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  1. Is it a long haired white cat or can the owners bury their hopes ?

    Hi there,

    Sorry for the delay. No it's grey. Since my post, the person who drove with it from Krabi to Phuket decided it was better to drive it back to Krabi back to were they found it. Hopefully this cat has now made it's way back home.

  2. Hi guys, this might sound weired but, if anyone knows anyone in Krabi missing a male cat please let me know. We have a cat here in the neighborhood which came from Krabi - we are in Phuket!Yes I know it sounds bizarre but some fool who visited Krabi decided to drive off with this cat as it jumped into his car while he was parked, and came here with it. It is obviously owned by someone as it has a collar.Thanks

  3. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a solar powered water pump (day and night function). Also, are there any good garden supply shops around? I know there are many stores which sell plants, and the likes of index, tesco etc. sell the garden hardware - I am thinking of a more comprehensive garden store selling all gardening needs under one roof.



  4. We are in need of a PHP Developer to work on a part-time basis or on a freelance basis. Candidates with experience in Joomla and especially JReviews will be given preference. Other requirements include:



    XML (For API integration)

    We would rather work with someone located in Phuket, however, all areas in Thailand are considered.

    Kindly PM us with more information about yourself, and I will send you the full SPECS for the project.

  5. Hi all,I have already posted this in the classifieds section but received no reply. Are there any freelance PHP developers around here in Phuket? I have a job which requires the following skills:PHP MySQLAPI integrationPreferably the person has experience with Joomla / JReviews

  6. Hi,

    I live in a development in Chantalay. About 5 mins from heroin roundabout, 20 mins from Surin Beach. I rent a 2 bedroom house with nice garden here for 10k per month (Unfurnished). There are several to rent in this development, nice quite area and animals welcome ( have 2 cats and a dog myself). PM me for directions if interested and you can come pick up a few phone numbers available on the properties to let.

  7. Thank's to all who posted their suggestions. It seems (after wife spoke to several driving schools) that none in Phuket teach - or are willing to teach - or are able to teach bike (motor biking) riding to a Farang. In fact, most schools said that I should just get a scooter, and drive a bit on the road (since I know how to ride a bicycle) then go apply for my Thai licence. Very funny, if it was not for the fact that I truly love my life and know better not to mess around with a potentially deadly machine in this way. So I guess I will have to do two things. 1) Learn to ride a moped in some back roads to get me used to it and 2) Go back to my country in a few months time and learn to drive properly.

  8. HI, I would like to know if anyone of you guys knows of some good Bike Driving School (English Speaking instructor) where I can go and get some bike lessons. Been looking around quite a lot but most instructors only speak Thai. I am a total newbie when it comes to biking, but have a car drivers licence. Not sure it makes any difference.CheersM

  9. Hi Guys,

    I have a same same but different situation. My wife and I have been married for three years now. We originally got married in the UK, but then moved to my home country of Malta and registered our marriage here. No my wife has gone back to Thailand to prepare for us moving back there, and she needs to register our wedding there.

    Following the steps given above - i.e.

    1: Translate the certificate in Thai

    2: Get it certified by my embassy

    3: Get it certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affair

    4: Go to Amphur and register the marriage

    5: Get the document Khor Ror 22 (Since you married outside Thailand)

    is a bit daunting seeing as Malta has no Consulate and the country is represented by the Austrian embassy, which has no idea on how to proceed. So my question is - Can I get the certificate translated in Thai from Malta by a translator which is officially appointed by the Maltese Ministry for Foreign Affairs? Of course, then I should be able to skip part 2 - the non existant Maltese Embassy.



  10. After clicking an advert on facebook, I was a little surprised by the advertisers website that a foreigner can acquire Thai Citizenship after only 3 years. I thought this was only possible after 10 years. If this true or is the site a scam? Here is an excerpt of the site:


    New Thai Laws make it easier than ever for foreigners wishing to become Thai Citizens to get expedited citizenship if they meet certain criteria. For a foreginer to be granted Thai citizenship under Thai law, he or she must be living and working in Thailand for 3 continuous years prior to application and be able to speak and understand basic Thai.

