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  1. You can register remotely.. fill in a couple of forms, and a scan of your ID. BUT, you can't yet send THB using a laptop/webpage.... although they claim to be working on it. Currently only from cash at their office or using an app via a smart phone (which I don't use).
  2. I see Alex Alborn (Thailand's budding F1 driver) managed to stay on the track for just 4 corners before spinning off during testing today. Perhaps the brakes failed..?
  3. Anyone riding a motorcycle in Thailand should ride at a safe enough speed to avoid ANYTHING unexpected. Whether it be the car you are about to overtake making an unexpected U-turn right in front of you, or pulling out from a side junction right in front of you. (Either of which could have happened here). ...Or even a suicidal soi dog deciding to run straight in front of you. Any of which could cause the motorcyclist to hit it or fall off, and the motorcyclist will usually come off badly. Excessive speed, lack of attention due to playing on a phone, or poorly maintained brakes, will all make the situation worse. It matters little who had the legal right when you are fatally injured... As a motorcyclist you are usually going to come off worse, and you should ride accordingly.
  4. Am I the only person who still uses a paper Road Atlas..?
  5. First time I used TW... successfully after a very quick and easy sign-up, they invited me to rate their service on Trustpilot. I'd never heard of this before, but was happy to give TW a 4/5 (since I NEVER give full marks for anything). I've never looked again at TP. This probably explains why there are so many single posts from users. Most of my fellow countrymen (UK) have used TW with no problems. More often than not the US users that I know have problems. From oz it's about 50/50. But no one I know has ever lost their funds.. It just takes a few days/week extra to set-up. For UK users there's a significant saving to be made since Thai bank TT's are very low. For USD, the bank TT is closer to the MMR, so TW is less worthwhile.
  6. I know a few people who have opened BBL accounts recently (past few years) and have all be told they MUST take out accident insurance with them (at around 5k/year, with automatic renewal). I want to open a BBL so that my Transferwise are more likely recorded as Intl, but not if I have to pay for all these unnecessary extras. Currently, Kasikorn charges me 250bt/year for my ATM card, and very occasionally 10bt "fees" for ATM withdrawals, just 5x from 60 uses of my card during 2018. I don't know why only some are charged, but mostly not.. All are within my "home" province.
  7. 3200bt for 3 (or possibly more) sheep seems a pretty good deal.... Or am I reading the OP incorrectly.
  8. Get Mrs P to talk to the Immigration Officer to explain HER mistake - they may be more sympathetic to a fellow citizen.
  9. I've been told I'm 10 years short of contributions for a full basic state pension. I missed 3 years whilst at university (that I thought I should have been credited) and then I retired fully at age 47), and it seems there have been no additional for the higher rate contributions (SSP/SERP) that I made. They want around 6.2kGBP to cover this shortfall. The additional pension I will eventually receive (commences in 8 years time) would take c. 3 years to make up that. But by investing the 6.2k now, I can certainly do better than the extra 40GBP per week I would receive. ...And of course there is no guarantee that they will actually pay overseas retirees ANYTHING by the time I get to 67.
  10. OP, It's my understanding that you don't need to keep the 800k in you bank for 3 months after your last extension, since this rue SHOULD only be applied to extensions granted AFTER 1st March 2019. BUT I've heard of a few people who've recently (last 2 weeks) been extended that have been told they also need to keep their 800k minimum for 3 months (even though the rule is not formally started yet). My advice to you would be to try if possible to keep over 800k until your 3 months are up, and then keep to a 400k minimum for the rest of the year until your next seasoning period commences.... assuming you are planning on getting another extension in Dec 2019. I'm probably being over cautious, buy surely better to be safe than sorry...
  11. Depends what your using for proof of income. Embassy letter will be in a foreign currency and converted by the IO using the BKK exchange rate for that day. Incomes transferred into a Thai bank account will be in baht. It's a minimum of 65K per month. Anything under 65K for even 1 month could disqualifies your application. Edited 13 hours ago by Tanoshi I was planning on trying to use Thai bank deposits for proof of income, hopefully using income alone, but if the actual arrival amount falls below 65k (due to a further drop in Fx), then trying instead for the combo. But should the seasoned savings amount be based on total annual deposits or the lowest monthly deposit x12. I'm thinking it through as a possible method for my next extension rather than the upcoming one... I want to make sure all the ducks are lined up, and there will be no nasty surprises that could be (relatively) easily avoided with a little foresight.
  12. 4MyEgo.... You are probably better off getting your original fob & key with just the "new" key swivel mechanism, than if you'd actually got a "new" fob and a new key, so I wouldn't complain. As you say, if it happens again, simply replace the key swivel mechanism from an old fob (maybe with broken electronics), which you could probably pick up for next to nothing. For 1000 bt, consider it a cheap lesson learned... (you were all set to pay 4-5000 for a complete new unit from Ford, IIRC). And thanks for keeping us all appraised.. A lesson for all of us here, and if I ever need to do the same I'll buy you a beer..
  13. Is your US bank registered to your Thai address? (could be the problem) Do you have any US address you could use? (e.g. relative with the same surname and explain they are named on the utility bills etc.)
  14. Correct - others I know have had problems when trying to use a Thai address... (even when this is the address that your intended "sending" bank is registered). I think they are more concerned where the money is coming from, than where you are sending it to, since you can set up a number of different recipient names & accounts, e.g. self, partner, etc.
  15. I'm still concerned about the income method (and possibly also the combo). You may have a fixed pension income of say 1500GBP/mon but due to varying exchange rates it does not give a fixed THB. This time last year, 1500GBP would have given you just over 65k bt. Now it would be less than 60k. Clearly the income method would now fail. So you could try to ensure you have kept some funds in your bank above a certain minimum for the seasoning period.... But how much? Will the I/O use the total income, or use the lowest income X12. If he is happy to use the total figure for the year, then it open the possibility for using quarterly income, and if your quarterly income is over 200k/qtr, then this should be acceptable for to 100% income method. I would suggest that anyone who is intending to use an income OR combo method to support an extension during the rest of this year should visit their local office as soon as possible and discuss exactly what will be required or expected. As a minimum, I would expect them to want to see regular monthly deposits to your Thai bank from Jan 2018 at the latest (which of course may already be too late for some, so perhaps a double deposit this months would suffice). I will be doing my extension soon using the seasoned funds method, but I intend exploring the possibility of moving to a combo method in the following year.
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