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  1. 11 minutes ago, teacherclaire said:

    If she bought a phone, take her to the shop and blame her in front of all employees.


        Try to get as much money for the phone from the shop and the lesson is taught. 


       Having lost face and the phone gone should be enough to teach her a needed lesson. 


       And she will start to understand that you're not stupid which might be more important. 


    That's our western way of thinking.

    Losing face may create a completely different reaction for a Thai, even 1/2 Thai.

  2. 2 minutes ago, vinny41 said:

    maybe not in your area

    According to the EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) 2010 survey, 15.3 per cent of Belgium’s population in 2011 was at risk of falling into poverty (in Flemish-speaking Flanders, the wealthiest region in Belgium, this was 9.8 per cent, whereas in Wallonia, a poor French-speaking region this was 19.2 per cent).9 These relatively stable poverty figures obscure a burgeoning group of people who, due to the crisis, have fallen on hard times. In 2012, nearly one in seven Belgians10 had to make ends meet with a monthly income that was lower than the official poverty threshold (€1,000 for a single person or €2,101 for a couple with two children).




    ok, fair enough.

    Don't want to argue further on.

    On the net one can find what one wants, data from any time / any particular situation.

    And usually one believe what one has decide to believe.

    This count also for me.


    We read here catastrophic outcomes for the E.U. and the U.K..

    I believe that for both, it won't be that easy, many problems will occur, I am however confident that we both will manage.



  3. 8 minutes ago, vinny41 said:

    For a number of years everyone in your country as been told by your government to accept austerity,austerity that the government has to keep spending controlled within the EU limits.

    Greece has been told the same austerity,austerity

    You will be aware that only once in the history of the EU has it ever practised what it preaches and reluctantly applied a small reduction in the EU budget

    The age of austerity caught up with the European Union on Friday when a gruelling nonstop 26-hour negotiation resulted in agreement to slash the new seven-year EU budget by 3.3%, or €32bn, the first reduced budget in the union's history.



    Maybe we have been told to accept austerity, but in the 52 years I lived and worked in Belgium, one could not trace it, certainly not in Flanders.

    We are labelled as Burgundian ( enjoy is central ) and believe me, one could see it, in all domains.

    The average financial capacity of the Belgian was 118000 Euro ( 4250000 Thai Baht ) last year.

    Now things may change starting this year, we all will have to wait and see.

  4. 5 minutes ago, vinny41 said:

    That statement became null and void on December 31st 2020

    Example 28 members for the 2014-2020 for the Erasmus+ paid 16,474 billion euros if divided equally among 28 members  comes to 

    approx 588.4 billion euros per country


    the proposed  Erasmus+ budget for 2021-2028 is 26.2 billion euros  if divided equally among 27 members  comes to

    approx 970.4  billion euros per country



    That is an extra 382 billion euros  for each of the 27 members


    Seemed indeed to easy for the E.U..


    In all these reports one juggle with billions, in a way that I don't have any idea anymore what these enormous amounts really represent.


    For instance Belgium has since years and years, billions deficit, something around 50 now, but live go on, and on.


    I think my best way is to wait and see, I will sure, soon or later, find out how these billions will concretely affect my daily life, assuming it will.


    For sure, it doesn't seem that the actual Belgium government is very impressed by these extra billions, they announced that pension will increase this year, and the next five.


    Maybe already early election promises ( 2024 ).



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  5. 1 hour ago, transam said:

    When WW2 ended it took the UK about 10 years to get back on its feet, and much longer to pay the money back to defeat the Axis mob, so it is obvious it will take time for the UK to sort itself out this time...

    But sort itself out, it will.....😉


    That's correct.


    But I don't see the relevance, as a reaction to my post,


    which was :


    what concrete influence, for the man in the street in the E.U., with less money  in the hands of the E.U..

    what concrete influence, for the man in the street in the U.K., with more money available in the hands of the U.K..


    Providing that for both, there will any influence at all.

  6. 11 minutes ago, transam said:

    Indeed, Brexit is done, just a few things to sort out, much the same as any new start up...

    Any news on your increased EU payments yet, I hear you are heading back there soon....?


    I think it is rather early to have any news about what concrete impact the absence of the U.K. financial contribution will have on the daily life of the man in the street in the E.U..


