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  1. Having gone through the experience I can agree with you it would be very easy to fake any of the documents, by anyone and everyone. You do not have to show an "original document" at any point of the process, just copies. In these covid times all documents are emailed then printed. Easy to change anything on them IMHO.
  2. I too have had my issues with the London Embassy in the past. But I have to be fair and say my whole online visa and CoE process with them, this time, was a miracle of efficiency and instant service. My hat off to them as I was jaded by previous experiences and they way exceeded my expectations this time.
  3. You required to just submit temperature data for an additional 14 days (although the app for this goes down regularly) but there is not tracking per se (unless the COSTE app is doing it in the background without telling you).
  4. Why is it so difficult to get a consular appointment for affidavit services such as residency affidavits. I raise this as it would seem a slam dunk for the embassy (gov.uk) to make income, a 2 minute review of documents and then prep and send the affidavit later (15 minutes?). Fifty pounds to the treasury. I checked availability this afternoon and there was no availability (literally). I just checked again and theres an opening twice a week from the 5th of January. Admittedly the booking service does says its a "beta" online service (but no alternative is offered). Is my interp
  5. Anyone had any problems using the TM30 app (section 38 app) on an iPhone lately? I was trying to use it this morning but after inputting user name and password and hitting login nothing happens, literally nothing. Anyone used it lately?
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