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  1. Does anyone know of any decent schools around Bangsaen (which is where I live) or within the surrounding areas? Good govt school, Catholic school or a private school which doesn’t break the bank. My sons age is 7 and will be 8 years old in the new scholastic year.



  2. Hope this is the correct place to post. I live in what is supposed to be a luxury housing estate in Bangsaen, long term rent, single house. I pay good money to be here and make use of all the facilities which are offered to residents.


    Now there is a new manager and as of last week I and my family (Thai) were refused entry to the swimming pool unless we pay 200 baht per person, which is the outsider fee. They said there was a policy change this week and anyone who rents is now considered an outsider.


    As far as I know there are laws protecting long term tenants. I might understand such a policy for holiday rentals from AirBNB etc but I intended to rent long term and then buy. My question is, do I have recourse to this because....


    1) They are infringing on my rights to enjoy the facilities which are “included” in my rental agreement.

    2) By implication, they are forcing my land lady, who is just as livid, to be in breach of contract.

    3) They are discriminating between owners, and tenants.

    4) It will have a negative impact on the value of the properties here as the manager told me to my face “she does not want rentals!”. So anyone who buys has a house with no rental value, Therefore, I am having serious doubts as to whether to continue considering buying a house here.


    Any suggestion would be great.

  3. Post for anyone who has previously divorced. I was married for 12 years with one child. Now getting divorced so I am wondering if anyone knows what is considered a reasonable monthly allowance for the child - according to Thai law there is no such thing for the woman. Incidentally she works in her own business which to the day I still subsidize but that will also stop by the end of the year as she must make her own ends meet. I’m not a bank.


    i am thinking 25,000 per month for my child plus half education and medical bills. Sound fair?

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  4. Yeah. Had a sleepless night and was just having coffee getting my son ready for school. Felt my body sway and thought it was me getting dizzy. Then noticed the curtains, baby swing and coffee in cup all swaying left to right. 26th floor in Ekkamai

  5. I know that’s a big question but I am thinking of moving from Bangkok and live there. Can’t be too far from Bangkok as I have a child who goes to school here (separated from mum) and I will be picking him up from school at least once a week.


    i will be looking for a 3 bedroom house. Will be living with my current partner and baby. I don’t care for bars and noisy nightlife so while living close to the beach is preferable, I really don’t fancy being surrounded by load drunks.


    Rent wise, wouldn’t want to spend more than 20k. Seen nice places on the net but not sure of their location. Will be coming down to Bangsaen in 2 weeks to stay driving around and looking for potential areas. Any pointers where would be best to live would be greatly appreciated. Maybe gated communities or specific areas with Bangsaen?



  6. Hi Montereyjp, The fact that there are no English articles about Utoken / Ufun does not say much. Find someone to do a search in Chinese or Thai for that matter and there will be quite a lot. Sure you will also find many people arguing it "must be the latest scam". To all their own but from the many comments I have seen both here on TV and other forums, the Nae Sayers are mostly ill informed people. Ufun is the real thing. They are listing their IPO on the London Stock Exchange this year and Nadaq next year. There are real banks baking them and real projects in which they are involved in. Their conventions are attended to by thousands of people (in October by more than 10,000). They are opening two offices in the USA and own other offices in Asia. They own a TV station and media house. They are met by politicians, dignitaries and royal families from across the world. They have made some very rich people and there is no questioning any of this. It's all publicly available information. I am a member of Ufun and own Utoken. I invested a small amount of money so that if the Nae Sayers are correct then I only loose what I can afford. I do my research and joined sites like UtokenForum. I ask some tough questions. Iwas a super sceptic some time ago, so I am not being critic of sceptics here or anywhere. My point is don't just dismiss it because it looks "too good to be true". Check it out and ask around but ask the correct questions. Ultimatly, anyone who cannot ask will remain out of the game and if this goes big - or should I say when - then you will be regretting it for the rest of your life.

