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  1. I disagree, Nationality is important in Thailand, idem as money is. If she is Thai it can be important, if he has money idem. Sad, but often the reality.
  2. For the moment we can only presume who the victim is. What attitude should we have when such a case occur? Immediately believe one version, and issue comments? Or wait till more details are known? , and trust the police they will find out the truth?
  3. That's a possibility. The problem will be : He Said-She Said. We know the man nationality. Is the lady Thai? This can be of importance.
  4. So we know a lot about him, but nothing about her and nothing about her version of the facts. Maybe she was agree to do some things with him, she left after the deeds but decided later to go to the police for one or another reason.
  5. Some people still expect the rules will be adapted to suit them particularly.
  6. Correct, and the people living there are calling a house a shack. Everything is relative.
  7. So that is convenient for the people of 4 embassies; the others will need an income letter from their embassies. However at these embassies those L.o.I. are mostly only given when one can prove a state pension.
  8. So you need money to top it up; so instead to keep that money,or to spare it, somewhere, why not use it for your monthly expenditure. No need to drawdown and as such no topping.
  9. Blame others is the best way. Blame Brexit or the E. U. (depending on what side you are).
  10. Here an idea how much " shoe boxes" cost : https://www.ddproperty.com/en/condo-for-sale/in-khong-tan-th103302/priced-under-20m-baht
  11. This will sadly have an impact on your daughter too. I know easy to say, but you can't live a life if you don't trust anyone.
  12. An acquaintance told me it was a piece of cake at Jomtien, took less than one hour, and he had only to go next door 2 times to make extra copies of documents he wasn't asking before. So far he is happy with the 1 month, and expect everything will be ok for the other 11 months, he will know in ca. 1 month. I'm happy, my extension based on retirement, with a L.o.I., granted last month at Jomtien, took only 5 minutes, plus picture next day. Everything is relative.
  13. The majority of the people there is prepared to live, and continue to live with it. We don't understand as we don't have the same "values". Thailand report daily fatal road accidents, but don't do nothing about it. Just like the majority of the U.S.A. people is not demanding major alterations to the gun law there, the Thailand people accept that fatal road accidents is part of their life and their freedom.
  14. You have a positive approach of things, as you expect that if there are other rulers after the election they will automatically create new directives which will be better ( not worse than ) for the expats.
  15. I am fortunate ( ), I can still rely on a L.o.I., and I transfer monthly from Belgium more than necessary for T. I. regulations. However being here since 2000 I am not pleased at all with the actual situation. What is next? In Thailand, you don't need a will to find a way, rather you need money to find a way.
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