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  1. This is one of the reasons I send using Transferwise... You know EXACTLY what rate has been applied, and what baht you will receive. They update their rates in line with the MMR (Mid Market Rate) continuously, and you can see their rate changing if you update their quote page (or even just change the amount to be sent, i.e. 1000 to 1001 to 1000 again.) But unless the source of the funds is unimportant to you (i.e. 800k savings) then it's risky if you're using someone other than Bangkok Bank to receive them. If you SWIFT in GBP, then you will only get the receiving bank rate when the funds arrive (and IMO this is open to abuse). But SWIFT sending THB from a UK bank and you'll get a much lower rate... but at lest you'll know upfront what it will be (if you ask).
  2. I can foresee a libel/defamation suit being initiated...... against TV even..?
  3. I'm surprised they don't find a way of easily taxing it; it would all be legalized then... in every country.
  4. steve73

    Proof of single status

    Use this as an excuse not to get married...!
  5. Not with Transferwise. You should be able to do it directly from your bank (although they sometimes make you jump through a few hoops), or you can use Dee money... 150bt per transfer and a pretty good Fx rate.
  6. Thanks OJ (& PR), I wasn't aware of that. I've always done my 90-day on-line (except when I've missed the window), or when extending. I'm planning to extend next month, close to 30 days early (in case of problems), & will be doing my 90 day at the same time...
  7. 1. you can go between 7 days early to 7 days late. 2.1 Yes - as listed. 2.2 You should have submitted a TM28 (maybe), and your residence owner/houseowner (which could be you) a TM30 as soon as you moved in. For this you (or your landlord) will need loads more stuff depending where you are actually staying.. and expect to pay a fine for not doing so immediately. Most likely you were unable to do your 90 day on-line since you've not submitted a TM30 previously.
  8. I looked closely at TW for a US mate of mine and there was little benefit over using SWIFT. (Mainly because the Thai banks have a very tight buy/sell spread for USD). But for Brits, the Thai banks have a very wide buy/sell for GBP, and it's most certainly cheaper using TW.... especially if you need to make 12 or more transfers per month. Also, with the Brexit uncertainties, the GBP/THB rate "bounces" up and down sometimes as much as 1% per day, and TW allows you to "lock-in" the peaks, rather than just accepting what the Thai banks give you a day or so later (although it could act against you in some instances). It also depends on your UK bank SWIFT fee, but for me a monthly transfer of 65k would cost me around 16,000 bt/yr more using SWIFT. Maybe not a lot for you, but I'd rather have it than the (w)bankers.
  9. The best way to "send" THB back to your home account is to find a trusted countryman who doesn't need to show incoming funds to T/L, e.g. someone using the seasoned 4/800k savings. Simply agree a FX rate, arrange for him to make a bank transfer in the home country (usually free & immediate) and then hand over the baht cash. Saves fees in both directions.
  10. IIRC the ozzy diver/anesthetist had to arrange some legal waiver before the rescue went ahead..?
  11. Prostitution implies "reward of sexual favours in exchange for money". Perhaps she was offering you a freebie..?
  12. If you haven't already registered your address using the TM28/30 you (or your landlord/housemaster) will also need to do this. Perhaps also pay a fine unless you can convince Imm. you've only just moved in there.
  13. I'd be interested to hear from any Danes that have or are about to extend this month.. It's possible they can show no satisfactory deposits. Also UK, US, & Oz citizens who missed the opportunity to get income letters/affadivits who may not even managed to get one suitable deposit as yet.
  14. It should be 1.5-2 metres, try that. As for mirrors, makes sense for motorbikes and cars as you are in different lanes and overtake more. If you feel you need mirrors get them In my experience cars rarely give anything much more than 0.5m clearance here in T/L (or anywhere really), motorcycles "usually" give a little more, but only because they're smaller. Even without swerving to miss broken glass, potholes, soi dogs, children (or even adults) trying to cross the road without looking, or a multitude of other reasons, bicycles are very susceptible to even gentle cross-winds (especially between parked cars), and can easily be blown off course by 1/2m or more. When I'm cycling, I try to give at least 1m clearance from parked cars (to minimize the risk from drivers opening their doors without looking), but most passing cars don't give the same courtesy, and expect me to "pull-over" to let them past..... One day I'm sure one of the bas***ds will deliberately run into me after I've given them the "finger", or maybe even pull a gun.