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  1. My wife's visa also expires in Feb 2021 and I'm just in the final throws of collating all documents and filling in the online application form myself. Just as bigyin did, I included her parents, son and sisters for this question. Regards Guemlum
  2. I eventually managed to answer my own question. Here's a really helpful link for anyone going through the same process... https://www.migrate.org.uk/ukvcas-sopra-steria/ Guemlum
  3. Hi guys, I haven't quite got to the end of the application online for my wife's first FLR visa, but it states that it will tell you how to submit your documents once you've submitted. In advance and to help with preparation in compiling all supporting evidence, does anyone who has recently applied, know whether this is a "scan and send" process, and if so, do you also have to provide hardcopy evidence, as we did when we applied for the settlement visa? Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Guemlum
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