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  1. Geezuz dood, it's garbage. As long as it's picked up, who cares where it is. It's not like she was throwing it over the wall into your yard
  2. Even further back then the sublime Thai' of yore and much more reasonably priced. Also, back "Columbian Gold" days "they" had yet to discover the niceties of sinsimilla
  3. My heartiest laugh of the day. keep em' coming KhunPro...
  4. Drive a car, ride a motorcycle or pedal a bicycle won't matter if the drunk driver comes barrelling down the side street will still kill in a split second. No matter what your vehicle of choice, no matter how aware or how good you are, you can still die just as quick. Happens daily to innocents everywhere.
  5. A while back these farmers ancestors produced some of the finest product in the world.
  6. I can only hope for the most devastating outcome, the sooner the better, but I can wait
  7. Not a good idea to assume ignorance on the part of the RTP, it could easily backfire on ya'.
  8. "Teach students to tell right from wrong, Prayut urges." Isn't that what parents are supposed to be doing?
  9. LOL! Ahhh, the good old days
  10. Well, this IS the Land Of Smiles, innit?
  11. Hats off to Admin for this one, eh?
  12. OMG! You're saying Trump copied President Obama?