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  1. Special people deserves special statuses. Pretty sure many will agree with this, of course now mainly Brexiters, but it could be the other way around according who is in power.
  2. According to Lufthansa site : "inclusive taxes, fees, surcharges"
  3. ^ Easier if they would/could scan my Pink ID Card. First time I would use it for something.
  4. Bell Travel has a service to the Airport, to nearly every hotel in Bangkok, and to Hua Hin.
  5. Same here, girl at Foodland Klang told me to press the banner which appear after scanning the QR, nothing happened, then she press herself, still nothing. I could go in, even without signing the book.
  6. According to Lufthansa site : Bangkok-Brussels-Bangkok ( 20 June - 18 July ) 18930 ThB
  7. They will leave Thailand as soon as they can. They don't want to be a risk for the Thai citizens. How less people, how less risks. Of course Thai can also transmit the virus, but they are Thai and it is their country.
  8. "dropped off required documents" In my case they are documents obtain at the Austrian Consulate Pattaya. If an agent can do that for me, I will gladly use his services, if I have to go by myself and bring the documents to the agent, I can than as well bring the documents to Immigration.
  9. Bell Travel is still not operating between Pattaya and Bangkok.
  10. "no violations were found" The art to transgress the law and not being seen/caught.
  11. I wear a mask as I don't want to take the risk to pay a fine. I do everything my Immigration Officer tell me to do to get my extension, as I don't want not to get an extension. I abide to everything here in Thailand and that since 2000. Maybe one day too much will be too much, and I will book a one-way ticket.
  12. Right, and should every foreigner in Thailand not be expulsed to his home country, on whatever what visa he is? After all if there are only Thais in Thailand anymore, only Thais would be able to transmit the virus to their compatriot.
  13. Right, and we can think of them what we want. While keep smiling, as they do.
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