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  1. Maybe they had, the god of the winners being more powerful than the god of the defeated.
  2. What about, if God is supporting the invaders, as claimed by the Germans in World War II ?
  3. I am not aware that Mr. Verhofstadt is foul mouthed. Hard boiled, yes. That we envy and admire the Brits is an astonishing statement. But if that's is your opinion, fair enough. My opinion about the actual Brits is also only that, an opinion. Well to be honest, there was a time(very long ago) I wanted to be Robin Hood, or Ivanhoe (That may count as envious).
  4. Sorry, but I don't understand your question. Fare in own language?
  5. Member Yinn is working in the sector, and is Thai. Her opinion/approach would certainly be interesting to read.
  6. I visit all kind of places in Pattaya, and when I stay for months in Bangkok I reside in Thonglor. There I usually go to the "Old English Pub", very decent place in the afternoon, once 5 p.m. a lot of British come to have a drink, coming from work, or even teachers, well it is disturbing. But OK, we have a different opinion about the matter. Here a copy of a well known book in France, my first contact with the U. K. and citizens, long time ago.
  7. Swearing is luckily not allowed here on T.V., but easely detectable, as replaced by the word "delete", when happening. I can only base my experience of 19 years in Thailand (Bangkok & Pattaya) and for me the change is obvious. I really believe the Brit attitude, in general, has changed. Now it is also possible that the unpolied Brits are more posting here than before, and that more rude Brits are visiting/staying in Bangkok and Pattaya as before.
  8. I and other elderly, or less, who objectively compare, what it was, and what it is now. I am personally particularly shocked by the language used nowadays. It seems many can only express themselves if they add at least 3 times the words f.ck or/and f.cking in one sentence.
  9. Some consider that the U.K., and their citizens, have lost a lot of their well known dignity/grandeur.
  10. If lucky. It can be different from officer to officer in the same office. Or even same officer, same office, depending the mood of the officer.
  11. When I was very young I read the classic fairy tales, I remember I was impressed by many of them, even now remember most of them. Much later I started to read the Bible and the Koran, but was not captivated, had an insipid feeling. So I gave up. Nobody knows what the real right decision is, we all act differently, but all hope it is the correct way we handle. Of course there are some who believe that their way is the only true/right one. Well at least I tried to read the Bible and the Koran. Now I am reading, sporadically, Buddha and the Dalai Lama quotes, interesting and enjoyable, in my opinion. Just thinking at my quote : Of course there are some who believe that their way is the only true/right one. Who knows those will maybe eternally punished, after death, by a " something " for being so bigot/zealot.
  12. Correct, they issue now a L.o.I., but only if the income is from a state pension.
  13. Maybe you are right, I am convinced you think you are. So far I am only convinced of : "after you take your last breath, it is done". But maybe I am wrong, at 71, I will soon (or later) find out, and will know about your god, or another "something", or than maybe not. Anyway, I will not change anything in my life in whatever perspective. I am not afraid of death, I had/have basically a good life, I tried/try to do good and not intentionally bad, but primordially respect every opinion. I hope for you, you feel and do the same; However I doubt you respect another opinion than yours. We are all different.
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