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  1. 3 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

    Pay attention and read the prior posts instead of being a serial repeater of the obvious, or someone just trolling for an answer

    I don't trust posters.

    I trust the information from the airport.

    But of course everyone is different, and therefore allowed to believe what he wants.

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  2. 50 minutes ago, AussieBob18 said:

    As in anywhere in world, the media here is very left wing

    Some even pretend that education is the same.

    Never understood/understand why the right wing didn't/don't do nothing about this.

    They give the impression of being powerless and, excepting whining about it, just accepting it.





  3. 4 minutes ago, Bangkok Barry said:

    You obviously haven't been to a local office with a partner to get something 'official' done.

    I am 71+, 20 years in Thailand now. 

    My experience in Belgium, and here is quite the same. 

    Give some power to someone, especially in official offices, and one will encounter, pretty sure, power abuse. 

    The future is to get everything done on line; providing it is 100% effective. 

  4. 15 minutes ago, SkyFax said:

    That's OK Ms. Yinn. If their opinions were of any import, they would be filing them someplace other than here.

    No starting a debate here if right or wrong.


    The fact is that there are different nationalities here, with different age levels, some are expats, some tourists, some since many years here, others much lesser.


    But many have the same, rather negative approach/experience about Thailand. 


    Next to  be interesting, it is also significant/relevant. 


    Yinn is unfortunately the only Thai  who express herself here. 


    Interesting to know her opinion, but being one it is not at all significant /relevant. 


  5. 44 minutes ago, recom273 said:

    I have read a few of your posts, There are better ways to put your point than rubbishing others first hand knowledge gathered from experience.

    Yinn is allowed to express her opinion, like every other poster here.

    She has however the wrong attitude to present it in a way as if she is the representative of the Thai people.

    She is in no way.


  6. Just now, HashBrownHarry said:

    I'm scared of losing or damaging my PP, that's my reason for not taking it out.


    I travel a lot to work ( or did ) and that's my meal ticket.

    Seems you have a kind of passport syndrome.

    Some are scared if they not take their original passport with them now, in this special situation, they may occur problems.

    Everyone has to do what he think is right, being conscious there may be consequences.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, cucme said:

    Same he tried, he had all his German pension statements, the "volunteer" did not accept that, insisted in a statement of bank account.

    The problem with one Immigration office to another, from one officer to another in the same office, and now volunteers seems also to have their say.

    He must try to have a copy of his German bank account showing the monthly amounts credited, it may be sufficient.

    Or maybe having the help of an agent, of course at a price.

  8. My last extension based on income in homeland was January 2020 at Immigration Jomtien.

    I usually go to the Austrian Consulate in Pattaya to get a Letter of Income.

    I present a list of monthly payments done by the Belgian Office of pensions and copies of my Belgian bankbook showing these amounts being credited on my account.

    This year the Vice-Consul told me she received a call from Immigration to tell her customers that next to the L.o.I. they also wanted to see the documents presented to her.

    So I did when I went to Immigration. The officer checked that the L.o.I. plus the 2 documents were attached to my TM7 and granted me my extension. 

    Next year maybe something different. 

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  9. 11 minutes ago, whiteman said:

    so many cheap charlies on here you only live once


    Everything is relative.


    I stay now and then in Bangkok/Thonglor for a month or more.

     The price I paid there is nearly the double I paid here at MaxxCity, for the same surface.


    People living permanently in Thonglor, may consider the people living in Pattaya as cheap charlies.

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