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  1. What a delightful post. "the results of kamma" is one of the four incomprehensible subjects that are beyond all conceptualization and cannot be understood with logical thought or reason. Lucky for some of us we have never been accused of logical thought or reason. I have been accused of talking nonsense many many times. So if we cannot understand with a logical mind and with reason it might work with an utterly illogical mind and unreason. I have been called unreasonable many times I would very proudly say if I had one of those egos people keep talking about. I have never discussed the range of powers a Buddha develops as a result of becoming a Buddha. Until I read this I never knew there was a range. Not that I have put any thought into this matter but I would have assumed it was all the same had I put any thought to it. Same with the range of powers that one may obtain while absorbed in jhāna. Until I read this I have put any thought into this matter. However I have discussed karma and this might bring madness & vexation to anyone who conjectured about it." If we live in a sane world and what everyone is doing is sane then maybe a little bit of madness and doing things differently might not be a bad thing. If we keep going the same way, we might not have a planet left. Discussing karma and listening to people explaining karma to me have never brought vexation which is the state of being annoyed, frustrated and worried. I have always found the opposite. Refreshing and delightful and even liberating. As for the "you" that have been warned? Not so sure which me its referring to. Me the ego that doesn't exist? The me that is permanent and unconditioned was never born and therefore is deathless or the me that is impermanent & conditioned? I am hoping not to get an answer as "I" don't want to put anyone at risk or going mad or getting annoyed, frustrated and worried. That would only bring bad karma. Taking ourselves too seriously, taking what we say too seriously that just expands the ego and big egos are not a good thing. But I would just like to say I heard on the radio today that mediation changes the brain and helps people increase their attention span and hence help focus longer and think better. And people that meditate put emotions down faster. As in something makes you angry and upset and you move onto something else you let go that emotion faster. So I guess you don't carry on being angry or upset when you move onto doing the next thing. And someone said if everyone spend as much time mediating as much as they do brushing their teeth the world would be a much better place. I really believe this and its like just 3 minutes twice a day for most of us. Although some people never brush their teeth.
  2. Wow this is really true. Really good post.
  3. I am open to new ideas as the thoughts I write here are not my thoughts. They are just thoughts that come into my head. Even "my" head is so wrong. Its as wrong as the concept of "my" body. How is it "my" body? How much control do "I" have over "my" body? Very little. My hair is turning white. How did that happen? I never ask my hair to turn white and I certainly didn't control it to turn white. If my heart stops beating I will be dead. I am not controlling my heart beating. It beats by itself. Sometimes it beats faster and sometimes it beats slower, I don't control any of it. My eyes sees and I don't control any of that. It just sees. I don't say rods and cones start seeing and tell me what you see. So the thoughts are not mine, the body is not mine what is it that is me or mine or I? Maybe really nothing. Not me, not mine, not I. However if I double park and I get a ticket I will pay the fine as I do not deny the actions and the consequences to be "mine". However I happily pay with money that belongs to the person that is not me. There is nothing like spending other people's money. Absolutely nothing.
  4. I could also be totally wrong and if anyone has any Buddhists teachings that dispel what I wrote it would be most welcome.
  5. I am not so sure faith and believe has any part to play in anything in Buddhism. Say I get food poisoning and an ambulance brings me to hospital. Now I don't believe in western medicine but they pump me full of drugs and I get well. If they pump me full of the right drugs I get better regardless of whether I believe in western medicine or not. Surely its the same with karma. I don't believe in karma and I do lots of bad things and if karma is true lots of bad things happen to me. Now if karma is true even if I never heard of karma let alone believe in it bad things are going to happen to me. Same with reincarnation. Reincarnation like karma IF its true whether you believe in it or even heard of it, if it's a fact you will be reborn and maybe many times regardless. However since Buddha said our thoughts create the world and I think in Buddhism there is this concept of we live in delusion or something like that then it is possible the biggest delusion our thoughts create is this concept of time. It maybe possible that the real world not the one we create with our thoughts is always now. Our thoughts create the yesterday, today, tomorrow. If there is no past present and future then the concept of rebirth is moot. The other big delusion I suspect is the concept of space. There is no yesterday I was far away, today I am here and tomorrow I will be going some where else. I suspect we are all stuck in the same place together. I think science says something like this is not only possible but also happened. Before the big bang all the material in the world came together and got squashed into a very small space something like smaller than a pin head and then exploded outwards to create the world. So its possible that our thoughts create time and space and our thoughts create the concept of reincarnation because rebirth needs time and space. So rebirth and even karma for that matter may just be concepts created by our thoughts and our thought may not be true. It maybe possible that our thoughts actually stops us from seeing the real world.
  6. Wow I am also very impressed with that quote. I know very little about Buddhism so its the first time I have read this quote. Thank you for highlighting it. I really appreciate hearing this. The quote is really complete and put with so few words. We really do make the world with our thoughts. Not me, not mine, not I is something that is stuck in my head and keeps repeating but I don't know where it comes from. But if "my" thoughts make "my" world then to see the real world then I cannot use "my" thoughts as it will only show "my" world and not the real world. I think the Zen question also teaches us the truth of the Buddha's quote. If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it does it make a sound? Buddhism not only tells the truth but also expresses it so elegantly.
  7. Hi Rocky Is it possible that working on diminishing the ego is more important than awakening? Maybe no more ego means no one to awaken? Possible?
  8. I never see being lazy as a negative. I have always seen it as a positive. To some Buddhism is target oriented. Focus on achieving a goal. That's one view point but another view could be Buddhism is about letting go. Thai visa being a Thai forum maybe sees the technique to being awaken from Theravada eyes with the need for a life time of effort or maybe many life times of effort. Looking at Japan with their emphasis on speed and efficiency they may use a Zen approach with their funny questions technique to being awaken. Maybe quicker and don't need a life time or many life times of effort. Anyway this fixation of achieving the goal of enlightenment. Who is the one that is trying to achieve the goal? Who is the one that is trying to be awaken? Who is the one that is trying to reach enlightenment? Definitely not me, not mine, not I.
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