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  1. When most of the things are ok, there is little to discuss. It was that way before the existence of the E.U., it is now being a part of the E.U.. Will it be the same next year, when the U.K. will be concretely out of the E.U.? I hope so, but we will have to wait & see.
  2. La Révolution A different approach of "Blue Blood". French speaking TV serial, English subtitles.
  3. And some still believe in it. Soi Bukhao, next to PissStop, a new bar, previously a Top Charoen.
  4. Good for everybody is impossible to archive, plus it is a very relative concept. So, I am afraid Belgium isn't different than any other country worldwide in that matter. And as written in the article, many of the homeless are migrants. But what I, and many others, just want is that our live continue to be like it was before the E.U., like it is now as being a member of the U.E., and maybe in the future a member of the U.S.G..
  5. Wonder if this will be of any significance for the man in the street of Belgium.
  6. Quid pro quo. It remains to be seen what the E.U. will obtain from the U.K. in lieu of this concession. But for Mr. Macron it seems to be a personal defeat. Or here also : Quid pro quo.
  7. I don't live in Chiang Mai. It seems that some posters don't believe you. Your pictures stating automatically the date an hour on it will maybe convince them.
  8. This place seems really empty when picture was taken. It would be interesting to see the date and hour on the picture.
  9. As for nearly everything here in Thailand : " Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst "
  10. Because it is totally irrelevant. One can similarly pretend that the Britons are against Her Majesty, by quoting Robbie Parkin, and Graham Smith and referring to celebrities as Ken Loach and Mike Leigh.
  11. Tom Tom vandendriessche is a member of "Vlaams Belang" their program include the split of Belgium, Flanders will become an independent state out of the E.U., the Deleted of Belgium will be removed.
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