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  1. For the moment it is amusing for many European to see what is happening with the U.K.. But this can of course change rapidly and maybe soon the U. K. with laugh with us members of the E. U.. But in the meantime.... Being 70+ I find it personally amazing that the U. K. is going that low. I had a different remembrance of this country. Well Times they are A-changin.
  2. On one of the many topics here about the 4 embassies, a Danish member confirmed that his embassy is issuing again a L.o.I.under some circumstances.
  3. I appreciate, however I am a day drinker. Usually drink between noon and 5 p.m., and indeed as written here above I became a loner. So thanks but I have to decline.
  4. According to what I read here on T.V., the Danish embassy is again issuing a L.o.I. providing it can be proofed that the funds comes from a state pension.
  5. After 15+ years in Pattaya and being 70, I opted to live in Thonglor (Bangkok). During day time I am often the only farang here in Sukhumvit 55. Like it, different age, different desiderata.
  6. Maybe the 3 left embassies will also, as the Danish one, adapt their decision in order to somehow, again, satisfying their citizen.
  7. I am one of those still lucky, so far. Permanently in Thailand since 2000. Yearly visa based on retirement; extension based on income in home country. So far nothing changed for me and many others : no specific amount on a Thai bankbook, no need to transfer monthly a particular amount. 4 embassies decided to stop the issue of a L.o.I., Immigration changed then their requirements in order to somehow please those who were "stranded in the rain" by their embassy. The Danish embassy, in the meantime, is again issue a L.o.I. to their citizens under certain conditions.
  8. Question of priorities. Some prefer the tranquility of mind ( no worries so far with the 800000 on a bankbook and observe the rules attached to) than obtaining a few thousand more interest.
  9. Correct, but with this he paved the way for future presidents. One may use the same excuse (emergency crisis) to instore an efficient gun control.
  10. In such a case there is, like always, the optimistic and pessimistic approach. Here in this particular case there is also the realistic approach. Optimists don't have to plan anything as nothing will happen to them. Pessimists should start to take actions now. Selling their Condo now and continue to live here in renting, sell the car/motorbike and use the Bath bus, eventually taxi and walk. The biggest possible amount of cash should always being immediately available. The realistic approach would being to take your chances, not ignoring that people are deported, but that there is a minimal possibility it may be yourself. And of course there is also : Doing nothing that may give a possibility to Immigration to eventually deport you. Something the gross of us apply. But this is not really relevant for this topic.
  11. Sounds logic, however this being Thailand and Bangkok, not sure they apply the same logic, and Bangkok being known for not really care about a TM30. But will do it and see. Thanks.
  12. The change of adress was done within 24 hours by my landlord. He not received the voucher back. As it is Bangkok, not sure they care about a TM30, and don't find the need to send the voucher back. Just wonder what adress I should put on my 90 days report. My actual adress(Bangkok) , or the one I am usually and where I do my yearly extension for the last 15 years (Pattaya).
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