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  1. Related to this subject, I got on the bad side of my old gf last week. Some guy came here with a hand full of papers and plastic bags.They sat on the front porch in discussion while I was reading TVF posts and on my fourth Leo of the day. She waltzed in the house and asked me to open the safe. No way I'm giving her the combination. Of course I said for what. It seems she wanted 5,000 Baht to tamboon to the local wat. I asked tamboon for what. She replied for good luck. I said ok have a seat and let's talk about this. I just happen to know of two old ladies that the local people take food to every day because they are so poor they can't afford to buy food. How many times have these old ladies had good luck and the monks took food to them? Deer in the head lights look. I had to ask her three times before the answer "none" came. Next question was, please tell me about only one time the monks have helped one poor person in this village, not two people but only one person. If looks could kill....

    I said when you tell me the monks are taking food to these old ladies and I hear about them helping poor people I will open the safe. She started into a dissertation of how I was a falang and didn't understand Buddhism. I got up and said I'm going to buy some beer and I ain't opening the <delete> safe. When I got back the guy was gone and she sulked the rest of the day. Broke my heart.

    Well done to you mate! It's funny how locals say "farangs do not understand Buddhism". I always reply I do not understand the version of Buddhism the Thais seem to have constructed. Like all other religions, non of what it truly is remains. Buddhism is not about Self Luck and donating money to receive something better, but it's all about altruism and being pure of heart. Somehow, all of that got lost. When my Mrs asks me to join her for a prayer at the temple, to bring good luck to the family, I always tell her she can do her stuff, I, the Atheist, will do the real Buddhist thing on her behalf and pray for the people who really need it.

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  2. I run through the same maneuvers daily in normal traffic up here in Chiangrai. Traffic must be sedate where you are!

    Haha! :) I like the backroads so really try to avoid the main roads - but yes, I do have to run through the same maneuvers daily in the chaotic traffic here too. The thing is, as I said, I would much rather practice in a relatively safe environment for when the day comes and I have to slam that front break hard!

  3. You'd be far better off getting a visa in the US before you arrive. As you appear to intend to stay over the initial 30 days the airline may not allow you to travel unless you have an outbound ticket within 30 days of arrival. You ought to be able to get a Non-O based on marriage at a consulate in the US, you can then apply for the extension based on marriage at the end of that entry.

    Thank you, I am not from the US and will apply for a visa in my country. The funds mentioned are from my companys, US based, pension/ savings fund.

    I will not advise you on the Visa as there are more qualified people to do so than I am. But I would very strongly suggest you do NOT bring all your money here. Bring the minimum you require for your visa plus what you estimate you need to live on for say a year. Once money is in the kingdom it is hard to get it out if something goes pear shaped here. Many people have been bitten by that and have lost a fortune. Just saying...

  4. Next time the OP would be better off doing the trip to by himself. The last time I did a Dannok in-out - - I exited Thailand ridding pillion on a motorcycle taxi entered Malaysia also riding pillion and had no trouble re-entering Thailand. Couldn't renter Thailand riding pillion, had to walk over and fill out the forms, while the moto-taxi guy waited. No problems and no tea money requests.

    My paperwork and visa were in 100% order.

    Do it yourself, and leave the dodgy visa run agents to their own.

    Yes, and I stated it from the beginning, the issue is doing a run using an agent. It seems there is some arrangement between the drivers and the officers. If you do it as an individual there does not seem to be any demand. I have done the visa run numerous times on my own to dannok getting a taxi bike from the Thai side, and literrally U-Turning at the malay border and back in 10 minutes. Never any problem. This time I had absolutely no option but to use the services of an agent as I needed to go to the embassy in Penang

  5. I have certainly heard of informal tests where the immigration officer asks questions in Thai. Can't understand them and your extension will be denied...

