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  1. This sounds like TAT self-loving their wondrous long-weekend plan. I am sure it would have had some benefits but as has been openly admitted by TAT, the local tourist market is also significantly down this year, and does not have the capacity to even remotely offset the losses from international tourists. I note the destinations mentioned (with the exception of Hua Hin) would not be considered 'big hitters' of the Thai tourism world e.g Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Rayong etc. So you must wonder about the overall benefits. We are told that the south did poorly, ho
  2. Not for many, we are trying to keep the wider economy up and running Nice long break for those hard working government officers though.
  3. In the absence of any other obvious answer, you might be along the right lines. Maybe it’s a scheme to allow unusually rich foreigners to launder money with no questions asked.
  4. Really struggling to understand any sense or reason in this. It shows the total lack of critical thinking and challenge in this country. Why buy an Elite card and then invest USD 1 million ? Surely just easier to set up an off the shelf company and get a WP that way ? If you have an Elite card, why would you want a WP anyway ? What real benefits are there for this ? Regular travel into Thailand is easy anyway, especially if you have an Elite card already. For once, the projected spending figures look vaguely reasonable 2,000/200m = 100,000 per month. W
  5. AFAIK it’s THB 2 million paid up capital for foreigner to get work permit via company. THB 1 million if with a Thai spouse.
  6. This is a genius new tactic from the government to combat air pollution. Word play and deny the problem exists. Easy peasy. It's not cold and smoggy silly - it's cold and foggy !
  7. Sweet Jesus, and this guy is in a position of authority ? What a meaningless comment. The Baht has strengthened consistently against USD for 6 months, this on the back of one of the worst performing stock markets in Asia, which is still 15% down on pre-COVID valuation. (1,350 vs 1,600) I know, as I am feeling the pain with my LTF & RMF investments !
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