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  1. My experience with non native English speakers are mostly alright. 

    We both speak an English easy to understand, usually a school English as second - third language. 

    Fourth in my personal case. 

    My problem is with  British, usually I not understand what they say, some even becomes angry when you tell them you don't understand their English. 

    Or they are so surprised you know nothing about Fulham FC ( an example). 

    So I have learned to mostly avoid other farangs. 

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  2. If one wish to collect 20-30000 ThB at a bank counter, many branches will tell you to use the ATM. 

    On bigger amounts they will usually accept, but the all procedure is sometimes laborious and/or tiresome, especially if you want to put the amount on your bankbook. 

    I used this system for years.


    Now since more than 1 year, I use transferwise, as it can been done from home, take 2 minutes, still use my Credit Card, know at once the rate and costs, and in my case the money is on my Thai account from my Belgian account a few hours later. 




  3. 16 minutes ago, mauGR1 said:

    Nice to hear that, it's just not important at all how you call that "extra something".

    At least you are not one of the types who believe, without reason, that humans are the most evolved form of life in the universe.

    You misunderstood me, or better i didn't explain myself clearly enough.

    As per now I believe that humans are the most evolved form of life in the universe.

    My opinion may change when I will have a proof, which will convince me entirely, that this isn't the case.

    The "extra" or "God" or whatever, is usually attribute by believers to "something" they believe has/had "extra" power or something not definable.



  4. 8 minutes ago, Sunmaster said:

    ...Take love for example. Why restrict it to your friends and family only? You can expand it to include all humans, all animals, all the visible creation, and then you can go beyond that too...zeroing in on the highest form of love imaginable...God's Love. 

    Agree with you here,

     except for "God's Love"

    as I don't believe in a "God".

    But I accept easily that people have different opinions,

    and  believe in a "extra something" which some call " God".


  5. 6 minutes ago, mauGR1 said:

    Sure, if you tell me that elephants are pink, and there are unicorns in your garden, i will accept it.

    Perhaps i will not lend you my car though 😉

    No, I won't tell you that.


    You state that : "the physical world you can see with your eyes could be just a tiny part of the existence"


    I my opinion you may be right.


    Do you consider your statement as the absolute truth?, with no possibility of being wrong?


    You are of course entitled to believe so.









  6. 6 minutes ago, mauGR1 said:

    I agree with your principles, of course.


    In principle,

    of course.


    When one read the topic about "God" it is evident that for many their interpretation is the only correct one, with no mention at all they may be wrong.


    But back to Sweden.


  7. On 4/27/2020 at 12:08 PM, mauGR1 said:

    the funny thing is when they try to convince other people that they are right.


    Happens all the time, on every subject, on every topic.


    How many will write ;

    " This is my fervent opinion, but I concede I may be wrong "


    Add to this that some even find it inappropriate that others claim they know the so called "truth", but have no problem at all to claim that their "truth" is the correct one.

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  8. 10 hours ago, jacko45k said:

    She gave me some all in Thai form she told me I would need if I tried to go into town

    Went today, from Soi Siam Country Club to Foodland, around noon, with a Thai driver.

    At control point Sukhumvit, she had to show her I.D. card. 

    I nothing ( I had my passport, pink I.D. card, Yellow Book, with me ).

    Temperature was taken from both of us.

    Control was done by volunteers, I assume.

    On the way back no any form of control.

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  9. 1 hour ago, sandyf said:

    Hypocrite. Like everyone else you would not put up with someone slagging you off in your own home, you would ask them to leave.

    Sorry, not understand your post.


    I am trying to say that one can criticize the country where one stay.


    Some pretend that : "If you don't like it here, you should leave"


    This is not necessary obligatory.


    Of course each of us has a different level of what he is prepare to undergo before

    "too much is too much now, so I leave".


    In the meantime, before reaching that final degree, up to him to criticize if he feel the need to.

  10. 16 minutes ago, sapson said:

    Yes exactly no need to attend for anyone until at least 31st July or as a new notification is issued.

    Immigration offices are still open, and apparently they accept to do the 90 days reports, and extensions.


    So it seems there a choice,

    visit them the day one is supposedly to do (less people now ) or wait till after 31 July.


    One thing for sure, it still has to be done.




    My post is identical to the post here above.


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  11. 22 minutes ago, whiteman said:

    in and out in under 2 minutes.

    Hardly life threatening.


    Mine was faster under one minute I was the only one there

    So Immigration, in these cases, didn't sent you back, telling to come back after 31 July.

    Therefore, as I always do my 90 days on line, i will do it  again as expected 1/2 June and will see what is happening.

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  12. 12 minutes ago, Eindhoven said:

    I don't care if you don't believe me


    I dare to write that most of us,

    despite not knowing personally the others posting here about their experiences and opinions,

    believe what they wrote.


    Not that sure about your posts.


    But whatever as you wrote =


    "I don't care if you don't believe me. What difference does that make to my life?"



  13. 3 hours ago, Kerryd said:

    Is that open ? I was just looking on Google and it says "temporarily closed" but maybe that's out of date.

    I have been Wednesday around 10 a.m.. Looks close from outside, not very much illuminated, more staff than customers. Rather nice choice of domestic and foreign products. Will visit again.

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