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  1. There is no evidence from this that he did it because his visa was about to expire. Nice twist TV
  2. Looks like.hw wanted to take someone with him. If he crashed into a car or a bike wkth family inside. Let him rot
  3. Police probably know more than what they are releasing to public Might not be cctv on the temple but cctv around it Then once they have a suspect they can see if the hand writing matches
  4. You know that pretty much any thai xan be tracked via ID card When making tracking sims for foreigners is only becuase foreigners are harder to find thai Thais Foreigners do get special treatment yet complain when they worry about being tracked You knkw in UK the moment you call the ambulance service they are already tracing phone locations And that's jsut tbe ambulances
  5. I dont get it If you haven't been arrested yet then How Can you be given amnesty?
  6. Sounds like film casino Do they have vices in the back rooms
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