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  1. You express herewith your opinion about the matter, fair enough for me. It is also fair enough for me, that another poster may be not agree with you, and consider he is entitled to express his opinion by telling you to go home if you not like something. I have my own opinion about the matter, however irrelevant, as an opinion has no real value. It is only what it is : an opinion.
  2. I don't see anything wrong with the fact of going home if one don't like it somewhere anymore. I am 20 years in Thailand, but the day things become too much for me to undergo, I will leave.
  3. I use Exodux Redux on Kodi, and Popcorn Time. Downloaded it on my laptop, and watch the movies and TV series on my 49'' Led TV via a HDMI cable.
  4. You are entitled to believe what you like, so are the others.
  5. ok, than we can discuss the fact that justice may be impartial.
  6. It may be "divine"' for you, and just fair-minded for another, or whatever. Being tolerant is what counts.
  7. You are free to think what you pleased and make you happy. That is tolerant, good from you.
  8. Well you and surely others can't, many have no problem with it. For myself I don't consider any group as knowing better than the other.
  9. Mostly we all agree the same about what can be measured. Oppose to what may exist, here we encounter different opinions, different explanations, even total denying. No one can/should claim than he knows the right answer.
  10. Basically I accept what a medical professor state, so do I with an experienced lawyer and plumber. There is a member here who is a Bible specialist, I don't object to the fact is a pundit in this matter. I only not accept, despite his mastery in this field, he stated that his opinion is the only truth and only to be find in the Bible. Same for you, I have no doubt you are a mentor and recognised as such by the adepts of medidation. That it brings you and others a mentally calm/stable state and some kind of happiness and well being. What I not accept is that you consider therefore your opinion about "belief,God,happiness, well being..." as more valuable than someone else opinion about this specific subject.
  11. Being a barrister requires a lot of studies and knowledge. They know the law and it is accepted as such by everybody. Not all subjects one is "mastering" into is accepting as being of any importance by everyone. So is the opinion these people express. Interesting to read, it stops there.
  12. That's what I stated when writing that mockery is not advisable. But if some wish to use it there is no one or nothing they should spare. Post 6177.
  13. Being a doctor needs a lot of studies, everyone knows and accept this, it is measurable by everyone. There are subjects who aren't, and thus is only relevant for the ones believing/practising it. One can also pretend to know better and more than someone else because knowing more about the subject, but the subject is not measurable. For instance one can state football is a stupid sport. I can than state football is not at all a stupid sport, I look at every match 24 hours a day, know the name of every players from every teams and the results. So I know more than you about the subnect, per consequence my opinion about football has more value than yours.
  14. If you put everyone who is not agree with you on ignore, you will of course only read posts of people who are agree with you. Where is the need to post on a forum than.
  15. I give up, you used the word mockery in your post about your teacher. Than you write that I confuse mockery with criticism. I answer I don't, I know the difference. And now you post explanation of the words as if I don't know the difference.
  16. You think, yes. I don't. Different opinions, and as always with an opinion, no one is particularly right or wrong.
  17. Always difficult for me to correctly express my opinions by translating them in a language I am not mastering. You wrote :" don't mock my teacher" I understood by that, it is ok to mock, but not my teacher. Hence my post trying to explain that mockery is not desirable, but that no one should be above it.
  18. It seems that my post is too simple to be understand by some.
  19. Mocking is something not advisable. However there is no one, or nothing, more subject or less, to not been mocked if one feel the need to use mockery.
  20. There are indeed many sources to find "Truth" and "Wisdom". Truth and wisdom being relative concepts everyone can found/reach it, whatever the way used. The aim is the same, the paths are different, but there are no major and minor roads in this quest.
  21. Is happiness, well-being, serenity... measurable? In other words by believing or not, practising things or not, is one individual more than another one. He of course can feel the difference personally, but can he pretend he is better off than the one doing/believing something or not. I am personally ok in my way, and convinced that others feel the same by their way. I will/can not pretend that I feel better or less as I don't know how they feel, just as they don't know how I feel. I just believe them when they say they feel "good". They may believe me I feel " good" too, or than not; some believing one can only reach the level of "good" in their way only.
  22. My experience in Bangkok ( Thonglor ), Korat, and Pattaya is that most people are acting nicely when any kind of finances are involved, if not they are not interested in who you are or what you do, there are exceptions of course, but they are what they are : exceptions. Now you may of course have a totally different experience. It is similar to the experiences each of use encounter at Immigration, different from one office to another, from one officer to another in the same office, from the same officer dealing with one individual to another.
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