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  1. Foreigners should pay more we sre here to give to the country. I reckon they should have different tier system Price for thais Price for locals as they live here all year round and are more likely to use the facilities than a tourist on a 3 week holiday Price for tourists But if an expat is out of their area in Thailand then they should be treated as a tourist
  2. Jesus Thailand must be desperate bringing in the worst tourists in the world I won't take indian tourists in my place and i have seen other people complaining. Dont give me that racial bull <deleted> If i was talking about white russians annoying me that would be fine Just dont bring race into it
  3. Suspect that he haf a heart attack or the heart attack was suspect?
  4. Either way you got a discount. Looks like your angry now
  5. Only 1 way to end the blood is the legalise cocaine distribution and stop extradition treaties Work together or kill each other They are selling a product that has high demand If the US has a problem then they shall have to deal with it when the traffickers cross the border. Choice of keeping Americans happy or kill each other in Mexico If the blood stops maybe less migrants needing assylum
  6. Whe you day adult only are we talking play boy mansion style if so i want to go also
  7. So they gave you a discount and you got angry They should have charged you the full wack is thats the case
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