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  1. 2 minutes ago, cucme said:

    Same he tried, he had all his German pension statements, the "volunteer" did not accept that, insisted in a statement of bank account.

    The problem with one Immigration office to another, from one officer to another in the same office, and now volunteers seems also to have their say.

    He must try to have a copy of his German bank account showing the monthly amounts credited, it may be sufficient.

    Or maybe having the help of an agent, of course at a price.

  2. My last extension based on income in homeland was January 2020 at Immigration Jomtien.

    I usually go to the Austrian Consulate in Pattaya to get a Letter of Income.

    I present a list of monthly payments done by the Belgian Office of pensions and copies of my Belgian bankbook showing these amounts being credited on my account.

    This year the Vice-Consul told me she received a call from Immigration to tell her customers that next to the L.o.I. they also wanted to see the documents presented to her.

    So I did when I went to Immigration. The officer checked that the L.o.I. plus the 2 documents were attached to my TM7 and granted me my extension. 

    Next year maybe something different. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, whiteman said:

    so many cheap charlies on here you only live once


    Everything is relative.


    I stay now and then in Bangkok/Thonglor for a month or more.

     The price I paid there is nearly the double I paid here at MaxxCity, for the same surface.


    People living permanently in Thonglor, may consider the people living in Pattaya as cheap charlies.

  4. 20 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

    It is obvious that the army does not want us here as ex-pats.


    Except 3 nationalities, a letter of income is still accepted for an extension based on retirement. I personally have done something like 15 this way;

    my last one in January 2020.

    Of course it can change tomorrow, everything is subject to change here. 


    I suppose if the embassies of the 3 countries would again issue L.o.I.,they will also be accepted by Immigration providing it contain the right sentences. 

    In my case, the Austrian consulate write : "We hereby certify..." 

    Good enough for every I. officer I dealed with. 


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  5. 47 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

    when was the last time they made a gracious gesture towards us?

    When America, Australia, British, embassies didn't provide letters of income anymore, the only way to get an extension based on retirement for the citizens of these 3 countries was to have 800000 ThB on a Thai bankbook.

    They then create the possibility of the 65000 monthly transfer.

    Maybe not the solution, but sure something to avoid the 800000 way.


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  6. 37 minutes ago, patsfangr said:

    When I went back to pick up my stamped passport at 3 PM next day, I walked in, and an Imm worker came up and took my ticket. I waited, all alone, behind a white line. He returned with my passport in about 30 seconds, and, after checking the photo against my temporarily unmasked face, he handed it to me.

    So no photo taken anymore.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Goong Ying said:

    "the American's haven't spoken English for years.

    Can be said for the many British staying in Pattaya.


    Ok, I am 71+ and Belgian, English is my 4th. language,

    when I went to school it was mandatory to learn the 3 nationals Belgian languages, then English.


    So I may not understand everything in English.


    However I have no problem at all to understand Sir David Attenborough in his documentaries.

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  8. Jingthing, Crazy Alex, thanks. 

    So it is up to the voting people. 

    Which is, in my opinion, the most democratic way. 

    Certainly when it is repeatedly,

    voters can change their mind after a while. 

    Some will be happy with what it was, some others won't. 

    Some will change their mind, thinking it would be bad, but found out it isn't. 

    Others who thinking it would be good, and found out it wasn't what they expected. 

    Will see. 


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  9. 1 minute ago, wazzupnow said:

    nope u are right, just wanted to make this a bit more public, i hate thai police(or better any uniformed force anywhere  that does not does its job)


    Don't know since how long you are here in Thailand and/or how long you plan to stay.


    Anyway you should know that collecting bribe money is considered by the police as a part of their job, and so is by most of the natives.

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