    How they propose to test me (I'm learning Mandarin Chinese) will be interesting smile.png

    Ah! I asked about Thai. There may be different requirements/ procedures for foreign languages then. What I do know for sure is that a clamp down on Ed visa's is imminent following the clamp down on tourist visa's. The reason for this is that many people having problems with the tourist visa's are simply applying for Ed visa's now to try to get around the system. Naturally, a clamp down there is to follow and this has been confirmed y both my school here as well as an acquaintance I have at the Thai Embassy. As I said (and you said in a previous post), nothing to worry about if you are genuinely studying. It's just those abusing the system who need to worry and frankly, this country will be a much better place when cleaned :)

  6. 15 out of 76 provinces is hardly a representative poll to be honest. Which are the provinces? If they are mostly from the south and certainly including Bangkok then it is not surprising to see that almost everyone agrees that the next PM should be the General or someone from the Democrats. How about running a proper poll across all 76 provinces to get the real picture - for what it's worth!

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  7. I took the liberty of asking my school specifically about this yesterday after reading this topic. She flatly denied it and said there have so far been no official requests for this. However, she also stressed that things are changing very rapidly and that an informal interview any time you go for an extension / renewal by the officer could and probably will be applied. A very similar scenario to what davevi above suggested. Of course, if you are genuinely studying Thai, it is nothing to be concerned about. It is however, something to be concerned about by the many, many people who are abusing the system.

  8. What nationality are you and the other passengers?

    When I did a visa-run to Penang a few weeks ago, on our return via Dannok, all Russian and Filipino passengers were advised to put 100 baht in their passports 'to avoid problems and delays with the immigration officer'. I (British), was not required to do this.


    Same here....only Russian and Korean passengers were advised to put 200 baht in the passports.

    Others were not affected.

    According to the latest crackdown the nationalities above are supposed to fly in after they get a visa in the region.

    So the bribe is for crossing by road.

    btw..there are other nationalities affected but I don't know which.

    Just pay the money....unless you wanna be turned back and fly.

    The company is actually doin us a favour.

    Anti-corruption crusaders might want to move to Scandinavia.whistling.gif

    Doing us a favor? I am European from an EU state which is not on the list, and I together with another two individuals from other EU countries were asked for the tea money. How long do you think it will be before everyone doing a run is asked for money? Yesterday I heard of an american citizen on a Non B being asked for it from a driver and being given a hard time for refusing - again same border crossing. And the more people do nothing about it, the higher the request will likely get. It is also not about the 200 baht. It's about the fact that anyone is being let in. I know, I know - anyone was being let in before, and the worst kinds of people will find a way in anyway, whether they have to pay 200 baht or 2 million. But come on guys, just sit back and accept it? Is that not what brought Thailand to the brink recently? Is that not what most people here on TV complain about? So yes, let's just all sit back and live the "mai pen rai" way of life eh? Let's just wait until it becomes really difficult to enter the country legitimately and then perhaps we could all consider moving to Scandinavia.

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  9. What nationality are you and the other passengers?

    When I did a visa-run to Penang a few weeks ago, on our return via Dannok, all Russian and Filipino passengers were advised to put 100 baht in their passports 'to avoid problems and delays with the immigration officer'. I (British), was not required to do this.


    As far as I could tell from the manifest there were 3 EU citizens, including myself and the rest were a mix of Russians and Ukrainians. In any case, whatever one's nationality no "bribe" should be asked. If the person has the right paperwork and there is no valid reason to deny entry, then entry should be granted. If on the other hand there is reason to deny it, then it should be denied.

    The above scenario which happened to us has now been confirmed to me by someone else. However, more seriously, this other person was at first denied entry because of too many tourist visa runs. Lo and behold, 500 baht was paid to the officer and entry was granted with a smile. Incidentally, same border, different visa run group. Now I know this guy is not a bad guy, but I always thought immigration was there to stop bad people coming into the country. It would seem even a 500 baht "tip" or less can get you in though. So what is the point of the entire crack down? To make officers (and certain drivers) rich?

    Of course, I am not expecting any of the visa runners who paid bribes to post here and say they did. I bet you there are many though.

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  10. This is my story of a recent visa run to Penang. My first such run using an agent as I usually do the runs myself. I am writing this in the hopes to get the attention of the relevant authorities to investigate this. I am also withholding the names of the individuals concerned not to jeopardize any possible investigation.

    As I said, I used an agent to get my visa and was with a group of 10 people who all applied for ED, O or B visa's in Penang. All the people had the correct visa requirements and applied for the correct visa's. The visa's were all granted from the Thai embassy in Penang without problem. We set off for our border run back to Dannok. The company organizing the run was quite professional, and until now the drivers friendly.

