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  1. You couldn't be more wrong !!! It has nothing to do with the UK or with cheering anybody up. It's historically very dark and all about perversion ... and stupid people celebrate it !!!
  2. Just wonder how much environmental damage such a battle ship produces ... or a "Cobra Gold" exercise. They are hopefully not running any diesel engines or setting anything on fire. ... but as these are the good guys they surely don't do such things. [Apart from killing millions of people and bombing anybody into the stone age that has a different opinion]
  3. What exactly is environmental "friendly" in all this elektro-anything-nonsense ? [Like solar or wind or electric cars ...] None of it has a positive energy balance and as such they are all NOT sustainable !!! Just because you don't see the pollution does not mean there is none. The result of this nonsense to the environment will be devastating !!! It's the wrong technology !!!
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