  7. Hi Johna,

    There is something off above. First off, the current utoken value today (17th January 2015) is of $0.142c and not $3.043c One monthago (on the 17th December 2014) each Utoken was worth $0.128c

    So lets do some maths (not all figures are an approximation). Assuming she bought 36290 utokens @ $0.128c she would have had to come in as a 5 Star member on a $5000. Utoken take about 20% reserve, so the actual value of her portfolio on date of entry would have been around $4000

    If she chose to sell them today she would have to sell them at 0.142c each so she would cash $5153.18 making a profit of $153.18 on her original investment.

    As you mentioned, there is a 10% withdrawal fee, so if she withdrew the money in cash now it would leave her with a loss, though I do know of people who are able to withdraw the money in a way which does not incur the charge.

    What I thik your friend meant is that she could wait and sell her utokens when they appreciate to $3.043. In that case it would make perfect sense as their value would have become $110,430.07 and she would make a very healthy profit indeed. Hope that helps

  8. You can set up a business and get a work permit with your extension of stay based upon marriage.

    I have been told this by ThaiVisa members a few times - I can get a work permit on a non O based on marriage. Problem is, I have now been to two accountants and three lawyers in Phuket and all insist, with some degree of variation, that the only way to get a work permit is via a Non B. Two members on this forum were kind enough to let me have the contact details of their own lawyers, but when I tried to contact them by email no one replied. I managed to get through to another by phone, and he said he knows nothing about work permit based on marriage on a non O!

    I know it is possible because a friend has it as stated by TV members, but he does not have the number of who arranged it for him. Does anyone know of anyone reliable and who knows what they are talking about to help me out on this? I am based in Phuket.

  9. They will accept a non Thai marriage certificate in English. No need for a translation in your case.

    If you ever want to apply for a one year extension of stay at immigration you will have to register your marriage and get a Kor Ror 22.

    You can get 60 day extension to visit your wife with the UK marriage certificate.

    Thanks Ubonjoe,

    So if I register eventually, I just need to get extension of stay rather than do visa runs? Sorry for the further question but the line "You can get 60 day extension to visit your wife with the UK marriage certificate." threw me off a little. I already live in Phuket with my wife and have done so for the last four years. BTW - right now I do not meet the requirements to have any cash in a Thai bank account and I am not sure I would even want to do that. Does this make a difference?


  10. Hi, I am planning to get my Non O multi-entry visa based on marriage from Savannakhet. I have three past such visa's on my passport obtained from my home coutry plus a more recent ED visa which I want to cancel. My marriage certificate was issued by the UK registry. Do I need to, or should I get the certificate translated in Thai or the marriage certificate registered in Thailand before heading off to Savannakhet to apply for the visa?


  11. I've just come back from my language school and we have been informed that the immigration is now requiring all ED Visa holders to have a compulsory test in not only conversation but also reading and writing.

    As usual there was little clarification as to when this will start or how long you would need to be attending. When I asked my teacher he said it "probably" only is for intermediate's and advanced but that the school will start the writing for all classes as of next lesson!

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  12. Well now that does it. If they do this they will seal the proverbial nail on the coffin for tourism. Now let's see where did we see something similar? Oh yes, in Nazi Germany when all the Jews were "invited" to wear the Star of David. Wonder how long it will take these superior, incredibly intelligent authorities to protect the expat community and embed some tracking device under our skin.


  13. Really? So I can actually apply for a work permit on an Non Immigrant O and work for my wife's company? Any idea where I can read up about this? I.E. if there are any minimum salary requirements, job restrictions and what the entire process is? I'm also assuming the marriage needs to be registered in Thailand, something we have not done yet despite being married for 4 years (UK marriage). Not an issue to register, its just one of those things we never got around doing.

  14. Hi, Spoke to my accountant last week and she said that in order for me to get a Non B visa + work permit to work in my wife's company she would need to employ 4 Thai staff (including herself) - something she does not need. Today I spoke to a friend of mine and he said he has a Non B to work in his wife's company, and the other staff member was his wife. Of course this makes a massive difference as we would save on three members of staff we never needed in the first place! Unfortunately he does not remember the name of his accountant and his wife is away for a few weeks so thought I would ask here.

    Anyone have any idea how this is at all possible? I was always under the impression, and have always been told that you need to employ 4 Thai citizens with every Non B visa and work permit. Anyone have a case similar to that of my friend or can point me in the right direction?

