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  1. Don't understand the need to repeat me, but ok, as mostly the way to express yourself, must be very clear for natural English speakers, but rather difficult ( risk of misunderstanding) if not incomprehensible, for not English speakers as myself. I am sure some of your quotes must be hilarious, or/and extra wise for the "insiders".
  2. Ratings are "snapshots". It would be enough that Mr. Johnson increase the pensions of the retired/veterans to a decent level (no more to endure the dismal fact it is the lowest in Europe) and sure his ratings will increase considerably.
  3. Needed/essential are relative concepts. One thing is sure, it revealed how divided the British people are about this particular subject. So maybe one can state it was needed to know this fact. This is next to the fact that Leavers won democrately.
  4. Not sure what you mean. If you mean, if I would have voted Remain : yes, because there were not enough concrete factors in my opinion to be assured that things would be better for the man in the street as I am. So far I am still not convinced. The U.K. will save huge money by not paying their contribution to the E.U. anymore. I still have to read what concrete benefit the man in the street in the U.K. will have from this money.
  5. For me the result of 52/48 is not important enough to claim that there a significant wish of the British voters to go in only one particular direction. However 52% is a mathematical majority, that no one can contest.
  6. Not really understand what you mean by "necessary" . That the 52 won democrately, is a fact which cannot be denied. That the 48/52 result, showing that the British voters are completely divided about the situation, is a fact too.
  7. Correct, right & wrong is maybe not the precise words to use. There is a democratic result. However one can not denied that the will of the people shows clearly a different approach. In my opinion a government can not ignore such kind of result, and thus has to act accordingly. Contrary to Brexit, which is here to stay, a government is a changeable entity.
  8. The result, if one look at it pragmatically, shows that people of a country are completely divided about which way their nation should go in the future. However there is a mathematical result. This result must be respected, as it was obtained in a democratic way. That some of the "victors" consider now that there should be a "Woe to the vanquished", is a wrong approach. It is now up to the government to prove by concrete measures, to the benefit of all, that the mathematic winners of the referendum were right, and the others wrong.
  9. According to The Express : "Brexit deal just ONE WEEK away from being reached as UK and EU negotiators make progress HOPES of a Brexit deal were handed a boost after British and European Union negotiators edged closer to a compromise. By JOE BARNES, BRUSSELS CORRESPONDENT 15:02, Wed, Oct 28, 2020 | UPDATED: 16:45, Wed, Oct 28, 2020"
  10. When most of the things are ok, there is little to discuss. It was that way before the existence of the E.U., it is now being a part of the E.U.. Will it be the same next year, when the U.K. will be concretely out of the E.U.? I hope so, but we will have to wait & see.
  11. La Révolution A different approach of "Blue Blood". French speaking TV serial, English subtitles.
  12. And some still believe in it. Soi Bukhao, next to PissStop, a new bar, previously a Top Charoen.
  13. Good for everybody is impossible to archive, plus it is a very relative concept. So, I am afraid Belgium isn't different than any other country worldwide in that matter. And as written in the article, many of the homeless are migrants. But what I, and many others, just want is that our live continue to be like it was before the E.U., like it is now as being a member of the U.E., and maybe in the future a member of the U.S.G..
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