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  1. The first comment is fair enough since somtamguy knows how it is done. The second is to EricTh who is not claiming to be able to translate the piece. In spite of what I said translation should be possible if the meaningless "grunts and puffs" can be identified and I don't mind having a go but I don't want to be doing it alone. We could start with the phone call "grunt ใครโทมา" " Grunt คุณแม่" Later than that there is something useful I think, when he ต่อว่าผู้หญิง does he say คุณครับ ทำของตก ? Another more easy approach might be to identify words that we do recognise and explore
  2. I have looked up eyelash and would like to know what you were trying to buy and increase my vocabulary from one, (ขนตา), to two thereby.
  3. I posted a vid, not very much because I was just testing. I even wrote a little bit of Thai and invited comment both totally ignored! I wonder why anybody is on this forum. People do realize that the clip is from a soap opera don't they? In real life people do not react in the same way as do actors, we often don't know what to say until encounters of the sort shown are long over, actors are following a script. Then there is the story, which if people have not been following, makes translation more difficult. Conversational Thai is full of little sounds which can not be translated so trying
  4. Don't be silly, I can't remember any of it now and I am certainly not going back to examine it in detail, neither am I about to try to prove that I know more than others. ผมไม่ใช่ทำนำ้เต็มแก้ว Also I don't translate because I haven't learnt equivalent English words. มีผู้หญิงที่ลานจอดรถอยู่หน้าร้านอาหาร โทรคุยกับคุณแม่ หลังจากคุยจบแล้วเขาใช้กระดาษทิชูเช็ดจนูกแล้วทิ้งเป็นขยะ ผู้ชายเห็นว่าเขาทำผิดโดยทิ้งขยะที่บริเวณร้านอาหารอย่างนั้น แล้วว่าผู้หญิงคนนั้น .... I didn't pick up what she said to mother, she was probably there to apply for a job, but that is just a guess. I will
  5. That's a hellofafright first thing in the morning! Sorry about that but I thought it worth a go, น่าตื่นเต็น
  6. That is a great idea I wonder how it is done when limited to iPad and iPhone. 63662473117__C06F1B26-0216-47EA-8410-112C0048B217.MOV
  7. My goodness, you picked one hell of a piece of ครับ here! It is not possible for me to read that because I can't get started the words are so unfamiliar.
  8. I have very little interaction with "ordinary Thai people" in the rural area it is true, I am "all ears" or eyes until we start the sound bites, but I don't see examples. I came late to this discussion and and have now seen the clip that you posted. I understood in spite of missing very much of the dialogue and being incapable of repeating it. You could not have missed that in the opening clip the restaurant owner said คุณครับ to the woman, exactly as a nrasmussan said. My Facetime friend said that every body uses คุณ except in a slum, he lives in Bangkok but does get out and about in
  9. That is a great idea I wonder how it is done when limited to iPad and iPhone.
  10. Ah, but you are not EricTh! do you agree with him that teaching is too formal? I learnt that คุณ meant "you" so when a chap who I thought a tout called out to me once "You, you" I thought "rude <deleted>" ! Now I use คุณครับ more or less in the same way as I use "I say".
  11. Short and sweet! You have your answer and by now may have received the call, how did it go? I ask because in my experience telephone conversations are more difficult to understand than text messages. Don't be offended I am hoping that there are people interested in language acquisition who may join in.
  12. In my experience people do use คุณ to you if you use it to them. I am referring to a grammar book and in the chapter on คำแทน the word is not mentioned as a 2ndp.p. เรา แก ท่าน เธอ is all they have. I would add คุณ to that list, do you have any other suggestions?
  13. I consulted a Thai speaker after my post, his initial reaction was "I will call you" but I managed to persuaded him to agree that there was ambiguity there. After reading the very good comments I realized that I had not told him the context so, today I sent a screen shot which I followed up with a conversation in English on FaceTime. That about sums up the situation! What I can remember was ช่วยโทรมาหาพี่ พี่โทรมาหานะ where the position of the pronoun พี่ makes it obvious. *I think that we would all agree that the pronoun at the end means "you"*. So where does
  14. Does it not depend on who พี่ is,? That would be known to the people involved. พี่ could be 1st or 2nd person pronoun so," Call and let me know" or "I will call and let you know." นะ doesn't help because it could be คำสั่ง บังคับ แน่นำor เชิญชวน it seems to me.
  15. Yes I think that is the reason. While considering my post afterwards it occurred to me that I should have used ถ because the initial mistake was ถึง instead of ถุง then, my goodness, ถึก ถุก wrong tone too! I hurried back to my iPad and was in the process of editing and owning up when I decided to look in the dictionary. In case I have confused everybody and to remind myself; รถบรรทุก is the noun บันทึก is the verb.
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