  15. In event of divorce 50% of everything purchased after marriage!

    Sent from my XT1032 using Thaivisa Connect Thailand mobile app

    so if he marry s a Thai lady in Thailand then she can claim 50% of his house/pension in UK?

    To protect himself from his wife taking 50% of everything in the UK (not sure about how it works in Thailand) in case of divorce he can get a pre-nuptial agreement signed. Basically, the thai wife would be agreeing that in case of divorce she cannot lay claim to his UK assets (present or future) and at the same time, she does not bare responsibility for any of his debts. Of course, same applies to him. He cannot claim any of her assets and has no responsibility for her debts.

    As the name suggests it's a pre-nuptial agreement so it needs to be done before they get married.

  16. A friend of mine has some very rare and antique carpets (Persian, Egyptian, Chinese etc.) he wishes to put on auction. Does anyone know of any Auction houses in Phuket who specialize in antiquity he may be able to contact? Seems like Sothebys here only deal with property.




    I think there might be some confusion.  I was not referring to retirement visa requirements, but specifically about the "young and rich" category of under-50's who want to work online, but who have trouble with raising 500k for the Elite card -- assuming the Elite card actually satisfies their requirements in other ways -- which I have not investigated.



    I'm sorry dude, but what in god's name makes you think that anyone working online is young and rich? I know of several people who work online which are neither necessarily young nor rich. Like in any business, most of these people simply make a living. It is few who make it to the riches. I really cannot understand your point.

  18. Don't see any problem here!!

    Well, while I sure hope that this monster gets much more than a slap, I see a very big problem. When the case comes to trial, the defence now has an added argument that the confession was given under duress. This can have a lot of weight on the proceedings and can cast a very real doubt on to the monster's guilt. I admit it, if I wear the officer in question, I probably would have found it very hard to restrain myself and do give him much more than a slap, but restaint is a must if they want to bring this monster (I refuse to call him a man or an animal) to justice.

    I am very confident, that if the guy is found guilty and goes to jail, he will be subjected to what he deserves, but please officers let us all make sure he goes to jail only if he is guilty, and let us not give the appologists reason to set a guilty monster free because you could not contain the slap.

  19. And now the dog fighting has started - where is my popcorn.

    This is just great, I mean this way the secrets come up and more action will be taken (hopefully). It could snowball into a clean Phuket.

    Or it could mean that those big guns who have skeletons in their closet and who are supposed to clean up Phuket will think twice just in case they get 'uncovered' too. Hope you are right but IMO the only way forward is to have Non Phuket people take over the job of cleaning up and investigate every business including, and especially those owned by so called VIT's (replaced P {People) with T (T**d) the thai name for the 'derier' of the human's anatomy).

  20. Grace is a brilliant Pharmacy. Been using that one for the last three years. Never let down, never ripped off. If anything, when I needed to buy our baby milk we paid less than we would have done from Tesco or Super Cheap. Indeed, when the importer decided to raise the price, the price of the milk everywhere rose overnight while at Graceland it remained the same. The pharmacist even told us to buy more stock because her next batch will be more expensive.

    Grace Pharmacy actualy has another branch opposite the PTT petrol station heading from the heroin's monument to the airport. Not as large, but still well stocked and the pharmacist there speaks perfect English too.

    Wish they would clean up that nasty smelling SuperCheap though.

  21. Just drive over Patong mountain at peak hour. No better place in the world to practice emergency braking.

    And if you get it wrong, like many of the bus drivers, there is the cement crash barrier at the bottom of the hill keep you in check.

    Thanks Bulldozer, you are a very helpful TV member I see. I don't really need to drive to Patong hill to practice emergency breaking surrounded by grave danger. I suppose the keyword I used and which you missed is "practice in relative safety" - a standard practice in most countries, and if you are a rider who is even just a little bit serious, you should know that riding techniques should be practiced (in relative safety) all the time. Perhaps now, it might be time for you to go get another beer and enjoy your day. Don't drink and ride though.

  22. Hello, In my country I would do this in some disused car park, but here in Phuket I have not seen any. I want to practice emergency breaking, counter steering etc., but know of no open spaces to do this in relative safety. Does anyone have any idea if there are any in Phuket? Is so where? Taaaa.

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