    Upon arriving at the border, one of the drivers told us we should put 200 baht in our passports to give to the immigration officer processing our entry. When one of the passengers asked why, the driver "informed us" that it is so that they give us the stamp quickly and if we did not put the money in the passport then the officer will ask many questions and "do a lot of bla bla bla" as he put it. The passenger continued to argue with the driver and said he will not put in the money as he never had to do so. The driver loudly said "up to you if you want problem, the money for officer not for me"!

    Many other passengers got a bit worried and started to open their wallets. However, another passenger said he also never had to put money in, and that it would be extremely dangerous for those who choose to put this bribe money in their passport. After all, what if the officers are being watched? This would mean that the passenger attempting to bribe the officer could get caught red handed and could get into some very real, very big trouble! All the passengers agreed NOT to pay the bribe.

    We all cued up forming two lines. We noticed the officers seemed to be processing the entries of other visitors, including a couple of Farangs giving them no problem at all. We all thought that this bribe request was unfounded because none of the other people queuing had the 200 baht in their passport and none seemed to be having problems. Of course, non of the other people were on this particular visa run either and were all individual travelers.

    It was almost our turn now. One of the drivers stood on the side rail on the left, the other on the right. Just as the first passenger from our group was going to get processed, the driver on the left dissapeared and one of the officers told us to give him one minute! Less than a minute passed and both the driver and officer returned separately. While we did not see the two in conversation, we all think we knew what happened! I think anyone reading this knows too.

    The officer seemed "surprised" that the passenger did not have anything else in the passport. He started being very, very difficult with the first passenger. Sure enough, one by one we all had to go through the two officers and were all subjected to various questions and "bla bla bla" as the driver had said would happen if we did not pay the 200 baht. Some were even made to go to speak to their "boss" for no reason. I suspect just to instill fear. None of us were asked by the officers for bribe money.

    It took the two officers, who by now were verging on rude 45 minutes to process 10 passengers from this run. All of us got our visa and none of us paid the 200 baht. However, we were all very disturbed by this incident. Some of us have been living here for several years and have not experienced this before.

    As I said, I am withholding the names. It would be great to name and shame, I know, but I think a proper investigation, especially with the current atmosphere of a clampdown on corruption, is better. I also do not think that the Visa run company in question is involved, but it would seem that the drivers might have come up with a racket of their own.

    Has anyone here had a similar experience? Also, does anyone know the correct place to report these incidents under the new administration?

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  11. Hello, Was hoping for some quick advice while we await a reply from our dr who we cannot contact at the moment. My 22 month old son started going to a nursery a few weeks ago. Last Saturday some irresponsible parents sent their daughter to the nursery knowing that she was not feeling too well. The nursery did the right thing and contacted the parents after a few hours telling them to take their daughter home and that they should never have brought her in while running a temperature. So cudos to them. It later transpired that the little girl was admitted to hospital with the highly infectious Influenza A (H1N1).

    My son, of course was exposed to her, and as such the disease for a few hours, and while he still has no symptoms, I am a bit worried. I wonder if there is anyone here with a medical background who can suggest anything we can give him. I am not really talking medicines, but rather some foods to boost the immune system which may have some form of preventative bodies.


  12. I will certainly check this out. One thing which might make a difference is that I do not have the 400K deposited in a bank account here. Not sure this is a requirement or not. In any case, if anyone here has a suggestion of which Lawyer/ Accountant I could speak to for some "real" advise as to what to do I would appreciate it. I am based in Phuket, so of course it would be handy to have one here. Thanks guys.

  13. Hi everyone,

    This year I will be applying for an ED visa rather than my usual Non O (based on marriage). I actually want to learn Thai so I figured I might as well get an ED and save me going back to Europe.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here got an ED visa from Kuala Lumpur rather than Penang. Just noticed that there are no direct flights to Penang from Phuket (all pass via KL), so I might as well simply stop in KL.

    If anyone did get their visa from KL, what are they like? Anything "extra" they expect from your application?


