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  1. be useful if they did similar to get ride of TM30. rather than report via immigration can just can QR code and reporting every 90 days the same way. selfie with address in back ground and some kind of time stamp. if have to report anyway then better to save time with tech than go to immigration with large queue personally i do not like the reporting i reckon border bouncing is a must but the time should be once a year plus if tourists can show a foreign bank statement showing they have enough income to stay here for many years then they
  2. yes i buy less than what i used to. basically once i have bought what i can carry without dropping everything i leave i also have less plastic bags to through small small rubbish away. sometimes the 2 baht bags are available sometimes they are not is plastic the only material they can make cheap bags with? can't they put their prices up by half a baht for every items to compensate for free bags
  3. the Black is open. chaweng beach road very quiet and lamai beach road everywhere is is pretty much normal
  4. i am fine. everything pretty much normal accept low pound to baht which has been normal for a while like inflation downwards people putting their prices down and income is less but ratio wise living is pretty much the same
  5. we need to be united in Manchester manchester united
  6. we need to get down to the Winchester pure a pint and wait for all this to blow over how is that for a slice of fried gold?
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