    The benefits of Thai citizenship are numerous for those who choose this path. After your application has been approved and citizenship granted, the applicant is no longer considered a foreigner and therefore is entitled to ALL of the benefits of every other Thai National, including:

    * Ability to own homes, businesses, and land 100% in your name

    * No Thai Work Permit or Thai Visa issues EVER AGAIN

    * Ability to apply for a Thai Passport

    * Ability to be the sole (100% owner) shareholder in any Thai company

    Qualifications for EXPEDITED Citizenship:

    * Applicant must have been living Thailand for at least 3 consecutive years

    * Applicant must have been employed and paying tax for at least 3 consecutive years

    * Applicant must be married to Thai citizen

    * Applicant must have full legal status to be in Thailand and have a current Thai Visa

    * Applicant must show good moral behavior with no criminal convictions

    * Applicant must have minimal Thai language skills (we will assist you with this)

  11. Hi Martin,

    Of course we will never know if your story is true or not, but ultimately who cares? If your story is true, it is an innocent child we are saving and heart broken parents we are helping. If it is not, we simply wasted five minutes of our life actually reading an interesting post which could possibly help Farangs in god forbid, a similar situation in the future. So, for what it's worth, I will be posting your story across the web and Thai forums and my wife will do the same. Good luck mate, and hope your son is returned to you soon.

  12. So to all those who said they feel safe and are not considered Elite - do you still feel safe now after reports that Luxury buildings have been set ablaze? Do not compare what is happening now to Thailands history. This is a new, dramatic abyss for the country.

  13. I sit here sipping on my coffee from the safety of my sofa in Europe, switching between news channels trying to understand Thailand's next move. My wife's tearful eyes watch the dramatic scenes on TV. The fighting just in front of the doors of her old office block. We had plans to return to Thailand for good in February 2011. We constantly worry about our friends and family there. Which brings me to my question. How prepared are you?

    Most political experts agree - Thailand is on the brink of a very real Civil War. The first to suffer the brunt will be the elite - You as a Farang are considered Elite no matter what T-Shirt color you are inclined to support. Have you made any plans to evacuate yourself from the country (note I say country not Bangkok)? Have you got your funds securely out somehow? Do you have a contingency plan? Finally, how long will you wait and see what happens before you start preparing? Too many tragedies happen because people just wait and see - don't do that, make some plans now. The best that can happen is that you don't need to follow those plans at all - in which case you can celebrate.

  14. So I guess, this is where the yellows start to prepare for some protests huh? What a mess! I hate to say this, but there is only one solution for Thailand for the next decade or so - a return to Monarchy (most acceptable to the people) or military dictatorship (but given their most recent performance I don't see them being very effective. Once one of the above is done, the work needs to be done to lesson the class differences and educate the people on democracy. Then, and only then might there be hope. off to have some camomile tea and a fag.

  15. Thai PM expresses worry over protestors' health after blood drawing is planned

    BANGKOK, March 15 (Xinhua) -- Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva Monday expressed his worry over the anti- government protestors' health after their leader plans to take one million cc blood from them to scatter around the Government House Tuesday in a bid to put more pressure on the government.

    The planned scattering of blood around the Government House on Tuesday was made by United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD core leader Natthawut Saikua.

    The plan was announced after Prime Minister Abhisit said in a live TV address that there would not be a House dissolution by Monday noon as the UDD group demanded on Sunday.

    The drawing of blood is planned at 8.0 a.m., local time on Tuesday, said Natthawut.

    But the prime minister is worried about the protestors' health, hence he would let Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanawisit manage to explain about drawing of blood to the UDD protestors, Thai News Agency reported.

    In a related development, a drill of handling the UDD blood's scattering at the Government House was prepared by police and soldiers.

    Meanwhile, no hospital has replied yet after a request for 500 medical staff from hospitals to help supervise the blood drawing among the UDD protestors.


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