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  1. ทำดีจะได้โบนัส is what I meant.
  2. It would appear that it is not only Thai women who believe that we are all rich!
  3. There is nothing wrong with the translation and there is logic there if you care to see it. The advice is from the embassy for for visitors to Thailand. The minimum amount of spending money or *payable document is relative to the length of time the visa allows for the visa. The longest period is Tourist and Non-Imm both 90 days and both require Bt 20,000. Someone returning on a re-entry permit could have 300 days left of his permission to stay the logic that Bt 20,000 is sufficient for that length of time is ludicrous.
  4. That is true but a ‘crackdown’ by definition only applies to people who are cheating. I worked outside UK with frequent holidays and chose to visit Thailand during European winters, I had a bed and bank account in Thailand, a Visa on arrival with Travellers Cheques was good enough then. There must be others doing something similar now, does the ‘crackdown’ affect them I wonder. It seems that if a person is entering on the wrong type of visa then, they can expect to be turned away nowadays. The OP returning with a re-entry permit is unlikely to be asked to show funds. However is not unreasonable to ask a person holding a non-Immigrant visa who is to be given permission to stay for 90 days to show funds or the documentation which would enable access after entry, to Thai currency.
  5. Some of the problem can be attributed to the increase in the value of the Thai Baht. The required sums of money or income are arbitrary, and bear no relationship to whether a person is able to sustain a life here. If money is the only criterion used to assess a person’s worthiness then it is shortsighted, the wealthiest people are often crooks. The simplest thing would have been to apply the new rules to new applicants, and to look more closely at existing cases in a more sympathetic way.
  6. Bonus is in the dictionary โบนัส so shouldn’t be a problem. Do good will give bonus, should do it.
  7. I can’t stop you if after all, you feel that you need to go.
  8. Thanks for that Sheryl. I shall consider taking a look at them. I stopped BUPA when I realised that no credit is given for past premiums. That was fifteen years ago so I have saved at least fifteen thou, toward self insurance by now; probably much more. Since 75 is the ceiling for insurance if the government did require insurance for people with permission to stay and die in Thailand, they would be breaking the contract in the case of over 75s. Perhaps that is why it is not required.
  9. It was intimated that premiums for foreigners are higher than the general population, if so why would that be? Is it assumed that we require better treatment. I was about to buy a travel policy for five months in thailand on my retirement extension, for approx £680, I am 74 so the price appears to be less than figures quoted here. One condition was that a return air ticket was necessary which I don’t have so am not insured. I have no medical conditions as far as I know but one needs to prepare for the worst case so what would that be and how much would it entail me paying? Reading between the lines Immigration seems to want A-O visa holders to insure because they don’t have the cash in the bank,mwhich means that Immigration are assuming that, in normal circumstances, Bt800,000 is enough self insurance. In abnormal circumstances, the big C I suppose, one doesn’t bother to treat it at my age.
  10. Ignore the reference above. When using google to search you get mostly advertisements. Looking at all the sites you will see that the word is บัว, the next word describes its use. The second site on that search has a discussion on the desirability of บัวพื้น skirting board, none of this disqualifies other descriptions of skirting boards. I have seen บัวปู่พื้น... บนพื้น ...บังพื้น ปูพื้น etc. The only way to know what is meant is by seeing pictures or being with the person saying it.
  11. บัวเชิงผนัง bua on which stands the wall. เชิงบัวผนัง support (for) bua (of the) wall. I googled the first one and got advertisements with pictures for skirting boards. The good thing about Thai is that the correct words in proximity is good enough, although some would argue otherwise. English is similar with compound nouns; Green new deal, New green deal. Green and new are equal just modifying the deal. Thai is backwards so Deal new green แผนใหม่สีเขียว แผนสีเขียวใหม่
  12. I wonder how Google counts the words. My RID has about 920 pages, I have not counted the words but just a glance shows more than three per page!
  13. What do you get if you do that? Cornice for example is ไม้บัวบน . I wonder why ไม้ is not mentioned in เชิงบัวผนัง I think that if you want to say เน่าเบื่อว or ผุพัง, I am not sure which is more appropriate, you would be better off adding ไม้ which ever part of the house it is. Where to put ไม้, before or after skirting board? บัวพื้น is another suggestion but wherever you live in Thailand the best words are the words of the ช่าง with whom you are dealing. Apologies if cheeryble is not learning Thai! ตนนั้นแลเป็นที่พึ่งแห่งตน
  14. I can give you a few things which will allow you to get the expressions from a ช่างไม้ . บัว appears to mean additional parts on top and bottom of pillars บัวเสา and เชิง is the base of something, normally supporting which a skirting board appears to be. เสีย works but เน่า is rotten เน่าเบื่อย is deteriorated. Perhaps adding เพราะนำ้ would help. ผุพัง means about the same. ปลวก is termite. I asked a chap in a museum why he was running hoses under the floor and his answer was one word ; ปลวก Pointing at the skirting board and saying that one word says it all. ผนังห้อง I would say is brick or cement, ฝา for wooden walls. Don’t forget to come back and let us know the answers.
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