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  1. massage lady 1000 to 1500 per day kids 25,000 per month school 200,000 per year food 1000 per day fuel 500 per day finances 24,000 per month 2 ladies up to 5000. sometimes 1 time per month electric 10,000 per month dog food is cats legal fees 9000 per month house maid / 12500 per month ( hopefully trying to merge her into being massage lady to birds with 1 stone) exercise 3000 baht per month
  2. shut up. all of a sudden everyone in Koh Tao is an expert on criminal forensics. funny how no one has been raped and killed since the 2 Burmese killers have been sent to jail I hope they never get out like if Ian Y... and his slander youtube channel profiling from murders with his 1 k subscriber's wouldn't be surprised if this post gets deleted due to not meeting the opinions of mods and what not
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