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  1. I agree completely. I was trying to show that it is just as easy to discount a death from covid as it is inflate the numbers.
  2. Older people tend to get pneumonia from many things from broken bones to the flu and die from it. If a man with covid dies in an automobile accident, you wouldn't say he died of covid, but if the crash didn't kill him and he went to the hospital and dies of pneumonia, what killed him? The pneumonia caused by the covid, or from his injuries? A person with cancer gets covid, comes down with pneumonia and dies. Did he die from the cancer or from covid? I am sure pneumonia was the final cause but what would you put on the COD? You may say cancer and covid pushed him over the edge. But you may
  3. I wouldn't know where to begin. So many layers to this question. But something I read years ago has stuck in my mind. "The universe is like a river flowing along. Once in a while it comes to a waterfall, and the river breaks up into many droplets, and as far as you can see and beyond the are the many aspects of the universe, separated out as you, me, the trees, the planets, the stars. Then we hit the bottom and all become one again until next time." Another "God, Shiva (the allusion of things), and you are walking down a path. God is in the front
  4. What did the test cost you and how long do have to wait for results. I am planning to return to the US some time in May and live just north of Korat.
  5. I am sure you have figured it out by now. But the lander was already on the surface before we were getting the data that it had entered the atmosphere. In short, everything you saw had already happened, we just didn't know it yet.
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