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  1. Just for the fun of it. English has an equivalent word where making a sound similar to ถนน is necessary and that is gnu.  Our dictionary doesn't help more than showing that the u is open.  If you are familiar with transliteration you would probably pronounce gnu as งู but that would be wrong.  Fortunately in neither language is tn .., ถน..  possible so you have to do your best.  However the RID shows ถะนน as a guide to pronunciation and some books say ออกเสียงกึ่งเสียง between those two consonants which is not how สระ ะ is said. Thais encounter a similar problem with words like snooker where English speakers often do a better job of hiding the half vowel probably making it a quarter vowel!  Perhaps ตลอด is an example where both languages seem to naturally produce the correct sound.   

  2. These are spoken too quickly for me. My friend was staying in แพร่ recently to attend a funeral.  He called me on Facetime because he was bored with being “trapped” by locals. They wanted to speak to him but he could only nod and smile because he could not understand everything. I find that encouraging. 

  3. Comment on your penultimate post KeeTua . 
    There is a caption which appears momently across the top of the picture, I can't remember the words used but it shows that this is to be taken as a moral lesson.  What she hopes for is what her behavior has lost her. Without that phone call the homily loses much of its impact. 

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  4. Sorry. 

    10 hours ago, kokesaat said:

    Slightly different, but makes me wonder if there's a connection:

    Somewhere in my Thai studies I came across: อาหารสิ้นคิด 

    My teacher told me it refers to those common day dishes:  for example, ผัดกระเพรา, ไข่เจียว, ข้างเหนียงหมูปิ้ง

    She said that when faced with a fancy menu, people often order these dishes because that's what they're familiar with......rather than dishes with a fancy name (อาหารแฟนซี).  If a dish sounds unfamiliar, I'd be prone to ask questions.....but if you shy away from asking, you'd probably go with what you know.

    For info.  I am on my iPad but using Chrome. 
    Finger trouble kokesaat, your ข้าว is coming out ข้าง etc. 


    คิดสั้น ๆ and สิ้นคิด are closely allied I think.  People don't read dictionaries so they could mean the same.  
    Decisions are the result of thinking in both cases, one is to not think at all and the other to think for a short time maybe. 

    On 3/12/2021 at 9:25 AM, ColeBOzbourne said:


    Now that my brain is tuned into it I seem to hear it often. Below are some examples of how it was used in combination with a verb. Sometimes the verb was before and sometimes it was after ความคิดสั้นๆ. Judges were choosing between dish-A and dish-B. I typed it up the best I could after hearing the dialogue, I'm sure there are mistakes. The verbs are 'I like', 'I have to go with', 'I believe'.

    ความคิดสั้นๆ เพิยงชอบจาน-A

    ชอบความคิดสั้นๆ จาน-A

    ความคิดสั้นๆ ต้องไปกับจาน-A

    ความคิดสั้นๆ ผมเชื่อจาน-A ดีที่สุด


    That is all one can do until after masses of exposure it comes to mean something without reference to English. 
    Look at ต้องไปกับ which you say means "must go with" that is what I would say but only because I am familiar with the English. Neither Thai nor English make sense literally do they? 

  5. Thank you chaps. As I expected it is my deficiency coupled with the fact that thaivisa is a little out of date. 
    crossy. The phone works within the limitations of its size.  There is a red banner withe the message “ You have been warned by CharlieH Duplicate account are not permitted. This account is now CLOSED 

    Followed by a less offensive message to contact [email protected] via email and a requst to not open another account. 
    I think that you are correct my password is saved and I need to use touch but that didn’t work. 
    thanks for that I shall try to delve into the mysteries of Apple, settings will be my first destination. 

  6. Just as it is becoming interesting I find that my iPad is blocked and my iPhone not up to the task. I would like to try reading but without interaction I don’t see the point. 
    I would like to meet up on some other app. Facetime for example. I understand that some people value anonymity but I don’t see what it gives other than the freedom it affords to those who want to offend which I don’t consider contributes to learning. 

  7. If there is someone who can unblock “tgeezer”’s account on iPad I would appreciate it.  
    I am not trying to deceive anyone, My name is R E GRAVES. I was forced to open a new account because after resuming service thaivisa would not allow me to log in again on my iPad. 
    Moderators please do not delete because although it may be beyond thaivisa’s ability to rectify my problem the evidence is that there are contributors on the forums who may be able to help.  

