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  1. Why all the fuss about what Yinn is writing ? She expressed her opinion, which has the same value ( no more, no less ) than any other poster here. She is the only Thai posting here, she has her own opinions about different matters, and that is great. It stops there. She is not the representative of the Thai people. As any poster here is not representative of what his/her fellow countryman is thinking.
  2. There seems to be the possibility of a voluntary contribution to the Thai social security for self-employed persons. Don't know how much ( I suppose a % of the income ), neither do I know what the benefits are ( I suppose according to the % paid ).
  3. Not for Makro. Makro's decision to reserve special hours for the elderly (60-plus)
  4. Legally obliged? No. Morally obligated? Morality is relative to the norms of one's culture.
  5. Maybe, On the other hand, they have the products, assume they have anyhow to pay the rent and staff, so maybe not that stupid.
  6. You are already. It would be nice to read the opinions of other Thais, not only yours. In the meantime feel free to continue to express your opinions. Up to each of us in particular to assess the true value of them.
  7. Parkeerplaats of garage te koop in Blankenberge voor 29 900 € Blankenberge, city at the Belgian coast, 29900 Euro ( +/- 1050000 ThB) for a parking box.
  8. Hmmmm, Yes maybe it is the masks. In South Korea, China, Japan people eat mostly Asian food. In Italy, US, UK, France. Spain, not really. Maybe the food is the reason, or than maybe something else Everyone is entitled to his own opinion about the matter.
  9. Well Yinn expressed her opinion and her experience, that's all. She is not representative of the Thai people, however some times, it seems she believe she is.
  10. Feel good, but not sure I am, so I don't want to be a risk for other people. Hence I can't have a normal everyday life.
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