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  1. I am the original poster. The post is not about a personal situation. It's about a question that arose from our small Farang group here in Central Thailand. It seems I worded the original question wrong because of all the twists and turns of the responses. Here is the question again: For the sake of semantics: Job = Teaching Visa = Marriage, extension, child Permit = ????? I'm here on a Marriage Visa, I want to work legally at the Village school. They have to assist me in getting the proper paperwork to make everything legitimate. Do they help get me a "work permit" that will have no effect on my Marriage Visa?, or do I need a "work Visa" and can I have that in conjunction with my Marriage Visa? What is a work "permit", how do you apply for one, and how long does it last for a job. Can you just leave a job, void the permit and continue to stay on with whatever Visa you have to begin with (marriage, extension, child)? Can you continue to get a "permit" to work a job, leave, and then apply for another "permit" to work a another job ?
  2. Is it possible to hold two Visas under separate covers. For example, if someone has a marriage or extended stay Visa and decides to go to work, say teaching, can that individual get a work Visa and also hold the marriage or extension Visa at the same time? Or is it one or the other?
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