  14. While I personally support the current martial law provided it does not escalate into a Coup, this poll is unreliable at best. Small sample size and no mention of methodology so we can hardly deduce it is an accurate representation of the country. For instance, was the poll carried out nation-wide or just in Bangkok. What were the questions? How was the poll conduced (telephone, mobile, interviews)? How was the selection made. Until these and more questions are answered this poll is just a PR stunt for the feeble minded.

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  15. Sounds like he's trying to cram an appointed dictator down everyone's throat, and he didn't invite the caretaker PM? Now we know for sure bthis is a coup. he's going to say an election is not possible because this big army he called out cannot secure a few election venues from 'protesters'.

    Dude, cut the selective reading. He did invite the caretaker PM

    "Caretaker Prime Minister Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan, who replaced ousted premier Yingluck Shinawatra after a controversial court ruling earlier this month, was also invited."

  16. Don't see what all the fuss is about really. I did a visa run last week through Dannok. Upon departure (not arrival for some odd reason) from the Malay border I got my finger prints scanned. Took a total of 2 seconds, so really, a queue might realistically get 5 minutes longer? A price well worth the wait if it means keeping any more criminals out of the kingdom. Here at TV we usually (rightly) moan about the authorities not doing their job, but now that at least they are talking about doing something TV members are criticizing them for that too. Come on guys.

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  17. My Non O visa which is based on Marriage expires in June. Basically, I would go for a visa run in June, get a 90 day extension then go back to my home country to get a new non O. However, for the coming year I am thinking of getting a 1 year Ed visa instead. Now I know I can probably get information from the tuition schools, but would rather an unbiased opinion from here first.

    Has anyone done this? Is it possible to get the Ed visa while I am still in the country on my Non O? Even better would be if it is possible to get the Ed visa after the Non O expires in June and while I am still here on my 90 day entry permit until September.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Any tips on how to do this also - I am based in Phuket - and yes, I really do want to learn Thai!

  18. Amazing. Despite all the evidence that the protests are NOT 100% peaceful and have within them criminal elements the court comes up with this utter rubbish. Never heard it tell the protesters that they cannot stop people from practicing their fundamental human right of voting - but oh I forgot - it's ok as long as it is peaceful, and that you are peacefully throwing stones, attacking and intimidating anyone who tries to vote peacefully.

    Now don't get me wrong. I believe the Shins should step down. Not only the Shins but everyone within their clan. They are a highly corrupt bunch and Yin proved to be utterly incompetent at running this country. I also find it disgusting that there are 4 in line to replace her at the help of the country if she falls - all from the Shin clan - but come on...

    This will certainly go down as the most behind the scenes coup with strings pulled from all angles in human history. What also amazes me is that the Shin's cannot see that they have lost and I honestly cannot understand why they are still trying to cling to power when the game is so obviously over - at least in my eyes.

    Sorry for the rant - off to get another coffee.

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  19. Blimey. First time I managed to read something this guy has said and agreed to almost everything said.

    The problem is that this is Khun Suthep talking. A man who's corrupt and controversial practices can only be matched by Khun Thaksin. Pitty they could not find a scandal free person to lead this movement. It would all sound a little bit more "real". Right now, it just sounds like a carefully scripted interview to win the hearts and minds of the undecided and open minded, and to try and make people forget HIS own "dark secrets" and portray him as an angelic face.

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  20. I think it would be unwise to completely rubbish the possibility of a civil war happening. Many of the elements which could lead to it are already present. One of the major concerns which many overlook is the possible split within the military and the power struggle which I cannot discuss. It's no secret that this time the military base is not a united front, and if a coup did happen (I can never really understand how even on TV people think this is a solution) there is a real danger that they split - and that would trigger the civil war.

    As things stand, there is relatively little chance of a full blown war. Lot's of violence probably, but without a military split or interference from third countries (Cambodia - Thaksins friends anyone?) then highly unlikely it will last.

    In any case worrying about it will not help. What will help is getting prepared. What would you do if things get nasty and you had to be evacuated within 10 minutes? I hear many say it's far fetched but you tell that to my Aunt who was an expat in Syria and had literally 15 minutes to evacuate. No one ever imagined a few protests could turn into a civil war in that country, like many here don't think this crisis could in Thailand.

    So yes, I am not worrying about it, but I am getting prepared for it. Passports and all important documents are all set together with some basic necessities, cash, map, torch and batteries etc.

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