UBC - Cable TV, Internet access

    1575 Wanluksua Rd. Muang tai Mung Sisaket 33000 ( Sisaket Map G6 )

    Tel. 045620903 - 4

    - Quartier Mansion ( Sisaket Map F6)

    between Ketseri Hotel and Kasikorn Bank

    Single Bed Room 350 / Double Bed 400

    " " " 3000 / " " 3600 per Month

    A/C Cable TV

  17. The annuallly Dok Lamduan Festival is held from March 09 - 11 at the Princess Mother Park. It displays local shows of the Sisaket-tribes i.e. Khmer, Suay, Yoe and Lao, Local produckt amd sound & light shows

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