  8. I had to open a new account because there were problems logging in. When I try to open thaivisa in Safari the page which appears is a red page with the same offensive warning. I wonder why passwords are required if thaivisa can recognise my iPad.  

  9. As I learnt from the เจ้าสัว example, I need to look up the whole word. It is more or less as you say.
    คิดสั้น ก. คิดทำลายตนเองเพราะหาทางออกไม่ได้ cannot see a way out so you kill yourself.  ความคิดสั้น is being shortsighted, not looking ahead, or being unable to see  the consequences of what you are doing, perhaps. Have another look and make up your own mind. 

  10. 18 hours ago, jackdd said:

    I can just watch this video and I understand it. But this doesn't mean I manage to get every single word in the first try or understand every single word.q

    That is about all we need. I think that there should be a table based on how Thais comment on your Thai language. พูดดี =  you're hopeless, effort appreciated. . พูดชัด = too slow, need to get out more. No comment= perfect!  Lots of scope there for people to add. 

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  11. 15 hours ago, somtamguy said:

    Pretty sure she said ลูกแม่น่าจะได้เป็นลูกสะใภ้เจ้าสัว not เจ้าสวน 

    <They sound similar, and seeing as she talked about the mango farm just before this line you probably expected the word to be เจ้าสวน, but i'm fairly certain it's เจ้าสัว. >end if quote. 

    This is rather odd coming from somtamguy, and begs the question, do we report what people say or what they mean?  Since สัว is not a word the meaning must be สวน. 

  12. Well it is far too fast for me. I heard สวนมะม่วง the second time as I said it sounded nothing like that to me first time round. and I didn't get ลูกสะใภ้ at all. Very little was spoken correctly so It's not surprising that many native speakers are none too particular about spelling.  
    Did either of you need to "ask a friend"? 

  13. 1 hour ago, jackdd said:

    I assumed that if he posts a video, and claims that somebody on lower intermediate level should be able to understand it, he is able to understand it himself. If he doesn't understand it then his claim is kind of pointless.

    Also a bit ironic that he says nobody uses คุณ, but in the video which he posts they use คุณ.

    The woman in the video is there for นัดดูตัว, as she tells her mom on the phone (I assume kind of like a date, but she is more focused on if the guy is wealthy enough)

    Let's not bash one another about.
    I wrote มีนัดดูตัวคะแม่  but didn't get it probably because I was looking for นัดบอด   
    Did you get what his father does apart from ? .....เป็นเจ้าของร้านอาหารด้วย sounded like สุดบ่วน to me! 


  14. Good stuff thank you, I have learnt a lot.
    That cilantro is Chinese parsley, that parsley is ผักใบเขียวกล่นหอมใช้ปรุงแต่งอาหาร and called ผักชีฝรั่ง . The note says "see พลาสลี่" which I take to mean sometimes said พลา - สลี่  which can be made to sound like parsley said in a Thai way. Also that eyelash is ขนตา from your first post. 
    I expect that if I don't use it I will lose it but that is the "name of the game." 

  15. 6 hours ago, jackdd said:

    Why don't you go ahead, since you picked an article? Then others might follow.


    You obviously understand it, so please translate it for us, sentence by sentence, so we know if we understood it right.

    The first comment is fair enough since somtamguy knows how it is done. 
    The second is to EricTh who is not claiming to be able to translate the piece. 
    In spite of what I said translation should be possible if the meaningless "grunts and puffs" can be identified and I don't mind having a go but I don't want to be doing it alone. We could start with the phone call "grunt ใครโทมา" " Grunt คุณแม่" 

    Later than that there is something useful I think, when he ต่อว่าผู้หญิง does he say คุณครับ ทำของตก ? 
    Another more easy approach might be to identify words that we do recognise and explore how they are used with other words and thus learn some dialogue.  
    I am in lockdown in "Merry England", alas no more, and have these few hours in my PJs and dressing gown instead of in Bangkok wearing my ผ้าขาวม้า and have plenty of time so understand if nobody has time to embark on this process. Maybe Facetime might be acceptable to someone. 

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