    I suppose there is also no news yet about what concrete benefit the man in the street in the U.K. will have from this spare money.  


    2 hours ago, advancebooking said:

    Essentially I said to him he could easily spend a 100,000 a month in Bangkok living quite well. 

    Quite well is a relative concept.  

    Just tell your friend how you precisely calculated the 100000.

    He will then decide by himself if it is too much, not enough or fair. 

    People have different priorities too. 

    I have a house, a car, and a pied-à-terre to pay. 

    An acquaintance has ca. the same monthly income, he lives in a small room, no car, no motorcycle, he loves to go out and ring the bell. 

    He spares a lot of money lately. 

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  8. 6 minutes ago, l4ml4m said:

    How many more years and how many more lockdowns people need to understand that nothing has never been blocked and nothing will be blocked this time again ?! I was thinking that people learn from experience but it clearly seems that it's not true.

    Whatever the BS news will say, you can always drive from BKK to anywhere without seeing and roadblock or check, and even if you see one, the chance that they stop you must be under 0%



    You catalogue the news as BS. 

    Fair enough. 


    Just curious,

    on what base should we not catalogue your post as BS? 




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  9. 4 minutes ago, Thingamabob said:

    By far the easiest way to get an annual extension is retirement based on 'O' visa, backed by 800k on permanent deposit. 

    Retirement based on income in homeland,( no need to put any money in Thai bank, no  need to transfer monthly a minimun of 65000 ThB) is by far the easiest way for me. 

    However not possible anymore for Americans, Australians, British. 

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  10. I rented in Thonglor started 18th January. 

    Pattaya to Bangkok.

    Is that an essential trip? 

    Well relative of course, I paid. 

    I will be alone in the condo, so can do a self isolation for 14 days. 

    Foodland Thonglor is a 5 minutes walk, so I can do early shopping, less chance of people. 

    How is this self isolation been controlled. 

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  11. 3 minutes ago, NanLaew said:

    Oops...there's that "side" thing again.


    If the EU was so strong why did they wait cap in hand for almost 4 years while the UK sorted out (most) of its internal political strife? I am sure they don't give a toss for the UK's ongoing existential angst but despite being the 'stronger side', they haven't said anything to suggest that the deal was a walkover.


    " cap in hand " is a perception.


    Another one is :


    The U.K. is so desperate for a deal, they always postpone their ultimatum".


    Personally I am convinced that  these 2 perceptions of the event, are far of the mark.

  12. 15 hours ago, Eloquent pilgrim said:

    The fact that neither side are completely satisfied with the agreement, particularly regarding the fishing issue, would indicate that it is probably a fairly balanced deal in the end, with hard fought compromise conceded by both parties.


    Throughout December the UK government came under heavy criticism for making a stand on fishing. Critics from both the UK and EU, continually urged them to concede some ground and compromise, claiming that it was a relatively minor issue. It is not without irony, that many of those critics are now lambasting them for doing exactly what they were urging them to do, compromise.


    If the UK fishermen are not happy, the French fishermen must be incandescent, seeing as Macron, I believe, promised them that he would veto any Brexit deal that would compromise their present status quo regarding fishing rights.


    However, there are several anti-British posters on this forum, and unfortunately, some even appear to be UK citizens, who seem to think that when the EU made compromises, it demonstrated their superior negotiating skills, but when the UK PM made compromises, it demonstrated deceit. Unfortunately, with these posters, their dislike of the UK seems to be  indelibly etched on their DNA ………… plus ça change



    Some may indeed consider anti - Brexit as anti-British, same as some may consider anti-E.U. as anti- European.


    Perceptions are personal matters,  and usually not changeable,

    no matter what, one see/believe  what one has already decide to see/believe.


    There is also certainly a kind of national pride/chauvinism among some posters, sometimes even zealotry :


    " all what we do is correct and fair, you are never to be trust ".



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  13. 54 minutes ago, transam said:

    Are you saying they will not get their waters back after the transition period....?


    Maybe some do, but I don't believe anything politicians are promising, certainly if it has to take place in X+ years.


    Politicians don't think about the future, but about the now, problems which may occur in the future, is a far away something, which will be treated in due time,

    mostly by other politicians.


    The gross of the base swallow the politicians promises, when it suit them.


    Later they will claim : we have at the time been betrayed by... 



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