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  1. Pick the string manufacturer you prefer i.e. D'Addario, select the type number of the string.

    Go to the OEM website and try to find Thai distributors. (D'Addario has 3 listed)

    Send them an e-mail to see if they stock the required type, if yes, then money transfer , Thai EMS to doorstep.

    If no, then wash, rinse repeat with another supplier.

    Maybe difficult as not so popular in Thailand, maybe niche market like the Jazz scene?

    Happy hunting !

  2. This is a common problem in "public" pools whereby the staff over chlorinate them to try and deal with the throughput of people. It is difficult (but not impossible) to maintain a balanced pH when you don't know how many people are using the pool on a daily basis. The over-chlorination is seen as the easy way to kill of bacterias but the downside is it will damage your teeth. It would "smart" your eyes too if you swam without goggles / eyes open.

    There are several well known steps to maintaining a "balanced" pool - try Mr Google

    Ask them to confirm how often they check the pH and if they keep records.

    Unfortunately you will now need your teeth re-enameling !

  3. use the "favourites" optiion to highlight (gold star) your favourites and then using the "genre" function instead of displaying "all channels" change it to favourites and you will see only the channels you have selected as favourite ................... easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy !

  4. I'm sure they have POLAR watches / monitors in the sports shop in Central festival. Also available in Marathon sports on the Sukhumvit (gym equipment shop roughly opposite BKK-Pattaya Hospital)

  5. Marathon sports on Sukhumvit. Go up north towards Suk, turn leftup about 200m (ish) on the other side (southbound side).

    Can anyone translate these directions into something coherent...I'm still trying to figure how one goes north and then somehow finds Sukhumvit, when Suk basically runs north-south? Were these directions generated by Apple Maps?

    Head up Pattaya North road until you encounter the Sukhumvit. At that point you will be standing on the side of the northbound carriageway. If you were to head left (north) for about 200 m and then be able to cross to the southbound carriageway (without getting killed) you would be standing roughly in from of the Marathon sports building .

    Elementary my dear Watson !

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  6. Marathon sports on Sukhumvit. Go up north towards Suk, turn leftup about 200m (ish) on the other side (southbound side). They have a range of reasonably priced, good quality home products and more expensive professional gym stuff.

  7. My pet theory is that the weather is confused due to the extra lunar cycle this year (blue moon in August), hence Loy Kratong is runing late this year. But predictably the rains will stop just as all of the girls finish getting their hair done on the 28th !

    you can bank on it ! w00t.gifclap2.gifcheesy.gif

  8. Try googling "Pattaya Driving ranges" Most ranges have lessons available

    Diana Driving Range - Teaching Pro - David from Newcastle

    Diana Garden Resort, 209/ 112 Moo 6, Pattaya Nua Road - North Pattaya, Thailand

    Tel: 038-415-212

    Green Way Driving Range - Thai guy teaching pro - don't know his name

    Sukhumvit Road, Jomtien, Thailand (roughly opposite Tesco Lotus in South Pattaya

    Tel: 038-232-083

    Harold's Golf Driving Range - Used to be down on Thepprasit - now moved out down the Siam Country Club Road, about half way, on the way to Siam GC from the Suk. Harold can still be found there

    Pattaya Driving Range -Teaching Pro - Mike McLaren from Scotland (use to do a block of 6 half hour lessons for about 3 ~3500 THB). Theres also a Thai guy gives lessons here (probably at a cheaper rate) - seems to know his golf.

    3rd Road, Pattaya (between Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Nua on the left coming from Pattaya Klang) Tel: 038-370-462/3

    Also just behind the Pattaya Driving range is the Pattaya Sports Club office - you could probably get some advice (&discounts) there.

    Pride Driving Range - This use to be sort of Korean but has now been bought out and turned into a golf resort. I've been told the practice facilities have been upgraded, including greens and bunkers - don't know who the pro is.

    Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya (opposite Pattaya Klang intersection)

  9. <br />
    what I want to know is how AltumAngel is a newbie,she has been on thaivisa for a long time???????????????
    <br />That's what occupied my thoughts more than the standard AA quality joke.<br />
    <br /><br /><br />

    I reckon it's a "mod" conspiracy to keep her out of .......... sshhhhh ...... you know where !

  10. The "Pattaya Driving Range" on third road at the north Pattaya end can be convenient but not that good. "Diana Driving Range" has just recently re-opened - looks like new "clubhouse" and mats etc but the range itself is still in very poor condition - maybe this will change after a bit of rain ? Best of the bunch within Pattaya at the moment (non - golf course that is!)

    Harolds driving range - down the Siam Country Club Road for extra long drives (very little grass, hard ground) and some odd greens to aim at. Mats are a bit old.

    The old "Green Way" driving range down the Sukhumvit past Lotus, still green but the nets are in some serious need of repair. Nice practice green/ practice bunker area off to the side.

    The "Korean" driving range opposite the top of central road on the Suk. - never been to it - no comment.

    Phoenix Golf course - good but they won't let you practice off the grass.

    as above Siam CC and Plantation GC both good.

  11. received in an e-mail. Over 60 or under 18 ?


    Fans can purchase tickets at Thai Ticket Major Outlets or www.thaiticketmajor.com. Admission fee for Wednesday and Thursday is available at BT200 per day, for Saturday at BT300 and BT400 for Sunday. A four-day admission package is available at BT600. Audiences below 18 or over 60 are exempted from the admission price.

    Follow coverage and highlights on Channel 7 at 00.30 am – 1.30 am on February 18 while live coverage can be viewed between 2 pm – 5 pm on February 19 and between 3 pm – 5 pm on February 20-21. Or visit www.lpgathailand.com for more tournament information.


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