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  1. Oldie, I was doing this back in 1998 on a Pentium Coppermine, single core under W2K. Amazing how far hardware and software has advanced. * yes, my Panasonic MX-1000 only had firewire (IEEE-1394), a subset of SCSI. But then there was only USB v1.0 Now any system 5 years old, Intel or AMD, and 8 GB RAM with USB 2.0 (or 3) will chew thru that without breaking a sweat. EVEN BETTER, let a NVIDIA Discrete GPU do the heavy lifting. Yeah, 2000+ cores, even a inexpensive low mid-range unit. Handbrake can do that.
  2. Oldie, good Wednesday Morning, here I'm finishing Tuesday evening. I respectfully agree, and disagree The DCR-HC96 - NP-FP50 InfoLithium battery pack (7.2V/4.9Wh) USB is a bi-directional interface. USB port (on included Handycam Station) USB Port v2.0 Full speed The DCR-HC96 moves the USB and FireWire/iLink ports to the small, bundled cradle, which also duplicates the A/V and power ports present on the camcorder. 5' USB cable (has a USB Type A connector on one end and a Mini USB Version 2.0 Type B connector on the other end, for the dock)
  3. OP states he has the following ,,, - sony handycam hcr-hc96, miniDV camcorder - tape is sony dvm60 (this id RAW DV) OP says sony cam not functional ??? *** WHY ?, what are it's symptoms? -- LCD bad, no problem -- won't power on ,,, *** plug in the charger for 2 hours *** replace the battery Connect it to your computer via USB ,,, If it can be seen then he can get the vids himself. *** been there, done that SO to the OP, whats wrong with your sony camcorder ???
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