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  1. Yeah, I will admit this is a tough one. Who ya' gonna' believe? The cops or the news services? I give either one a 50/50 shot of believability
  2. I read it was a "No Knock" search warrant and the police broke in w/o any announcement.
  3. THIS is definitely a conundrum as you have a problem with this critter that you are considering a glue pad to eliminate. One, what will you bait it with? Two, what will you do with the very live and active tokay when it is stuck and very much alive? Just curious, just asking.
  4. And unfortunately, their ultimate acquittal is sure to spark yet another series of riots ... with any luck at all!!
  5. Simply not in their monetary interests to afford any complaints a semblance of official recognition.
  6. Read it and it didn't change my attitude towards this completely worthless and totally embarrassing entity one iota!
  7. And sadly enough, any reciprocal action will only be taken to assuage the public and to rationalize the massive costs to the insurance companies. All because some THUG who's gun replaces his nonexistent manhood and erroneously calls himself a public servant ... is a total As*Hole and a waste of oxygen to boot. Prosecute his murderous a*s, ASAP! He was already imobilised w/handcuffs !!!
  8. Nah, no weirder than all those who believe trumps constant lying
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