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  1. Kokesaat, You flatter me but I won't object because in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king One thing that I can see is that this site is difficult to use because the page is constantly reformatting making it likely that one will click on an advertisement in the 'dancing' presentation. I used to have the Thaivisa app. But that was hopeless, probably because whatever it cost to maintain didn't return sufficient revenue. Does the app work now? A better site for learning Thai is most definitely Thai-language.com. However I digress. I do recommend learning the Thai characters and from a children's book. I remember ก เอ๋ย ก ไก่ ออกไปหากินเขี่ยใต้ดิน หานอนกับแมลง I can't remember the rest but the point is if you can't understand that baby talk, can you understand Thai. In that one letter out of forty four letters In the language a student's vocabulary has increased by seven useful words, also a little rhyming and comprehension skill which in my view are fundamental aspect of any language. Also on a barstool you wouldn't believe how having something in common with native speakers increases enjoyment and encourages people to help one learn.
  2. Will moderators accept languages other than Thai and English on this forum?
  3. Language is infectious, I found myself signing off on Facetime with leub in response to เลิฟ recently. In English I am almost at the point of forgetting my age and saying "I could of"!
  4. Are we to assume that we shouldn't not look forward to a contribution from pineapple01 in the future?
  5. I hope that you know the Thai characters ตัวหนังสือ because it enables you to forget English phonetics which I think are useful only as an aid to memory when learning ก ไก่ ข ไข่ Buy some primary school books and use them with your teacher, you will both enjoy it. You will still have questions like why อะไร when it seems that อไร would do? I would like to know the answer to that too. . The base-tones of กอ and ขอ are dictated by their class. ก is mid class so common tone, ข is high class so tone four. (Rising) When a tone mark (ไม้วรรณยุต) is used it overrides the base-tone. So ไก่ is tone one as is ไข่ Low class consonants have common base-tone but the tone marks when used with low class consonants indicate the next tone up so, ไม้เอก อ่ indicates tone two(falling) ไม้โท อ้ ค่อ indicates tone three (high) . I hope that this conforms to what you already know and provides background for the answers already given. โน่น ไม่ ใช่ etc. Low class consonants where ไม้เอก indicates tone two. The answer to why อะ is tone one involves what Thai calls live and dead words. They are explained in the Royal Institute Dictionary under the entry คำ -คำตาย คำเป็น Briefly อะ is a dead word คำตาย because it has a short vowel without a closing consonant, a dead word beginning with a high or mid consonant is tone one. There is more....
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