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  1. Very true, and it doesn't get very much better. My "translator" complains that I always come up with strange Thai. I should then drop the subject because if a university educated graduate in language doesn't know, why should I? แท็บ could mean เคาะ tap (Verb) or tab (Eng.noun). Tab probably means nothing to a generation who have never used a typewriter but who knows the background of the Google translator?
  2. Thank you. Space bar is a noun. แท็บพื้นที่ของพีซี could be a นามวลี which Thai can see as a noun but I would have difficulty fitting it into a sentence. Press the space key = กดแท๊บพื้นที่ของพีซี Can you see the difficulty? I think that Google can be a little difficult although there must be a kernel of truth in it if it can be found. edit: Wrong quote here. I thought that I was replying to teacherclaire's last post.
  3. That's alright, I am hoping to explain how it might not be useless to a Thai familiar with computers.
  4. Not clueless, we are entitled as learners to be clueless. แท็บพื้นที่ของพีซี Sounds like "tap the PC's พื้นที่ " is that what it says? If so it seems to be the answer to the question "how to create a space on a Thai language keyboard?" On my virtual keyboard the space bar is not labelled. So since พื้น can mean plain, ผ้าพื้น ( cloth without a pattern) it is possible that in the context of computers (ปุ่ม)พื้น ที่พีซี could say plain key on the PC. Edit: Forgetting ของ wasn't deliberate. I can't make พื้นที่ " plain place" but maybe with the mixture of Thai and English nowadays it is
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