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  1. I agree it does serve a purpose, but a person living in California would HAVE to vote 5 times to carry the weight of a voter in say North Dakota. I believe that is a little over the top and needs to be tweaked a bit. The people of California are very diverse and don't vote in lockstep as one block.
  2. Just to give an example of price differences. For the gallbladder operation I went to Saint Marys first. They quoted me over 200,000 with a private room. If I could have gotten a private room at the military hospital, I kind of remember them wanting nearer a 1000 a day, but military and police officers get first dibs there. I hear things have changed there somewhat as the government hospital is sending some of their overflow there now.
  3. I know it is still a necessary evil here in Thailand but I saw a clip on YouTube of a truck flipping. It looked like something happen to the left side wheel. the bumper dropped, the people in the back were slingshot-ted over the cab onto the road with the truck flipping after them. It happen very fast. Every time I see trucks loaded with people in the back I think of that clip. It may not have been the fault of the driver.
  4. I have had two operations here. One to have my gallbladder removed, 3 days in the hospital, there wasn't a private room 21000 baht. The nurse kept calling me "baby". The second, I had laser surgery for a retinal detachment, 2 days private room 24000 baht. The first at the military hospital, a step up from government. Only problem there is they still use gas to put you under-- sick as a dog when I came to. The second was a private that the government hospital sent me to because they were 3 weeks out and I needed to get it done "Now".
  5. As you can see it depends a lot. My wife and I live on less than 30k a month. We don't have swimming pool so my electric is a little more than a K a month., water less than 100 baht. Those with a pool easily spend a lot more. We cook almost all our food and I eat mostly Thai and some simple western. I'm really not sure what we spend on food. Maybe 4 K a month shopping in the city. Locally, you will spend 20 baht here and 20 baht there for veges. There really isn't a lot to do to spend money on out here. We go out for dinner once in a while 120 to 400 baht for the two of us. A
  6. I am sure they did. Just like a defense lawyer defending someone when he knows the other side has all the proof He is just doing what he is paid to do.
  7. No he owes it to himself to keep this cash cow walking https://globalnews.ca/news/7457149/election-defence-fund-money-trump/ Trump’s solicitation website carries a banner headline that says “OFFICIAL ELECTION DEFENSE FUND” and “CONTRIBUTE NOW.” Scrolling down the page would take a donor to the fine print, which shows that donations are split between “Save America,” which gets 60 per cent of the money, and the RNC, which gets the other 40%. None of the money flows to Trump’s official “recount” committee fund until Trump’s Save America share reaches the legal contrib
  8. I am sure there are. When I think back to times I did not vote it was times I got off late from work or was too damn tired to go. After we got mail in voting in my state, I never misses a vote. I do think Trump shot himself in the foot by pushing his followers to wait for election day. S**t happens!
  9. I live just north of Korat. Today I was having coffee with a friend. He told me he had mailed a letter to the UK yesterday morning. When his wife went in later in the day they gave the letter back and his postage saying they were not taking any mail to the UK because there was a backup of flights out. Anyone else heard of this?
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